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Our Summer Plan to Keep the Girls Learning & Active

I don't know about you, but about a week ago I started to panic about what the heck my kiddos were going to do the entire summer.
Yes, playing together with dolls, the occasional trip to the pool, riding bikes and running through the sprinklers is great... but then what do I do after the first week is over? LOL

My kids are a lot like me, they love to have something to look forward to, so I went searching for a few things to get them involved in, and found an AWESOME little 4 day camp that I just HAD to share with my Utah peeps!

How cute and great is this idea!?
Kids can enroll from ages 5-12, and they have a half or full day option when you sign them up.
They get to:
Care for animals.
Learn about different farm crops and how they are planted and grow.
Experience real working farm equipment.
Plant pumpkins and then come back and harvest them in fall.
Help prepare and eat healthy snacks and lunches everyday... The list goes on!


Sharing ALL the Things + Life's Roads...

I don't know about you, but my kids highjack my stuff all the time.

The most popular items of choice tend to be my nice camera, my iPhone and any type of gum.
I even tried JUST buying cinnamon gum (in hopes that it would burn their mouth a bit and they would hate it... because truth be told, I don't even really like it), and they STILL swiped pieces!!!

I used to get angry when my kids took these things (especially without asking), so I came to terms with it pretty quick and heavily educated them on how to safely use the camera/iPhone, and to always ask for permission first when taking or using something that wasn't theirs. 
Sounds easy right? 
Well... there was a stipulation. In return for always asking permission, I had to promise to say YES sometimes to them if they wanted to use my nicest camera, the coveted iPhone or begged for the last piece of gum.

It's funny how life happens in cycles with sharing, don't ya think?

When you're little you're told to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Think of others and be nice!

Then as a teenager and young adult, you usually become super self-absorbed. Since you can take care of yourself and don't need other peoples help as much, you tend to be a lot more selfish. The phrases "I" and "Me" come out of your mouth more than you can even imagine, or would like to admit. 

Then you get married or into a serious relationship with another person, and all of a sudden you start with the "Us". If you're like most people, you put that other persons needs in front of your own and you start a lot of that sharing stuff again :)

Bank accounts, last names, responsibilities, a place to live and even a bed!
It can be tough. Especially if you've been on your own for a long time. 

But then come the kid(s). 

Ohhhhh the kids...

They can literally suck the life out of you and leave you lifeless on the bathroom floor in a pool of their dirty, soggy bath towels.

And then magically... fill you up with so much light and happiness that you just cry in the middle of Target for no reason, while shopping for french bread and spaghetti sauce (yes, this happened to me last week)... because really, it hits you like a ton of bricks that YOU made that little, messy, wonderful human being who sings and dances through the aisles without a care in the world!


Chocolate, Caramel and Fruit... Don't Mind If I do!

I'm super into fruit lately. 

Like, I eat it ALL the time. Me and all the Costco employees are on a first name basis :) #bestpriceonproduce

I will eat fruit all by itself, all day long, but adding a little somethin'-somethin' every now and then is totally how I roll too. 

Raw sugar, raspberry vinegar drizzle, whipped cream, and my new favorite...