Chafing Cream on Yo' Face!? - YUP!

I promise you I haven't gone crazy, and if you're like my friend Liz then I also need to say... no, this isn't a joke. lol.
You read it right. I am 100% recommending that you put crotch cream on yo' face.

Okay, it's not REALLY crotch cream, but it's from Monistat, and you know when you hear that brand the first thing you think of is anything that has to do with issues going on down in your lady town.
So even though this chafing relief powder gel can really go anywhere on your body to prevent rashes or irritation from daily skin friction... it still screams "crotch cream" to me😬 

Okay, good, we're on the same page - so let me blow your mind by telling you that this Monistat Chafing Powder Gel is now here to replace my favorite (expensive) Smashbox face primer, FOREVER.

Here's why...


Snicker, Caramel Apple & PB Bites "Salad" Recipe!

After I shared my beloved PB Bites for an after school snack on Instagram stories, I promised I'd show you how I used them in a recipe too... so here it is!

Snicker, Caramel Apple & PB Bites "Salad"😝

It's out of this world delicious, SUPER easy, and perfect for this time of year. The tartness from the Granny Smith apples, cool texture of the smooth pudding and salty/sweetness from all the candy?... PERFECTION. You've gotta try this one out. 


Long Lasting Drugstore Lipstick I Love!

In a sea of LipSense (which is so great, but doesn't really work well with my skin), I'm just a makeup-lovin' girl trying to find a really awesome, non-drying, non-crumbly, long-lasting lipstick! There are TONS of options, and I've tried lots, so I'll keep you posted on which ones I find along the way that I love (and ones I don't).
Recently I've had lots of questions specifically about the Super Stay Matte Ink from Maybelline that I tested out and chatted about a few weeks ago on my Insta stories. So I wanted to share my thoughts and some color swatches with you!

First off, there are 10 colors in this line, so not a huge range...
But the 4 below that I've purchased and tried are all REALLY pretty!
- I LOVE how saturated the colors are. You don't need a ton of coats for great coverage. 
- The applicator tip is nice and pointed, so it's a lot easier to get a crisp outer edge on your lip line.
- It's not SO matte that it dries out your lips.
- There is no dry crumbly mess as the color wears throughout the day.
- It lasts a LONG time!