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doTERRA Essential Oils

Alright, so I've had a ga-jillion emails from you guys wanting to know more about those crazy essential oils that I've been using from doTERRA... and I'm finally getting around to posting about it!
It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to share my experience with the oils, because to be honest, I'm really quite clueless about HOW they work, and kept starting my posts with sentences like "I just do what the pamphlet tells me, and it really works!" LOL... probably not enough to convince you that buying a pricey oil is worth it, eh? So, I chatted with my doTERRA-expert-friend Jodi, and she was more than happy to break down some of her (and my) favorite essential oils, and what they actually do.

Before you read on I have to give my personal testimonial first:

Let's get real, I thought "oils" were mostly for just those super healthy, crazy about putting bad 'unnatural' things in your body, against modern medicine kind of people... and that is NOT me. I love me some ibuprofen and am always more than thankful for the relief that a simple swig of Pepto can bring to the body, when the occasion calls for it. ugh. But after having a sick family, basically the ENTIRE month of March, I was willing to try ANYTHING! Jodi reached out to me via email and told me that some doTERRA oils might help. I was desperate, so I agreed to meet her and chat about some possible options. After only about 10 minutes I was sold and wanted EVERY oil I could get my hands on. I ended up purchasing a kit that included a lot of the oils I wanted to try out, and only after about 2 days... I had my healthy family back. No joke.

It's been over a month and a half since my kids were sick, but I've still been fighting a few things myself (Isn't that how it always is? Kids and hubby get sick and by the time you nurse them back to their normal selves, YOUR heath is shot!?). Just recently I had a bout with some sort of dumb stomach flu, and totally forgot about my oils, until Jodi emailed me out of the blue. I had a chat with her on the phone, she gave me a list of oils (that I already had) for Cason to rub on my back, before bed that night... and the next morning I felt like a totally different person. My stomach was still tender, but NOTHING like it had been for the past 2 days.

Jocelynn broke out in a fever a few nights ago (randomly) and so I gave her some children's Motrin, like I normally do. Cason suggested we put some peppermint oil on her feet as well, and within minutes her fever was gone! There's no WAY the Motrin worked that fast... I knew it was the oil.

Cason had to get some extensive work done on his teeth these past few weeks and instead of taking a pain killer, he's been putting drops of Clove oil on his tooth aches instead. It's not the most plesant flavor in the world, but he claims it works 10 times better than any Tylenol would, and numbs the pain instantly.

I suffer from plantar fasciitis on my right foot, and for about 2 months have been rubbing Deep Blue oil and cream rub on it. I used to have to hobble to the bathroom in the morning to get ready for the gym, because the pain was so bad, and now, even though still a tiny sore, the ache is so much less severe when I wake up!

My point to all this rambling is... I am a natural born doubter. I didn't want to promote something if I didn't REALLY believe in it, so it's taken me till now to really feel like it IS the oils working their magic, and not just a few instances where my family "happens to get better all of a sudden".
I'm not getting paid to say anything, I'm not trying to "get in" with doTERRA for free products (although that would be nice, because some of them can be quite expensive)... I just wanted to tell all of you about something I love,  much like I would tell my sister or friends. You can take this article or leave it, but I wish someone had told me about these oils sooner, so I feel like it's my responsibility to share it with all of you!

Okay Jodi, take it away!
Begin Your Medicine Cabinet Makeover with these 5 Essential Oils

I am so excited to be a guest today on the House of Smith’s blog and to share with you what I know about essential oils. doTERRA®, a Latin word meaning, “Gift of the Earth”, was founded four years ago right here in Orem, Utah!

doTERRA is raising the bar by creating a standard for oil purity that they call CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). The oils are all natural with no other fillers, additives, or contaminants, and are harvested from plants all over the world based on where the plant originated and grows naturally.

That’s just a little background on doTERRA for you, and now onto the top 5 oils I use every day and can’t live without:

1) OnGuard: The oil of protection. A blend of wild orange, clove bud, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, and rosemary. I drink it with my orange juice (1 drop per glass) to help strengthen my immune system daily and when I start feeling a little sick. I also clean with it to keep my kitchen counters, and door handles germ free for 7 days!

2) Balance: Formulated for emotional grounding. This is a blend made up of spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense. Perfect to prevent those grocery store meltdowns with your kids or to start and end your day in a calm mood.

3) Lemon: I drink this in my water every day for a gentle detox. It also helps with learning disorders and lack of concentration. Plus, it’s only $10 Whoot! Whoot!

4) DigestZen: I take this blend of ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander, and anise in a capsule everyday with meals for better digestion. It’s also excellent for common stomachaches, food poisoning, and morning sickness. I also put it on my dog’s stomach after he has eaten something weird that has upset his tummy, which is daily I honestly don’t know what I would do without this oil in my arsenal!

5) Deep Blue: Perfect for those sore muscles after a workout or a long day at work. Also good for chronic pain and inflammation. This is another popular blend from doTERRA made up of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helichrysum, and osmanthus.

These oils should help you get started on your oil journey! I love them all and can’t imagine my life without them in my home. My husband makes fun of me when we go on vacation or out in public because I cannot keep my mouth closed when I see people that need the benefits of these oils.

I am affectionately reffered to in my neighborhood as “The Oil Lady” (Ha ha ha). What can I say, it’s probably true, but I love helping others learn about how to use the oils. In fact, I teach free classes on various subjects; how to be your own “Dr. Mom”, back to school routines with oils, mood management, skin care, spring cleaning with oils, how to use oils on your pets, etc.

You are welcome to visit my website and click on the doTERRA tab for more information on oils or class times and locations. www.intrazenenergy.com. I find that learning a few tips and tricks makes all the difference in using the oils on a daily basis.
Thanks Shelley for allowing me to share. You’re the best!!

Thanks Jodi for all the great info, and pretty much summing up what I wasn't sure how to say. ha!
If you want to read more about doTERRA oils or purchase them, you can visit these two links:

Profit from any oil/product purchases made through Jodi will only go to her. I am in no way affiliated with doTERRA, I just love their products!


  1. I am a natural born skeptic, and have just started trying some oils. I have the Breathe and the Slim and Sassy which for me has helped with my IBS. Thanks for the info and the "review".

    1. Okay, I tell everyone who has IBS this...get checked for FMD. If you have FMD, you'll have IBS, but most docs don't know about FMD and you can completely correct it with diet. I know I know...unsolicited advice. It was a life-changing discovery of a diagnosis for my daughter though, so I HAVE to share. BTW...the digestion mix from DoTerra has been wonderful for IBS symptoms, WONDERFUL. I don't remember what oils are in it.

    2. Shoot. By FMD, I meant Fructose Malabsorption Disorder. I just googled FMD and it came up with Foot and Mouth Disease. I wasn't talking about that for sure! ;)

    3. A family member of mine has very severe FMD. It's on the extreme end. She can't have any of the foods on the list, and then some. Can your daughter tolerate the DoTerra oils??

  2. I use (and LOVE) doTERRA, too! My mom introduced me to them about 6 weeks ago. I am quite a doubter, too, when it comes to things like this, but after seeing them work over and over again I am a believer! One of my boys has asthma and when he's sick we always end up at the ER at some point, but this past time we used "Breathe" in the diffuser in his room and rubbed on his chest and feet, and he was almost 100% better the next day. I don't know how to talk about the oils without sounding like an infomercial! lol I don't sell the oils, but I can't imagine ever not using them. My very favorites are Breathe (for my son's asthma), Melaluca (for earaches and skin problems), On Guard (for keeping the germs away!), Wild Orange (helps me unwind when I'm stressed), and Deep Blue (for various aches and pains).

  3. LOVE doTERRA!!! Lavendar has done wonders for helping my baby sleep through the night, and I think OnGuard is a gift from heaven :)

  4. So glad you wrote about this....my friend just introduced me to it and I'm trying the Slim and Sassy! The weight loss oils! I hope it helps me get motivated:-)

  5. So Glad you wrote about this! My friend just told me about it and now I'm using the Slim and Sassy oils:-)

  6. I LOVE doTerra oils, have been using them for 3 years. I always get excited when I hear about new people experiencing the oils. Loved your review. (I had plantar facitis and don't know how I'd survive without my lemongrass and white fir), I also tore a meniscus (in the dirty girl run, I was on your sis-in-law Karlie's team) and used nearly every oil in my 2 wooden boxes, but deep blue really helped. Essential oils are amazing!

  7. I LOVE doTerra oils, have been using them for 3 years. I always get excited when I hear about new people experiencing the oils. Loved your review. (I had plantar facitis and don't know how I'd survive without my lemongrass and white fir), I also tore a meniscus (in the dirty girl run, I was on your sis-in-law Karlie's team) and used nearly every oil in my 2 wooden boxes, but deep blue really helped. Essential oils are amazing!

  8. A lady at my church introduced me to these when I had a bloody nose for two days and I took the oil (past tense) it took my nose bleed away almost immediately. Also helps with my daughters migraines. Good stuff and worth the investment.

  9. LOVE essential oils. I know that DoTerra (like any other business) has their whole spiel on why their oils are better than anyone else's, but it's worth trying the other brands. They are 1/4 the price for pure non-diluted essential oils, and on top of it, you can get them organic. For example, lavender is $9 at our grocery store for pure organic lavender oil, and it's twice the size of DoTerra's which is about $28..and has shipping. I've done the side-by-side comparison and they work the same for us. We had DoTerra peppermint, malaleuca, lavender, lemon, and frankincense. I think it was about $175 all together with shipping. Then, we found the off brands and felt very foolish. We spent $40 and got twice as much. No difference in how they worked, whatsoever. Equal results. However, their blends we haven't mastered yet. We are going to buy a bottle of each of the oils in Past Tense and try to make our own blend. I would guess that we'll do just fine...

  10. I love DoTerra too. My husband, the ultimate skeptic, uses them as much as I do. His favorite--three drops of oregano, two drops of lemon, and two drops of melaluca in a capsule. Take three times a day when you're starting to feel sick and it gets rid of a cold, the flu, whatever in just a day. My little one loves the lavender to help her go to sleep at night. I love it all! :)

  11. I LOVE doTERRA for their Basil and Fennel. Bursts up your milk supply when nursing!!

  12. Just something for you to consider. My mom had plantar facitis and the drs told her surgery was the only option to make her walk normally again. She saw a local accupuncturist and within 3 weeks she was completely better. Might be worth looking into.

  13. They may be great.... I'm on board with them being awesome. It's the business model I despise. If they are so fantastic, make them available via retail instead of direct sales/ MLM/pyramid type model. I hate how many friends I have pushing the oils for more than just the benefit if the product but to line their pockets. I've been to a do terra party and it was no different than the home party message at every product party ( pampered chef, etc) "you too can make $$ working from home of you sign up today to be a consultant"

  14. You have a beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! Congrats on your work! Would you like t follow each other?:)

  15. doTERRA has changed our lives too!!! My toddler was recently diagnosed with Skeeter Syndrome (severe allergic reactions to mosquito bites) and doTERRA's Melaleuca oil is the ONLY thing that treats and relieves his symptoms... you can see pictures and read more of his story here www.skeetersyndrome.blogspot.com

  16. I love Doterra Deep Blue. It works great for muscle and joint pains. My husband who is very skeptical about alternative medicine actually started using it too. Unfortunately, Doterra oils are pricy but I found a website that offers discounts on the oils http://doterraoils4sale.com/proddetail.php?prod=Deep-Blue


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