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It's My Office, I can Overdecorate and Clash if I Want to!

Don't fret, I definitely have more cruise pics and info coming your way, but today is an office update and decorating idea kinda day!!! YAHOO!

So last time we were in this bright white office space, we were still cleaning and finishing things, but now it's pretty much done... as far as the "bones" are concerned, and it's time to DECORATE!

As you can see it's really just a big ol' blank canvas right now... but I LOVE it already! I mean all that white, and all that bright!? gimmie, gimmie!

Currently I'm trying to figure out who's going to fund all the money that I need, in order to afford all of my expensive, modern glam taste (ugh, freakin' decor can be so expensive)... but till then, I'm dreaming of the following things that I want to happen in this space.
1. 2. 3

As much as I love that super chic, naked lightbulb dangling from the ceiling look, I'm hoping to replace it with one of these lighting options above. Eeeek! I mean, seriously, I can't decide which one. They ALL give a different vibe. The Zgallerie light says "chic, modern, sophisticated", the Shades of Light chandy speaks to my eclectic, art deco loving heart, and the drippy crystals (plus the lower price tag ) of that Overstock beauty on the right seems more fun and airy.

On the wall behind me with the large window on it, we've plumbed for a sink and wired for higher outlets to allow for a workspace/craft countertop!

I'm super crushing on this adorable white sink with black countertop duo from the craft room makeover on Natalie's blog. 

I could definitely get this look for super inexpensive with the Domsjo sink from my Ikea in Draper. And how fun would some brushed gold hardware look on it!!! Ohhhh yeahhhh.

And yes, I'm totally missing my farmhouse sink from the last house :(

So then on the window in the office, I'll probably keep it light and just stick to my favorite white grommet curtains from Ikea and add a simple, low profile curtain rod - something like this one from Zgallerie

Okay, and this element I'm really excited about. Joss & Main had a big event with removable, peel and stick wallpaper, and I snagged a bunch of the black dottie pattern that I'm crushing on right now! I'm thinking that I want it on the same wall as the window, but I can't 100% decide yet. 

I think the wallpaper would be SO cute with some of Plum Street Prints' new canvas art. I love the happy, carefree feeling that these canvases give, and it's the perfect way to add a splash of color too!

Speaking of color, I have to say that I've been really inspired by parts of this particular photo. The contrast, overall sassiness and splashes of gold are SO me!

That being said, I think the deep pink and a bit of animal print will be something I'll try in here. Maybe a low-pile rug under my actual table or some fun pillows in the white bucket chairs.

I'm still trying to decide on the exact chair I want for myself... more on that later ;) 

Now... if you're thinking: "Dang gurrrl, this is gettin' kinda busy, don't ya think? Art deco light, antique rug vibe, modern sleek desk, contemporary chairs..."

Then... I'm on the right track :) 

I know, I know, it's a lot. But cute follower @sweetaftonstudios from our Instagram feed gave me some great advice after I voiced my concern of not being able to pick which exact pretty color or decorating theme to go with in this small space... and I LOVED IT!
Duh! Why didn't I think of that. ;) 

So what if it looks like a Dalmatian, Cheetah and magenta marker exploded in here. It's MY space, and I can overdecorate and clash how I want to, right!?
(are you now singing "It's my party, I can cry if I want to"?... yeah, me too.)

... now about that bottomless bank account that I need to find. Wish me luck - ha!



Princess Cays was Amaze!

Like promised, I'm back with more pics and info from our cruise. I love flipping through all the photos as I journal them. It was seriously so dreamy and now I'm glad I got a bit carried away in the photo department ;)

So Princess Cays was our first stop. It's the Princesses private island that has snorkeling, canoeing, swimming, etc.
It's 100% meant for relaxing and hanging out with whoever you're cruising with on your trip. They serve a delicious lunch, fresh cut fruit from the island all day, and have tons of places to relax and park your things so you can play on the beach. They even have adorable bungalows you can rent. 


Princess Crusin' with My Main Man

As a lot of you know from our Instagram posts last week, that we had the crazy-fun privilege of heading out on a last minute vacay with Princess Cruises to the Eastern Caribbean. A LOT of you have wanted details about our trip, from what the boat really looks like and how comfortable the rooms were, to the kinds of excursions we decided to take part in once we docked at each port. 

I totally get it! Trips can be stressful to plan and expensive, so you want to make sure that you're taking the RIGHT one and spending your money on something awesome. Well, hopefully sharing our experience will help you with that!
I may have gotten a bit too picture crazy, so I'll break the trip down into a handful of posts and promise only to touch on the most important things... 

PS: That there below is the face that Cason makes when I've both:
#1. Promised I won't be longwinded while trying to explain something awesome to someone, and #2. swear "I only packed what I needed" for a 7 day trip.
his luggage vs. mine

Okay, okay, so our trip started with a VERY long, complicated, bumpy flight to Florida from Salt Lake City Utah. 
I'm not sure if we were the ONLY state experiencing nice weather or what, but ALL of the planes on just about every airline were delayed from bad weather everywhere else.

We ended up spending a somewhat silly amount of time in the Denver airport, due to those delayed flights, and I'm pretty sure that half of the country was there right along with us.

I have to tell you that we stood in a customer service line, for what seemed like forever, and I had a lot of time to observe people. That was the moment that I took some time to snap this picture, and write my thoughts about angry, impatient, rude individuals. 
In the interest of trying to keep myself on track with fun trip details, I'll let you check out the full Instagram post here if you wish.

After about 13 hours of traveling (bleh) we finally made it to beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida, with just enough time to eat a quick bite and hit the hay. Sunday mornings are when everyone starts boarding their ships! So yes, you'll definitely want to get in a day earlier than when you're actually setting sail for your cruise, just to make sure you leave yourself enough time.