Tree Classics - Our Favorite Find for the BEST Pre-Lit Christmas Trees!!

With all of the questions we had on our faux Christmas tree this year, I knew I had to post about a new favorite find, even if it just helps a handful of desperate tree seekers for the next holiday season!

We were gifted our Christmas tree about 12 years ago, and sadly the company no longer makes it, but this year we DID discover that Tree Classics has an AWESOME option that's even better! Their Hyde Park Pine Snap Tree is SO beautiful AND pre-lit! PLUS, tons of their trees are on super sale & clearance right now!! 

The Tree Classic trees are on easy to position rollers, and assemble and come apart SO easily! They also have a nifty storage bag that makes it easy for putting things away... PIVOTAL when you already don't want to clean up Christmas in the first place. lol


The Best & Softest Chocolate Chip (and whatever other ingredients you want) Cookie Base you will EVER Make!

Now THAT'S a title! lol.
After testing out and tweaking TONS of cookie recipes, I've FINALLY landed on one that is AWESOMELY soft, and incredibly yummy! Not too sweet, never crunchy, no waiting for dough to chill, or need for any special ingredients. PLUS, the best part, is that it's the perfect base for pretty much ANY add-ins you want! Chocolate chips of any kind (white, peanut butter, dark, milk) nuts, coconut, dried fruit, rolled in cinnamon and sugar. THIS BASE IS JUST SOOOO GOOD!

Got it? Have I used enough caps? Okay, good. Shutting up. 
Now scroll through some pics, and head to the bottom for all the instructions and recipe 😘


First Snow!

It's been crazy warm this Fall, and we've enjoyed EVERY minute - but today we got our first snow of the season, and these little chicks were SO excited!
Moments like these just call for documentation, right!?