Pantry Makeover Interview with Studio 5

Hmm... talk fast, much??? LOL.

Thanks at ton to Lesli Harker from The Harker Herald
for pulling this spot for me to show you guys!
She's a pro at Studio 5 :)

You MUST go see her blog to see who she had do a video plug for her.
You'll die! LOL

K Mart Shopping

{Who would'a Thought?}
Okay... so the other night I was at K-mart with Cason... and I just HAPPEN to have my camera.
Glad I did, because I was DYING over all the good stuff they had there!
I just wanted to show you guys that there is MORE then just Target and Walmart to shop at!  Who knew!?
(Don't get me wrong...I love those places too, but sometimes need a change in scenery)
LOOOOVE these black and white linen napkins!  SO pretty!  Look what else!...


Phone Interview & Staying Busy with Music


I'm without my kids... Grandma has them :)

Did a phone interview this morning on Studio 5 about our Pantry :)
I'm working on getting a clip of it to post here

Listening to these songs...
the first one is my new fav :)

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While working on tons of these!

Fat Quarter Pillow Tutorial

Okay, so first of all, I have to say, that I get all my cute fabric from Kimberly over at
Poppy Seed Fabrics.
LOVE her stuff :)
So this is where my fat quarters all came from. 10 for $20.  Can't beat THAT! :)
I've been wanting to incorporate some more grey into out entryway, and I thought that a cute polka dot pillow for our little black entryway bench would be JUST the touch I was looking for!

Enter in, my cute fat quarters from Miss Kimberly :)
I knew I wanted to do some kind of embelishment on my fat quarter pillow, so that's where I started.
Here's what you need...


We're THOSE Kinda Neighbors

{When is it okay to...}

Be a total creepy neighbor, part the blinds and take a picture of what's going on in the yard behind yours?


Pantry Makeover

I'm so excited to finally have one of the messiest spaces in our house... by FAR totally organized!
The Pantry!
Believe ME... we were thrilled to even HAVE a pantry in this house
(being that the last 3 houses we had lived in didn't even have one) 
but overtime we had let it get really out of control.
Case and Point...lol

So with a little creativity, and a LOT of help from IKEA and our local thrift stores,
we finally got this space in tip-top, extraordinarily organized condition...
and here's how we did it!


A sucker... of a Consumer

I bought it...because it just makes me laugh too hard, to NOT to!

I was at Walmart last night, picking up a few things... and just LOOKING at this body wash,
that Cason probably didn't even need...
 made me giggle.
I'm sure you all have, but just in case you haven't
Please take a second to watch two of the funniest commercials I've seen...
Well... In a LONG time.
Maybe it's just me, but something about these commercials just hits my funny bone EVERY TIME.


The Pleated Poppy Giveaway


If you haven't heard of Miss Lindsey, from The Pleated Poppy BLOG and SHOP...
well then, I hate to say it, but you MIGHT be living under a rock.

Vinyl Numbered Stools & The Blueberry Monkey

...Gawking at this awesome hutch makeover, from
The blueberry Monkey :)
the blueberry monkey

Board and Batten Wall Tutorial

I've had a LOT of questions lately about Aubrielle's Board and Batten wall treatment, in her room that we did...
Board and Batten wall tutorial Girly Bedroom Decorating Idea - House of Smiths
So I thought I should snap a couple of pictures and give you some more info, to hopefully clear a few things up...


Our Full Weekend

Oh MAN!  I had no idea what this weekend was gonna bring till about Thursday night!
I was planning on hanging out at home, and finishing some things up... but then at the last minute, dropped everything and went to play, on about the HOTTEST weekend in Utah yet!
And you know what?  It was worth EVERY minute!
Here's what we were up to, in a (too short) 72 hour period :)

First... REAL camping at Grandma and Papa Smith's house.


Pantry Progress

{Pantry Progress}

Cason found my charger! YAY!
It was in the bag that I took to my sisters baby shower (the last time I used it)... oops. :)
It's charging now, and I'll be back to picture taking tomorrow!
(I felt so pointless without my camera! lol)

The pantry... is coming along!
See my island... not SO cluttered.
Things are making a re-entrance into their new places!


A Beautiful Closet & Missing Things

{MIA Charger & Beautiful Closet}

And where the crap is my exacto knife!?
If I don't find these two things (mostly the charger)
I'm going to have to resort to actually CLEANING the rest of my house, that I've been neglecting for over a week, to finish my pantry project...
(doing laundry, making beds, going through drawers, picking up toys)
...just to FIND IT!
grrrrrrr.  That was NOT my plan today!

On another note...


Pantry Working Thoughts

{Happy Working Song?... Pshhh}
Okay, so I have 2 totally different projects going on... and I can't decide which one I'm more excited about.
I think it's because It's been a while since I've "created" something for my house.

Here's some sneak peeks!

This small piece of paper covered beadboard, is just a little part of my first project.
Ronda gave me the idea, and Michaels provided me with the paper for .50 cents...  yessss. :)
I just have to add the finishing touches to this project and then I can show you where this neat piece goes!

Next... yes, it's the pantry re-do.
You all guessed it!
I didn't think I would be starting on this for a while... but I got a wild hair.
Cason just LOVES those :)
Food sprawled everywhere... paint flying all over our clothes...
I have to be totally honest...
This tiny little space has been


in House of Smiths history.
...and I can say that now, because we're nearly finished.
Just keepin' it real, people.


Summer Time Thoughts

{You know it's Summer when:}

You'd rather be picking fresh produce from the Grandparents Garden, then blogging...
and the sun doesn't set till almost 9:30pm.


Jamielyn @ I Heart Naptime

Hey! I'm Jamielyn from I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes

and I'm so excited to be swapping blogs today with House of Smiths! Today I'm going to share with you a fun summer wreath I just finished.

So I started out with this ugly wreath from Michaels that cost about $2. Then I spray painted it robbin egg blue. Make sure to do a few coats to get through all the branches!
Then I made a few different kind of fabric flowers. I mainly made these rolled flowers, but the blue one is a fire flower!!
I laid them all down on the wreath and decided it needed to be a little different... a little more summery! :)
So I made a few ruffled layers to go underneath the rolled flowers. This was all using scrap fabric... a great way to use it up! 
After I knew I had everything where I wanted it, I began hot-gluing it down. Don't you just love those things?
Then I made a "sash" for it to hang by...you could just use a fat ribbon for this part...but I didn't have a white ribbon that big...so I decided to make it. I used that fabric on these curtains. Same technique!
After I made my sash I sewed it on top to give it extra strength and hung it over my mirror.

Just what my mirror needed!!
So what do you think?! Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks Shelley for having me today on your cute blog! Come by I ♥ naptime and see what else I've been up to!


Pantry Preparation

{All Messed Up}
No... I'm not trying out for the next season of Hoarders.
We're just trying to work on a project...
That we don't have enough money or time to finish.
That EVER happen to anyone else? lol.

Everything is moving V.E.R.Y slowly.
I'm so TIRED lately.
Is it the heat?
I have zero motivation... and I'm even working out in the mornings, which is suppose to give you MORE energy... right?
Oh crap
I think I'm in a funk.

Candy Game Printables

{Baby Shower Candy Game Printables}

I've had a bunch of emails already about the candy game sheet that I designed for Kimberly's shower.
So I thought it might be easier to post all the info here!
The links and images to the game sheet, and the list of answers.
Also... How I played:
I gave the guests lots of time to think of candy names that went with these terms, and then went down the list, and whoever yelled out the right answer first... I tossed them that candy!
Easy as that!

You can either save the images here, and print them, or you can click on the links below.

Hope these help!

Kimberly's Baby Shower

I'm so glad I finally got around to posting these fun pictures from Kimberly's baby shower.
We had such a great time celebrating my big sisters first baby girl, who's due in August.

Here is how the shower went down :)


Curbing for our Yard

Just can't... {Curb my Enthusiasm!}

Yup... We're getting curbing today!
Totally excited.
Mostly because our poor yard is basically DEAD 
(due to some sprinkler problems...and the sudden heat)
And now that the hubs has the situation mostly figured out, and the curbing man finally is here... I can envision a beautiful yard... Soon!!! :)
Just a large cement patio left to pour... and LOTS of touch up work... and our yard will ROCK!
baby steps... right? lol

This back corner of our yard is being curbed for a trampoline.
That we don't have. LOL.
(is that like buying a pair of pants that don't fit you yet... but hopefully will ...ONE day?) lol.


Happy 4th of July

Here's hoping that YOUR hubby got this "floating holiday" off today.
Sadly mine... did not. :(
But it's a BEAUTIFUL day, so you better BELIEVE that the princess slip n' slide is comin' out! :)

Hope everyone's having a great day!

I'll be back later to post some pictures of Kimberly's baby shower!
It was so fun :)


Helpful Color Swatch Idea for Decorating

Happy, Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I'm spending the day at my parents house, playing with family, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! :)

 Since I'm just hangin' out, I thought I'd share a little tip with everyone!
Something most of you probably already do!  But for those of you who don't... just a little FIY  :)
About a week or so ago I stopped by Tuesday Morning with Cason, just to look around.
I stumbled across a bunch of decorative plates and immediately fell in love with THIS one!
I knew it would look AWESOME in my laundry room, up on my shelf next to the rest of my turquoise decor.
And for $3.00... I couldn't pass it up.

Anywhoo, the point of this post, and the reason I knew it would look great, and would match my other decor... is because I had my houses' accent colors in my purse!