When you Suck at Back to School Momming...

Guys... my kids start school in 4 days and as of 2 days ago nobody had backpacks, pencils, paper, or whatever else I'm suppose to GUESS they need... because to be honest? I'm not sure where the HECK to look for a list of supplies.
Is there like an email sign-up from the school that I'm not on or something? Frick.

You know when your kids start asking questions like... "Mom? do you think we should like... maybe get ready for school, because it starts next week?"... you've completely submitted to #summermomming, and have little to no comprehension of what time of day it is... let alone the actual day of the month (insert dramatic, laid back summer shrug here).

That being said... one thing you have to know about my twins, is that they are maybe the worlds most responsible 11 year old-worry warts you've ever met... but please know I mean this with complete sincerity and admiration. (this picture is not a accurate portrayal of said worry warts๐Ÿ˜œ

So when I see the first, sure-tell signs of back to school panic in their little eyes... I know it's time to jump into action - fast!

Sadly, this Mom was chillin' in Summer mode and didn't get to the "cute backpack" haul in time (which, duh, is the most important item)... so Amazon Prime to the rescue! - which is really what all this blabbing is about. Uniting with other Mom's in denial about school starting, who also missed the cute backpacks IN store... and sharing the quick-ship options I found for my girls, in case you need a little help๐Ÿ˜˜

Below are links for each backpack, and they will ship in just 2 quick days peeps!๐Ÿ™Œ

The twins are in love, and feeling less panic. Especially after I threw a few sharpened pencils, a pen and some computer paper in their backpacks that we had just hanging around here at the house๐Ÿ˜.

...WHAT? I'm not going to spend money on a bunch of supplies they won't even need! I'm waiting until they HAVE to have something, and then I'll make my Walmart/Target run๐Ÿ’... right?

Oh! And because Aubrie was feeling left out, here is her backpack that she's using this year. I hesitate to share it because it says it's out of stock, but maybe if you really wanted to you could track one down.

Happy back to schooling Mommas and thank the heavens for Prime shipping #amiright!? lol


Slime all the Time - Our Favorite Slime Recipes

Are anyone else's kids like... SOOOOOO into making slime this summer?
Mine are obsessed! I've never run out of school glue so freaking fast๐Ÿ˜…

We've tried TONS of different slime recipes, but keep coming back to the same ones, so I thought I'd share them. Plus, an affordable tip on how we store all that stretchy, fluffy, shiny goo.


Vulnerability Sucks ... Banana Bread Does Not

I don't think I slept well, too much on my mind. I'm pretty sure that's how a bad day starts... with the night before. Then little things trigger bigger things inside. You just can't seem to feel good about how your makeup looks, all of your clothes suck (aka: you feel huge), you're having a forever bad hair day, the dryer never started last night so clothes are still wet that you need for today, and for no legit reason your anxiety decides to show up - guns blazing.

You scream at your kids, immediately know you're out of line and feel a huge rush of guilt. You apologize 5 seconds later and like always... they say "it's okay mommy".

More mom guilt.

You wonder how long they will be little enough to always forgive you, and love you SO unconditionally.

Another rush of anxiety hits hard.

Nothing sounds good for breakfast... who am I kidding, brunch - because actually getting to the thought of knowing you need to eat SOMETHING so that you can eliminate "hangry" off of the reasons you feel out of control today, takes way longer when you're sifting through a fog of other intense feelings.

An over easy egg, blueberries and Oreo Thins it is.

You try SO hard to pull it together, wonder why you can't swallow all the chunks of emotion bubbling up under your throat, and end up losing it in the car after you pull into the garage.

10 minutes go by and you worry about wasting gas and if you're killing the environment singlehandedly, so you finally decide to go inside and cry it out in a more "green" way.
Meanwhile you're pissed that you even care about the stupid car and the dumb earth.

Now you feel bad about calling the earth dumb, because...you know... earth is obviously the awesomest. 

You laugh at your own thoughts, because how #whitegirl do you sound... and this tiny moment of lightheartedness opens up and allows for an empowering moment of thought.

You remember what your therapist said once...
Life: It is what it is.
You can't control anything but yourself and how you react. So take a deep breath, acknowledge your shit (fear/anger/sadness/anxiety) and then figure out how to deal with it.

Yes. Therapy really helps.

Today I feel completely self absorbed.
I need to get out of my head.
Creating something... anything, usually helps me.
Pretty pictures of memories I've created, help me to put life into perspective.
Knowing I can "bank" beautiful pictures into a sea of my other cherished memories to keep forever, helps me to remember that life is almost always good - the #1 reason I started blogging. 

So naturally there has to be shitty times too right?... so that we can truly appreciate all the great ones.

"Some days are just filled with too much feeling."
Today's thoughts from my bff๐Ÿ‘†

Banana bread and my best friend helped me to gain some much needed perspective today. And I didn't feel like pretending for anyone today, that I just "felt like baking for no reason".

Vulnerability sucks. It's uncomfortable... yet freeing at the same time. 
It opens up the door for criticism AND connection. 
Most people are afraid to receive one over the other.
Most times I am too.    

I've decided that no matter how amazing everyone's lives may appear, we ALL have our "shit" and demons to deal with, so...
It's Okay to not be Okay.

There's is no quick fix for a day like today. Some days just feel really, really hard.
And time is the only thing that will really heal the hurt.

For me? Life, especially recently, has been full of lots of big and little waves.
Sometimes I can ride them out, and other times they topple me completely flat
... but at least I'm still on the beach - and now, I've got baked goods๐Ÿ˜
Friggin' amazing carbs can at least help start heal a crappy day.  Take my word for it.