How to Green Up your Grass + Destroy Weeds & Kill Grubs

Friggin' Lawns.
That's what I was going to title my post, but then I decided that if anyone ever REALLY needed some "white-suburban-girl-lawn-know-how"... that I'd better make my post title a bit more google friendly😁
I started an insta-story on my lawn journey, thinking nobody would give a flyin-flip... but then was surprised to learn that not everyone thought it was the most boring topic in the entire world (like I probably would of). So... here ya go - all of my lawn knowledge in an easy to reference post.
#yourewelcome #dontexpectmuch

Turns out, yards are a lot of work. 
Also turns out... I hate getting sweaty, dirty and working outside in temperatures over 72 degrees.
Oh! and bending over constantly is something I'm not a huge fan of either #weeds.
Soooo as you can imagine, my yard was a challenge for me this Summer, but I was DETERMINED to keep it alive, thriving and green.

Because it just looks so pretty when it is!πŸ‘‡

I realize that this post is coming at a weird time... seeing that most of us are heading into winter soon... but hey, a girl had to live and learn - and I needed the entire Summer for that. So stash this little bit of spotty, ill-explained yard knowledge in your back pocket, and use it for next year :)

Alright, here's how my lawn started out. Spotty, yellow-ish and just all around kinda sad.


Hydrating Concealers with Awesome Coverage!

As a dry skin sufferer, I think I've realized that mostly anything in the makeup world that states that it's "illuminating" or "hydrating" tends to really mean... "I'm gonna look and feel awesome when you initially put me on, but then after a little while I'll probably crease, wear off or break up in weird patches wherever you applied me." uggggh.
So, I've decided that you can't trust what the bottle or tube says and to just give almost everything a go! And out of all of my concealer testing, (most claiming to be matte) that these are my current favorite, more hydrating formulas for my super dry, sensitive, acne prone skin - #1 being my favorite for it's formula and cost.
That being said, I think a few of these would work amazingly on all skin types! I'd LOVE to hear your favorite concealer suggestions for dry, oily OR combination skin, in the comments below. That way everyone can get an idea of what works for others - since I'm only one of many different skin tones, textures and finishes.😊


When You Realize Kids Are People Too - Raising and Connecting with Tweens

First of all, I wanted to give a massive and tearful thank you to all of you who read, commented and gave me tons of love and support on my last post about divorce. It was definitely THE hardest thing I'd ever had to write about in the 11 years I've been blogging - but I can now confidently say that I'm so glad I did.
I shared this photo, along with some thoughts on Instagram recently, and wanted to make sure they were seen here as well.
"There are no right words for the amount of love and support I received yesterday. Thank you, from every part of my heart... really, thank youπŸ˜’πŸ’—. I will continue to work through the comments and emails this week, but I just have to say that the stories, advice and uplifting words I’ve read so far have given me more comfort and hope than I can even start to describe.
Thank you for lifting me up. Thank you for making me feel stronger. All of you women are so amazing, inspiring and kind. I am incredibly proud to call you my friends (may sound a little presumptuous, but that’s truly how I feel). THIS is what social media is about for me. THIS feeling of connection and support with other amazing humans (that I probably would never have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise) is why I am here. 
I love and appreciate each of youπŸ’—

PS: A friend from my church dropped off this perfect bracelet to me today, and it’s definitely helping me hold my head up just a little higher. #sograteful #womenneedwomen #vulnerabilityequalsconnection"

Moving along...

Recently I've gotten lots of questions about being a Mom to tweens, and daughters in general. It's kind of funny, because never in a million years did I think ANYONE would ever ask ME for "Mom advice".

I've opened up before about being a toddler Mom, and how it seemed like a very different experience for me than for my other Mom friends. There were SO MANY of you that could relate, and it was really nice to know that I wasn't alone in those feelings.

Fast forward 7-9 years later, and here I am - 35 years old and completely in the thick of tween Mommin' it every day.
Disclaimer: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. (do any Moms really?😁)
But I DO know that THIS stage of life with my kids is SO fun, and SO much more rewarding than EVER, for me as a Mother.
In no way, shape or form do I feel like an expert or pro in the tween Mom category, but I DO have thoughts, experiences and moments where I've realized... "HEY! That totally paid off! I AM doing okay at this Mom gig!?" lol
So, I wanted to share some thoughts with you. Maybe they will help, maybe they won't. Maybe you have suggestions of your own and want to share them in the comments (which I'd LOVE!), but either way... we're all doing this Mom thing together the best we can - so why not share helpful suggestions and ideas that may work for us, with others!?

Alright, so here are a couple examples of questions that I've gotten, that have triggered my thoughts for today's post.

“Hi Shelley! I have a question and I even feel terrible for admitting it! #worstmomever I have three girls as well, oldest being 10. And lately I've had a hard time connecting to her, (my oldest) I find I let her get on my nerves, or I find her annoying, again WORST MOM! Have you ever felt this way? You and your girls have such a great relationship! I love the way you all are towards each other, and having a house hold of girls myself I want to create that friendship. Just wondering if you had any tips to create that great friendship?  Thanks so much!”

"I love that you actually have fun with your girls. I feel like they "LIKE" you. I feel like such a drag all the time. I don't laugh with my kids, joke around or have fun with mine - even though I LOVE all of those things - or I used to, I think. Being a Mom has put that kind of me on the back burner. My kids are 4, 7 and 9. How do you start doing stuff like this? I almost feel like it's too late and I should of started earlier. Any advice on how to step out of "just being the rule enforcing Mom" role, and into the "let's have fun too" role?"

First of all, you are NOT a bad mom. I can almost promise that anyone who's reading this right now... is NOT a bad Mom.
So stop. Don't say that anymore. It's not fair to yourself.
You're just... a Mom.
And more importantly?... A PERSON!
Just because you birth, adopt, foster or take care of a child (just like you are their own mother), and you lose your crap on them from time to time or don't think that they're someone you want to snuggle, love on, dote over, play with on the ground or hang out with at Target and be next to 24/7... YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM!

Have you ever met a 9 year old who picks up baby talk from school?
Or an 11 year old who brings the ever-snotty-sounding, "fine, whatever!" into their vocabulary?
How about screeching?
Booger eating?
Odd new ways of laughing that they picked up from another kid that make you want to rip your ears off?
Or maybe the stage where they say "Mom!, Mommy!" or "Hey Mom!" TEN GAZILLION times, even when there's NO ONE else around and you are LITERALLY the only one walking right next to them!?!?!?
It's like, why do you have to start EVERY sentence with MOM first!? I know you're addressing me, I'm the only one here remotely in ear-shot - JUST START TALKING!... and then the best part... when you finally say... "Yes?" or "What?" they go into "Ummm" or "Hmmm", and after about 10 seconds of that they eventually pipe up with... "Oh, I can't remember - I forgot."
**Cue deep breathing, eyes slowly closing and therapeutic neck rolling. #serenitynowserenitynow**

We have ALL felt annoyed, bugged, frustrated or just OVER our kids at some points. And just because you are HUMAN, and some things grate on your nerves worse than others... it does NOT make you a bad Mom. In fact, I'd like to venture out and say, that if your child(ren) isn't (aren't) starving on purpose, is (are) clothed in some sort of way, and even remotely healthy!?... you're a GREAT Mom!!! - and don't let yourself or anyone else tell you differently.

Maybe I should just stop there... because really, I'm pretty sure that the fact I have almost always thought like that⬆, is the main reason I convince myself that I'm killin' it at this Mom thing most days😝.

Set low enough expectations for yourself as a mother ⤏⤏⤏ You'll exceed them every time!

Okay, okay, I'm sort of kidding - but honestly, if you're only worried about YOUR kids, and aren't wasting your time comparing yourself to any self-help book, other Mother, child, or a friggin' beautifully staged Instagram account?... then you're already doing better than you know.

So kuddos Momma. Keep on keepin' on. 

Okay, so that being said, here's a little more insight on how things have worked for me.
Take it or leave it.