... Because I Wish Someone Would Have Written This 8 Years Ago

Instagram can only hold so many words... and well, I have more to say on this back to school business. lol. So I'll start with echoing what I started to say on my last insta post.
Back to school this time around is so bittersweet. Two years ago I clearly had very different feelings😝 - and so this go around it's taking me by surprise. It's the first time I am legitimately sad about not having my 3 little spunky, sweet, giggly, chatty sidekicks to joke, dance and shop around with each day.πŸ˜©πŸ’”
Are there moments where I'm super stoked about having more free time to do my own thing, and thrilled about my house staying clean for more than 30 minutes?... uhhh YEAH! But I just can't emphasize enough HOW FUN this preteen age has been for me. The conversations are richer, the laughs are longer, and just the fun moments in general have multiplied by a thousand this Summer.

Lately I've found myself thinking SO MUCH about motherhood, and how it's constantly evolving and changing.
Truth be told (and I hope someone can relate, because this is a vulnerable thing to admit)... I typically ALWAYS felt out of place, impatient and frustrated as a "toddler Mom". I never quite understood how other Moms could deal so well with everything that was being thrown at them.
(I blamed it on my incredible lack of patience😬)


When you Suck at Back to School Momming...

Guys... my kids start school in 4 days and as of 2 days ago nobody had backpacks, pencils, paper, or whatever else I'm suppose to GUESS they need... because to be honest? I'm not sure where the HECK to look for a list of supplies.
Is there like an email sign-up from the school that I'm not on or something? Frick.

You know when your kids start asking questions like... "Mom? do you think we should like... maybe get ready for school, because it starts next week?"... you've completely submitted to #summermomming, and have little to no comprehension of what time of day it is... let alone the actual day of the month (insert dramatic, laid back summer shrug here).

That being said... one thing you have to know about my twins, is that they are maybe the worlds most responsible 11 year old-worry warts you've ever met... but please know I mean this with complete sincerity and admiration. (this picture is not a accurate portrayal of said worry warts😜

So when I see the first, sure-tell signs of back to school panic in their little eyes... I know it's time to jump into action - fast!

Sadly, this Mom was chillin' in Summer mode and didn't get to the "cute backpack" haul in time (which, duh, is the most important item)... so Amazon Prime to the rescue! - which is really what all this blabbing is about. Uniting with other Mom's in denial about school starting, who also missed the cute backpacks IN store... and sharing the quick-ship options I found for my girls, in case you need a little help😘

Below are links for each backpack, and they will ship in just 2 quick days peeps!πŸ™Œ

The twins are in love, and feeling less panic. Especially after I threw a few sharpened pencils, a pen and some computer paper in their backpacks that we had just hanging around here at the house😁.

...WHAT? I'm not going to spend money on a bunch of supplies they won't even need! I'm waiting until they HAVE to have something, and then I'll make my Walmart/Target runπŸ’... right?

Oh! And because Aubrie was feeling left out, here is her backpack that she's using this year. I hesitate to share it because it says it's out of stock, but maybe if you really wanted to you could track one down.

Happy back to schooling Mommas and thank the heavens for Prime shipping #amiright!? lol


Slime all the Time - Our Favorite Slime Recipes

Are anyone else's kids like... SOOOOOO into making slime this summer?
Mine are obsessed! I've never run out of school glue so freaking fastπŸ˜…

We've tried TONS of different slime recipes, but keep coming back to the same ones, so I thought I'd share them. Plus, an affordable tip on how we store all that stretchy, fluffy, shiny goo.