Our Basement Kitchen Planning with IKEA!

It's been a long time in the works, but we're finally moving forward with our kitchen in the basement, and I couldn't be more excited!!

When we were planning the basement and figuring out framing, we initially had decided on just a REALLY big family room. Then we moved onto thinking a small kitchenette would be super useful with teenagers one day. That snowballed into needing a microwave, dishwasher and bigger countertop... soooo why not just put in a full blown KITCHEN!? lol.
Needless to say, things escalated quickly. 😁

So this space below, was dubbed "the kitchen". Polished, white concrete floors went in and a little divider wall was built to hide away a fridge one day.
You can see more of the concrete floors in my post about my office space. We did the same treatment!

A few months later, we were able to team up with our forever friends over at IKEA Draper (eeek!), to get working on an awesome, custom kitchen layout!! Their designer Sean was SO great to work with. We wanted something incredibly functional, that would work for the kids we have now AND the bigger teenagers we'll have in the future. A modern but cozy feel, and also something totally different than what we had going on in our kitchen upstairs. Because... why not? Right!?

I loved the idea of the sleek, RINGHULT cabinet fronts. They're SUPER modern and typically something I wouldn't jump at initially, but the more I looked at kitchen plans and inspiration pictures, I knew I HAD to try them out! If I really wanted to try something different, than this was going to be my ticket. 


Tween Girl Bedroom Decorating!

I can't believe that my babies are 11! It's so exciting and so sad all at once. 
They're growing up really fast, and have officially passed me up in the height department!😂Not that that's hard when you're only 5ft 3in. 
This past Christmas Emberly (twin on the right) asked for lots of room makeover items, so that she could have a "grown up girl room" that she loved. I was really excited, because you KNOW I'm all over any present that revolves around decorating!
A few weekends ago we finally found some time to actually put everything together... and I had to share some of the adorableness!
For ANY room makeover, the right bedding is KEY. For me, it's typically what the entire room revolves around. In Em's room we wanted something super girly and soft, so it was a match made in heaven with this super cute  Crane & Canopy bedding 💕


The BEST Liquid Eyeliner!

Straight across, winged, top, bottom or both... the perfect, waterproof, long-lasting liquid eyeliner is a MUST! And yet, the words "liquid" and "eyeliner" in one sentence, used to leave me more like...
😳 No, but for real. 
I was using a foam tipped applicator, with this little pot that you dip it in.... ugh, it was a mess. I totally gave up. BUT then I came across THIS miracle product a few years ago, and it's the BEST!