DIY Survivor Birthday Cake!

My best friends little boy had his 7th birthday recently. He's OBSESSED with the show Survivor, and watches religiously every Wednesday night with my girls. They talk about secret idols, hidden immunity tokens (?) and who's going to outsmart who when it comes to tribal councils. 
pssst: I'm sure I just said half, if not all of those things wrong because I'm a first time show watcher LOL... but you get the idea. 

Anyway, when it came around to what kind of cake his mom wanted to surprise him with, we both knew we had to attempted a "Survivor themed" one... and I have to say, we pulled it off pretty dang good!
Kathryn originally pulled a photo from Pinterest that she loved, and worked off of that for a guideline but couldn't find any link source or specific directions, so I thought I'd throw our version into the mix, and let you know how we did it! (and when I say WE, I mean Kathryn, because she was the mastermind behind about 99% of it! LOL)
Although, it was surprisingly simple and went really fast!


Before & After Kitchen Makeover - Revisited!

I've had a ton of questions after my last post about the kitchen remodel in our old house, and for me to put up some before and after shots! I went looking, and realized that through the whirlwind of moving so fast, that I never posted a FULL photo of the finished kitchen. WHAT THE WHAT!? lol. oh sheesh.
Man, I owe you guys😅 - so I'll leave the chatting to a minimum today, and just post a bunch of before and after photos with links to where you can find all the past blog posts that talk more in depth about the kitchen restyle projects!
And FINALLY, here's the finished after photo of our kitchen, that so many of you asked to see! And below that, is the very first before photo (everything is sooooo dark!), and the first "after" photo, before cabinets and granite were replaced. 😊


Our IKEA Kitchen Countertops & Farmhouse Sink!

Pssst: If you haven't had the chance to read our first and second posts on our IKEA kitchen in the basement, then you can catch up here!👇

After measurements and install from Granite City (literally the ONLY guys we trust to do countertops and tile on any of our house projects)... the much anticipated basement kitchen countertop + sink update post is here! whooooohooo! 
Our most favorite and affordable farmhouse-style sink from IKEA!👇
DOMSJO Double bowl apron front sink - only $313!

I have been missing our farmhouse sink from our old house BIG TIME, so when I designed the basement kitchen, I KNEW we had to have one!
Picture from our last kitchen remodel, remember!?
Oh how I miss this kitchen!!! SO much time, thought and energy went into that space, and I was obsessed with every part of it! And YUP! You guessed it, in that house I used Granite City for new, lighter countertops, the awesome gray subway tile backsplash and sink install too! I'm telling you, if you have a project... big or small... and you're in Utah, you've GOT to give them a try. Their prices and finish work are the best I've found, yet!
You can read more about some of our experiences using them here and here!

Okay, so here's a shot of the new countertops we got for the basement... plus a first look at how things are REALLY coming together!!