$100 Vintage Rose Wraps Giveaway

I am stoked about this fabulously-fashion-forward giveaway today.
I can't decide if it's because I love Katie or her Vintage Rose Wraps more... BOTH equally amazing.

I'm sure that you've seen these adorable headpieces before, and they pretty much sell themselves, but I just had to jump in and say how beautiful and classy these simple vintage inspired wraps are.
For adults, and children of all ages.


Pretty Painted Pantry Door

It's no secret that I have a "painted door obsession" phase going on in my life right now, right?
Although painting the interior of our front door black was fun and new... I still wanted to do something a bit more adventurous.
And now that we are rounding out a year and a half without a pantry door, I thought it was about time to invest in one. Not that we don't love seeing inside our pantry that we worked so hard on, but we knew it was time to get a door back on those naked hinges.

Our first initial thought was a glass door with some cool panels of some sort, so you could still see the fun design and organization of the pantry, but that was quickly ruled out when we priced those types of doors and couldn't snag one for under $300 bucks... WHEW! So our next plan was to work with what we already had, until we could afford our coveted glass door.

While there's no glass inside of them, our "builder-grade" doors aren't bad at all! They are actually really cute, with a little beadboard detail and all! So I took our old pantry door to my cute friend Sausha (who is a master furniture re-finisher) and she gave our old door a fresh new (old) look, using my favorite aqua paint!

What do ya think!?


DIY Stenciled Cake Stand

Okay all you creative ladies, today I'm sharing a fun, easy stenciled cake stand project that I made with the Martha Stewart's Craft Decorative Paint Line, by Plaid!

I've been talking on our Facebook page for the last little bit about how excited I am to start planning Aubrielle's 4th birthday, and once I received the new Martha Stewart Craft Painting kit by Plaid, I knew exactly where to start once I saw the beautiful color line... especially those pearl paints :)
So here's how I did it...


Blogher Conference

What? Shelley at a blogging conference?... That's new!
hee hee...  jk

I wanted to share a few of my Blogher 2011 photos with you because it was an absolute blast! First of all... who KNEW San Diego was completely gorgeous, fun, has perfect weather and is a 24/7 party town!?
I didn't, but now I do... and I LOVE IT!
I started off the trek to Blogher with Jenn and Heather. We made the 12 hour car ride with snacks and great music in tow. It was actually a LOT of fun being able to chat about everything and nothing for as long as we wanted. It made the time fly by. 
Heather had some meetings that she needed to attend, and we were quite early to the conference the next day, so we did some shopping and met up with my sister and cute niece, who had just moved to the area, for some delicious fish tacos and some Pinkberry frozen yogurt.
Can you say Salted Caramel with heath bar and brownie??? Oh.My.Gosh
Ah-mazing! Yes, it was my FIRST Pinkberry and now I'm hooked!

After Jen and I said our goodbyes, we headed to the conferences sponsor hall to meet some of our favorite people...


Gallery Wall Decorating Tips + Photo Gallery Decorating

This post was originally done for a guest series over Beth's blog,
but I thought I'd share it here as well, for any readers who missed out, the first time around :)

Today we're talkin' about:
A little while back Cason and I finished a large family photo gallery wall in our living room, and we couldn't be happier with the results!

I have to be honest.  I had seen lots of variations of Gallery Walls before, and never thought twice about their actual assembly, until WE had to put one together!  These bad boys are NO easy task.  If you think you can dive in head first, without thinking about placement, colors, and frame sizes... then you might be in for a bit of a surprise.

Remembering a few key things, will definitely help alleviate any "gallery wall stress" that may come your way, when you're contemplating using this awesome style of decorating in YOUR home...


DIY Tutorials, The House Blog Roll & FAQ

It's Friiiday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...

to listen to this song track, you may have to click through from your reader.
Yes, I'll admit, I am one of the ones who clicked on this icon
when I first heard the Friday song, (mostly bc it was funny.ha!) but don't get me wrong...

Besides the freakishly catchy (slightly annoying) main chorus... do the lyrics totally stink?

Do I have a bit of an issue with 14 yr. olds who earn more money in 10 minutes then Cason and I will make, COMBINED this year? 
That's rhetorical

Yet... do I find myself singing to the song with a nasally voice and thick Wisconsin-like twang almost EVERY Friday, thankful to add another "weekend song" into my mental playlist?

Okay, moving on...


How do I use my DSLR camera!? & a Photo by Emilie, session

Emilie is back! After a little break from photography classes, due to being pregnant... I'm so happy to introduce everyone to Miss Emilie's first little bundle of joy, Penelope Rose!
The first new baby for a professional photographer has to be like photography crack...right? lol
Ooo! Look at that sweet babe. Congratulations Emilie!
Well, a few weeks before Emilie delivered she took some pictures of OUR little babies too!
Okay, they aren't babies anymore, but I still like to THINK they are.
Check out how AMAZING they turned out!
Emilie's all sorts of fabulous, at capturing those whimsical romantic looking photos that I was going for and she even let me tag along with my camera, so that I could learn a few tips and tricks. I felt like a total pro shadowing her, and watching her change her settings and use lighting in ways that I had never thought of.

Here are a few photos that I snapped with my camera.
Not too shabby eh? ha!


SNAP Conference 2012 Location Update & other Information

snap conference

We're so thrilled to finally announce the venue for the SNAP 2012 creative DIY conference!
After much work from our fabulous Tauni, we have secured Thanksgiving Point and it's incredibly beautiful surroundings for our venue.
Can I just tell you how utterly excited we all are!? We couldn't ask for a more majestic setting. The conference will be taking place during the most beautiful event that Thanksgiving Point has to offer... The Tulip Festival! Not to mention the award winning dining and most importantly... INCREDIBLE shopping that Thanksgiving Point has to offer!
Believe me, you will NOT be lacking for things to do or see between classes.


A Cookbook for a Cause: 50 + bloggers favorite recipes!

You might have seen this around the blogasphere lately, but I wanted to personally share with MY readers this awesome cookbook, that is now available to all of YOU!
This isn't just a regular ol' cookbook... it's a compilation of the yummiest, most popular recipes from 50 of your favorite bloggers! This project was headed up by the howdoesshe? girls.
Missy (not shown) Alison, me, Shelley @ The EVO conference
They wanted to find a way for bloggers to give back during the time that Japan was going through all of it's devastation. And brilliantly, they rallied some bloggers together who wanted to be part of this, and with the amazing design workings of Heather from Chickabug ... the 50+ cookbook came alive!


Thistles Home, Gift & Fashion in Draper Utah and Online

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite Utah shopping destinations,
Thistles Home, Gift & Fashion.
I was more then thrilled when the owner, Brittany asked me to spread the word about her adorable shop, because I've been visiting since it first opened! Thistles is filled with lots of GREAT home decor, decorating ideas, and trendy clothing and jewelry fashions.
Oh... and they ALWAYS have something on sale too (You know I love that)
Thistles is located in Draper Utah, in the Draper Peaks shopping center, but have no fear... they are ALSO online! Check out these ADORABLY trendy pillows that I pulled from their online shop.



Dear Costco...

Why do you sell such delicious items, get us all hooked on them, and then laugh in our faces as you swipe them out from under our feet... to only be replaced by Original mini Quaker Rice Cakes? bleehk
These delicious semi-healthy flavorful crisps are what get me through sandwiches without the mayo!

Please reconsider your "must-have-in-stock-always" ordering list, when buying items for your store.
Because I KNOW you don't want to witness the wrath of women all over the world who are trying to make heather eating choices for them and their kiddos.
~ Sincerely
Everyone who has gotten hooked on one-of-a-kind Costco goodies and now has to go without.


Decorating Shelves - Everyday Kitchen Shelf Decor

I have been sharing all the fun things that we bought for our "everyday" kitchen shelf look, but I realized that I hadn't shown an entire photo! (my bad)
Here it is!


$100 Lowe's Gift Card Giveaway from Hometalk.com

winner announced on our Facebook page
This weeks giveaway is brought to you by Hometalk.com!


A Trampoline Sleepover... Lasts about 30 minutes.

Today Cason g-chatted me at work and informed me he was going to sleep out on the trampoline with the girls tonight.

I rolled my eyes and replied with a simple:
"Really? I'm thinking that won't be such a good idea."

He then said:
"What!? You're crazy! It will be so fun! I used to do it all the time, as a kid!"

He then tried to persuade me to join them... Uh. No thanks.
All four of them waddled into the back yard with sleeping bags in tow at 9:10pm.

This is the g-chat that I just had with him at around 9:35pm...

Farewell Party + Mission to South Africa

Saying goodbye is never easy. Do you agree?
A while back, I shared that Cason's parents got their church mission call to South Africa for about 18 months starting this September. And I'm pretty sure that Cason and I the girls have no clue how hard it will be. Cason's parents have been a huge part of our lives for... well, as long as we've been married.
We left them when we moved to Tucson for only a few short months, and it was VERY hard. We count on our families for almost everything. Fun, help, entertainment, love... the list goes on. Cason's parents have made a tremendous impact in our children's lives, and I know that they will make the same lasting impressions on the lives of the people in South Africa. 
But it sure doesn't make it any easier to let them go :(

Last weekend we all got together to have one more hoop-la before the amazing duo headed off for their big adventure. One thing that you MUST know about Cason's parents, is that they can throw one AWESOME party. I mean, what do you expect from a family that owns their own school bus (complete with beanbags and train horn), builds their grandchildren homemade race cars, and has "princess camp" when their parents are out of town!?

Well, I'll tell ya... you can expect lots of friends and family, a pig roast, African dancers and a fire-throwin' brother in law ... oh my!...


Great Home Decor Finds!

I've found some really fun things for our home lately and I wanted to share a few with you!
If you know me, then you know that the icing on the cake (aka: decor) is one of the best parts about finishing a home project. Come on, you MUST agree :)

My first find was at IKEA... of course. ha!
I know, I've already confessed my love for most things IKEA, but the other day I had one of those jaw dropping moments when I came upon these adorable small patterned tumbler glasses. All of a sudden I pictured kid parties and cute little helpings of lemonade during Summer lunches :)
I picked up a few sets of 6 glasses for only $2.99 each! Woot, woot!
Now THAT'S a deal!
I'm not sure if this was just a limited supply that was at my IKEA, or if they are everywhere. I picked up some of these cute blue cups too, because I loved the color, and they were 'el-cheapo!
gah! You gotta love those dirty fingernails. ha!

My next find was kind of unexpected...


Tuesday Thoughts

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has a 3 yr. old that is as obsessed with "getting married", being a princess, or dressing up, as much as mine is.
Honestly... day in and day out, this chick is living in a fiarytale. lol.

If subscribed through a reader, you may have to click through to view this video

Can she just stop growing up now?
Soon she'll be a sassy little spit like these two are turning out to be...


House of Fifty Fall Edition

Look what I spent almost all morning reading, thanks to Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms!

house of fifty fall cover