Smooth Summer Legs Favorites!

Hey... it may seem simple and silly, but soft legs are are a MUST in the summer, so I wanted to share my favorites for getting silky smooth skin. 

The Razor:
I've tried 'em all, trust me. The Costco specials, the disposable cheap-o's, the "gonna make you the softest woman in all the land" razor, with an inch thick weird clump of lotion stuff around the edges. blehhh. And I keep coming back to this BiC Flex 5 Hybrid. I think I like more than anything how it feels in my hand, and the razor seems to last me quite a bit longer than some others.  

The Shaving Cream:
I'm OBSESSED with this Cremo Coconut Mango shave cream. It smells AMAZING, and makes my skin feel like butter! It's a bit different than you'd think. It doesn't lather, and it's not sudsy. Hmm... it's hard to compare it to anything else... so... just try it, I'm thinking you'll love it just as much as I do!! lol!


Coconut and Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats + My New Favorite Cake Stand!

Uh... yeah, you read that right... and daaaaang, these babies are SO GOOD!

Softly chewy, (is that a thing? lol) laced in marshmallow gooeyness, with bits of sweet coconut throughout! You've gotta try these bad boys😛.
And let's just go ahead and take my word for it okay? Because taking a photo that captures the YUMMINESS of these amazing treats, was a joke 🙈

14 Tablespoons of butter - BROWNED. (this will give your treat a nutty, more delicious flavor!)
1 teaspoon vanilla
1.5 cups of sweetened, shredded coconut
2 16oz bags of mini marshmallows
8 cups of crispy cereal

Over medium/low heat brown the butter. It will smell nutty and wonderful once browned!

Take off the heat and add vanilla and coconut.

Then add all of your marshmallows and stir until everything is incorporated and becomes a smooth, white substance... with bits of yummy coconut, of course!


My Flawless Face Foundation Must Haves!

I've been talking a TON about beauty products I LOVE on Instagram stories, and so like I promised to all of you there who wanted and needed more permanent links to reference, I'm sharing my flawless-face foundation faves here!
They are basically my go-to products that have helped me disguise my active adult acne, previous acne scars and even those stupid age spots😁. Who knew being in your 30's would be soooo glamorous! ugh lol

So here we go! I've listed each product, why I use it and an amazon link to purchase it (amazon prime users UNITE! lol) OR you can get all of these at Ulta, if you'd rather just walk in and buy them!