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Daddy Daughter Trip Eh?

Cason here -- and I'm highjacking the blog, because I can ;)
It's no secret that I love to travel when Shelley's away for work, which due to her crazy busy schedule, she has been more this past month than normal... so I decided it was time for me and the girls to play before they went back to school. No fancy hair-do's, just ponytails and flip flops. ha!

I've got a list a mile long of places I want to take my girls, so this time I decided to road trip up through Montana's Flathead Lake to pick cherries, then into Glacier National Park to visit Lake Mcdonald's crystal clear waters, followed by a quick trip through Banff National Park and then I topped the trip off with a stay in the beautiful city of Calgary.

My mom wanted to tag along for this one... all 35 hours of drive time, and 2053 miles of it. Not sure she knew what she was getting herself into, but really, it was absolutely worth it. Everything was breathtakingly beautiful and I'm so happy my girls could take in all the nature around them.

Even though Shelley hates road trips, because unless she's driving she gets deathly car sick, we're definitely making her come along for the next one I've got planned... can you say Norther Pacific Coast!? :)


Back to School 2014

I can't help it, I just have to share a few more of our fast and furious back to school pics that I snapped before we bolted out of the door on Wednesday morning.

I'll tell you what, a full-time job outside the home, Summer craziness and now an 8:00am school call time... is just about setting me into crazy mode.

I'm in bed by 9:00pm, and usually passed out by 9:15pm.
I'm already tired and it's only the third day of school. Anyone with me?


These girls are so amazing.
I was crazy worried about them, but come to find out, they are doing GREAT so far! Aubrielle got a little weepy this morning and said school makes her tired... which I assume all kiddos go through when transitioning from half day to all day school.
The twins love being in different classes too - who knew!? I definitely thought that would be harder then it turned out to be; so here's praying that the rest of this year goes as smoothly as the first 3 days

Hope all of your kiddos are loving school, or getting pumped to go back soon!



So Many Firsts

School started today and there were a lot of firsts.

A brand new school, friends and teachers.

The twins are in different classes for the first time ever.
I think I'm having a much harder time with this concept than they are. It's bugging me.
I'm sure I'll get over it.

Aubrielle is now going to a whole day of school instead of just half days.

I'm not sure why I'm so worried about them this time around. I couldn't stop thinking about it on the way to work today.

Are they scared? Have they made friends with anyone yet? Will Aubrielle know what to do for lunch? Where do we pick them up once schools out!?

I know, I know. I just need to breathe and stop stressing. Everything will be fine. But... this is how I feel, and I think it's a Mom's job to let emotions and stress about her kiddos run this high; right?

I might just have a mild heart attack when my twins start middle school. 

Anyone else struggling this week with their kiddos starting a school new year?