The BEST Liquid Eyeliner!

Straight across, winged, top, bottom or both... the perfect, waterproof, long-lasting liquid eyeliner is a MUST! And yet, the words "liquid" and "eyeliner" in one sentence, used to leave me more like...
😳 No, but for real. 
I was using a foam tipped applicator, with this little pot that you dip it in.... ugh, it was a mess. I totally gave up. BUT then I came across THIS miracle product a few years ago, and it's the BEST!


My Trader Joe's Favorites - What are Yours!?

Before you ask or think it, NO, this isn't sponsored and YES, I paid for everything myself. 😘 I just wanted to share some favorite food finds of mine!

It's no secret that tons of us are obsessed with Trader Joe's. How can you NOT love their gourmet (yet super affordable) frozen food selections and endless unique, AMAZINGLY delicious snacking options... not to mention their fresh produce, that I swear has the cutest packaging.

If you've never been, it's a MUST. I wouldn't say it's a store where you can do ALL of your shopping... because heaven knows Momma needs Costco's 'bulkness' and Walmart's prices to complete her life's list of necessities. But for GREAT deals on yummy specialty foods (without the "specialty" price) and the BEST selection of flowers, Trader Joe's is SO my jam!

My parents lived in California for a handful of years, and for a long time, it was the only place that I could snag Trader Joe's goodies. But now... they're in Utah! booooyah! (insert happy dance)
So... I figured that I would share my favorite things, because who isn't curious as to what people love from the same stores you shop at!
Am I right!? So here we go!

Pumpkin Butter:
Snag a loaf of super soft cinnamon burst bread from Great Harvest, slather this goodness on, and YUM! Ooo, and if you give your bread a coat of cream cheese before the pumpkin butter (?) Even better :) 


Tree Classics - Our Favorite Find for the BEST Pre-Lit Christmas Trees!!

With all of the questions we had on our faux Christmas tree this year, I knew I had to post about a new favorite find, even if it just helps a handful of desperate tree seekers for the next holiday season!

We were gifted our Christmas tree about 12 years ago, and sadly the company no longer makes it, but this year we DID discover that Tree Classics has an AWESOME option that's even better! Their Hyde Park Pine Snap Tree is SO beautiful AND pre-lit! PLUS, tons of their trees are on super sale & clearance right now!! 

The Tree Classic trees are on easy to position rollers, and assemble and come apart SO easily! They also have a nifty storage bag that makes it easy for putting things away... PIVOTAL when you already don't want to clean up Christmas in the first place. lol