Hot Cheesy Bacon Jalapeño Dip & MORE - Simple Super Bowl Food!

🎤 When I dip, you dip, we dip!
I've spend most of my day in the kitchen with the bestie, cooking up my favorite party-time appetizers so you could get some yummy food ideas for your next get together, or to enjoy on the Super Bowl this coming Sunday!
Ooooooh myyyyyy goooosh you guys have to try this ASAP. It's like all of my favorite foods had a pool party and then dove into a sour cream, mayo and cream cheese mixture.


Whimsical White and Pink Christmas Decor

This year the girls and I decided to decorate as pink as possible with our Christmas decor, and I'm seriously loving EVERY bit of it! All of the clean, bright colors and sparkle are such a good mood lifter - I'm seriously debating on why I should ever take all of this down! lol

This year I did a last minute collaboration with Balsam Hill, and couldn't be happier with their amazing products and decorating selections. Everything was SO beautiful, and came in perfect condition right to my door.
The tree I chose to decorate was the 7ft Saratoga Spruce Pre-Lit Tree with Clear Lights. It was incredibly easy to put together the three simple pieces of the tree, connect the lighting cords and fluff the branches out!

The tree we chose had two-toned needles, so it gave the tree a more realistic look.
After the tree was assembled, I added two spools of Silver Stretch Net Ribbon, a bunch of the gorgeous Glitter Coral Spray Picks, and then scattered a couple sets of the Coastal Elegance Ornaments, along with the BH Essentials Small White Glossy Ornaments around the tree!

I also added the 72" Mongolian Faux Fur Hexagon Tree Skirt and the 10" Capiz Snowflake Lighted Tree Topper, to give everything an even more whimsical look.


After School Snack Ideas!

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, then you know I like to share my after school snack ideas almost everyday. I started doing this little series as a way to share yummy, quick snacks with other mommas out there who struggle with ideas on what to feed their "staaaarving" kiddos after a long day at school. And of course, they're obviously adult friendly too.

I also started a tradition a while back, where I greet each of my girls with the same saying (in a loud, cheesy, happy voice) as they walk through the door.
"Hey girl, heeeey!"😆

A little while ago I explained a bit more on Instagram why I think a good after school snack, having any sort of routine, and happily greeting your kids each day (if possible) is so important to me. I worked out of the house for a couple years and wasn't always able to be home for my girls, but now that I'm mostly working from home, I've been able to see the difference it can make.

"My kids' emotions are typically high after school. Do you have kids like this? I feel like there is a ton of overstimulation at school, and a LOT of being seen but not heard and obeying other people's standards. Hyper, tired, frustrated, ornery, chatty...whatever it may be, I've found that a simple big hug, telling them how much I missed them, and FOOD... of ANY kind, immediately can help my kids shift into a better frame of mind. 
It takes some effort on my part, but it's SO worth it. Less rummaging through my pantry, making messes, overeating... and theres something mentally that feels really good about hearing you were missed. 
I also don't push too many questions right away and allow them to completely check out for about an hour. iPad, phone, book, nap, tv, FaceTime with a friend...whatever. I try to remember how I felt when I was a kid, and I don't recall much, but I definitely remember always feeling tired and hungry - especially as a teenager. Sometimes my girls will talk my ears off, other times they disappear and decompress for the entire hour alone in their rooms. But I find, either way, allowing them to shake off the day however they need to, makes it way easier to get homework done and help later with chores." 

As you know, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, so I promised you guys who asked that I'd jot down my after school snack ideas in a post on the blog, so it's easier to reference!

Nothing is fancy, the snacks are made with normal ingredients (usually pretty healthy... sometimes not so much😬) and they're ALWAYS served on a paper plate - duh... easy clean up🙌.

Side Notes:
- My pictures are pretty crappy. Most are screenshots from my Insta-story sharing, but just like I tell my kids... "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" 😝
- I make my girls a pretty good sized snack each day. They all eat lunch at school around 11ish, get home by 3:00 and then we don't have dinner until about 6ish.
- I'm well aware that these snacks aren't anything "that special" or out of the ordinary. But sometimes it's nice to get OTHER peoples ideas, to see what THEY love and feed their families. You know... it's like going to a friends house and rummaging through their pantry/fridge and being excited because they have totally different food than what you would typically buy. (Come on, you know what I'm talkin' about)

Okay, so here we go!
I'm going to post a few picture collages and then list under them, what each after school snack idea is!