Minted Modern Art Over the Mantel!

Taking down holiday decorations is my favorite.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of the festivities that the holidays bring, but holy crap, there is a LOT of stuff that accumulates during those few months that I'm MORE than happy to put back in storage, donate or toss. 
Getting a house put back together with all of it's everyday items just feels so good - don't you think!?

That being said, a few months ago I ordered some amazing framed art from Minted, and I've been itching to hang it somewhere awesome - so, after all of the holiday decor was down off of our mantel, I thought I'd give this little spot in our home a shot!

Aaaaand, I love it!

I've been a bit obsessed with bright, contrasting hues lately, so when I initially spotted this colorful little hummingbird, I KNEW which direction I was going to go with the other prints I ordered to compliment it.


Small Master Bathroom Remodel with Stylish, Affordable Countertop Storage!

For those of you who are new around here, I thought I'd repost a couple of our favorite projects for you to enjoy this month! I know that they can get lost in the mix of things, and I just think that some of our most popular tips, tricks and DIY's would be fun to revisit!

One of our all-time favorites has been our last homes master bathroom makeover, complete with affordable, creative storage from just two inexpensive CD storage shelves (boo-ya!) - check it out!
. . . . . . . 

Well, here she is! In all of her more modern than cottage (but still a good mix of both) glory, our Master Bathroom Makeover is finally done!!! Oh how sweet the sound; the last part of that sentence. haha! It's always so exciting to be able to check-off another finished room on our huge "spaces to makeover" list, but like I mentioned before, this project threw us for a loop. With a LOT of brainstorming on how to make this bathroom "House of Smiths worthy" (aka: pretty, organized AND functional) we eventually pulled it off, and now we can show you all the fun little details through pictures!

Bird - Down to Earth, Greenery and small Mirror - Ikea, Sink - Villeroy & Boch


Smart Season LED, Hidden Lighting for the Holidays!

We're finally spilling all the details about our fab new LED, flat strand, hidden Christmas lighting, installed by the awesome guys over at Smart Seasons Lighting!
If you remember from our Instagram feed, we showed you a picture of these LED lighting strips, before they went on our home.

These state of the art, smart Christmas lights are permanently installed, and include a bluetooth controller box that sits in our garage, so you can manipulate the lighting right from the Smart Seasons app on your phone!