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Tips to Share for Back to School Hair!

Well, summer is officially coming to an end. Can you even believe it!? We've been playing like crazy and quite honestly haven't given much thought to our daily wardrobe or "hair situation". Who's got time for that, when you're jumping in and out of a pool or through sprinklers every other day!?

Now that school's starting in a few days, we're being forced to think about all those lovely routines that we'll have to get back into, as well as all the supplies that we'll need to make actually getting ready every morning now, that much easier.

If you're a Mom of girls, you KNOW how much more time and energy goes into getting those little chicks ready in the morning to walk out the door for school. ANYTHING that makes my life easier and the getting ready process faster, is a winner in my book. So here are a few of our faves.

The Product
All of my girls tend to have quite difficult hair. The only exception to this, is that the twins have completely adult-like hair, and kind of always have. It's super thick, coarse and wavy. Aubrielle's hair is a lot more fine, straight and usually tougher to get through, so having a great shampoo and conditioner for everyone, is vital.
We're loving the JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES® 1-2-3 regimen for Aubrie's hair lately. This girl is beyond independent, so a NO MORE TEARS® shampoo and conditioning formula together is perfect for this chick. I never have to worry about stinging eyes if she gets a little carried away in the tub :)
The JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES® leave-in conditioner is perfect for everyone's hair, especially towards the ends where hair tends to get dry and damaged and needs a little more nourishing. Last but not least, is the JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray. This stuff is a lifesaver, and works great on wet or dry hair.

The Tools
Good tools are super important too. We've tried a couple of different brushes throughout the years, and we've come to find that a large, flat, coated bristle paddle brush is by far the best for getting through a full day of crazy hair. If you start at the ends and work your way up, you have way less damage. Also, spritzing some of that JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray in the hair before brushing, is key!

For smooth ponytails, sectioning off braids or just getting a straight part, a rat tail comb will be your best friend. You can find them at beauty supply stores for as low as $.99 cents each. Make sure to get the kind with close "teeth", so you can get the smoothest look possible. 

As far as hot tools are concerned, we couldn't make it through our school year, without a great flat iron and three barrel. Straighteners are great for smoothing out the hair and getting a sleek finish, but they're also awesome for curling! Check out the tutorial I did with Aubrielle's hair a few months back. You'll never use a regular curling iron again!
To see other great hairstyles for small and big kids alike, go here and take a look. Also, check out this back to school hair slideshow of some great inspiration for more awesome hair ideas!

I guess you could call this the icing on the cake. Bows, flowers, headbands... we love them all! If you know me, then you know I'm particularly partial to the occasional Cozette Couture splurge. But for a more everyday option, I shop Groopdealz kids deals. They've always got super cute bows and pretty hair things - usually each running at only around $2-$5 each.
Cozette Couture pictured above, Groopdealz accessories below

What are YOUR favorite products and tools for back to school hair? Have you stumbled upon anything that you absolutely love and wish you could share with the rest of us Mom's!? Spill it! I'm always looking for new ideas and tricks to make the back-to-school-morning-grind a lot less tedious.

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How to use Photoshop - An Atly class that will rock your socks!

Eeek! Have you guys seen Melanie's new Photoshop class on Atly that's being offered!?

She's pre-selling spots at an awesome price and you guys do NOT want to miss it. I've been chatting with her a lot about it as she's helped me design our Bright Night prints, like this one below...

...and there are SO MANY great tools in this class.

Photoshop 100 is for users with little to no experience in Photoshop, or those who have a basic knowledge of the program. The course provides an overview of the entire program of Photoshop, and it focuses on the most important tools that will help you most.

This course is divided into 4 parts and covers the following:
First you immerse yourself in Camera Raw and go over basic adjustments like exposure, temperature, white balance, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation–and what those mean and how they can change your photos. 

Then you dive into more detailed adjustments and edits such as removing blemishes and unwanted items in photos. This is then followed up by putting that final polish on your Photoshop skills by learning how to apply them in the real world. You focus on adding type, work on photo collages for blog headers, newsletters and more.

Plus, Melanie has a fabulous way of explaining things easily and clearly so that they're super easy to understand, which I know I desperately need, when learning something new!

You can preregister for Melanie's online instructional classes, by signing up here, so you're all ready to go when everything's released in a few days.

Dude, who doesn't want to know how to use Photoshop better!? - it's so helpful in all parts of my life, whether it's designing something at work, making up a church flyer or even just whipping up a few awesome photos for scrapbooks. I'm way excited to learn more too!

THANKS Melanie!



Our Happy Place

Tonight was perfect. Every. Single. Part of it.

Cousins, fireworks, new bikes, sweaty-pink-faced kids, giggling, excited puppies, chatting with neighbors... this weekend can only get better.

We are so incredibly content here in this new house and new neighborhood, I can barely stand it. 

This is our Happy Place.

Can't wait to share tons more.