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A Personalized Christmas with The Vintage Pearl!

Have you guys started shopping for Christmas yet?
I have - and I'm not afraid to admit it :)

I've currently got some Costco special, oversized pillow pets and book sets shoved up in a linen closet with a blanket covering them. LOL. Yup, that's how we roll.

This year I had a few more personalized gifts in mind that I wanted to get going on, and so of course I headed straight to The Vintage Pearl website, and booyah! - was NOT disappointed.

Come on! Look how adorable all of these gift ideas are!? They're totally unique and tell such a special story, for whoever is receiving them!

There's something about personalizing a gift that feels WAY more special than just a plain piece of jewelry, am I right!?

Recently I got a set of rings made for me and my best friend, and we both wear them everyday.

We constantly say, "Love you more!" and then the other will say "Love you most!", so I thought it would be special, instead of just engraving something generic, to put these simple little words on a stack of rings for us to each wear. 
She's a silver girl, and I love gold, so this little gift worked PERFECTLY, and I was beyond thrilled with her excited reaction when I surprised her with them!!!

Personalization/custom order cutoff for The Vintage Pearl is on December 7th, so get GOING people! lol
Use code SMITH20, to get 20% off of your entire order until Sunday December 5th.
We also have an awesome giveaway on our Instagram page for 2 $50 gift certificates, so head on over there and enter to win! We'll be announcing the two winners on Thursday. So go, go, GO!

Happy Christmas Shopping!


Easy Holiday Treat - Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites

I couldn't help but share one of my most favorite, SUPER EASY holiday snacks again on the blog, because they're just DELISH!
About 3 years ago my friend Susan brought these scrumptious, super simple pretzel, chocolate, caramel treats to Jen's infamous yearly cookie exchange party... and it changed my life.
Okay that's a bit dramatic, but they have definitely become one of my most favorite treats due to the fact they they have both the salty AND sweet factor goin' on.
They are pretty much the quickest, most shareable holiday snack to make too... so that's a definite bonus. The only part that takes a while is the unwrapping of the Rolos candies, so I usually put my kiddos to work doing that part, and they love it!


Yummiest Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting!

It's cold outside today, so guess who's making cinnamon rolls!!!?
I had to revisit this recipe from our awesome friend Josh. He's such a good baker. You will LOVE his yummy version of cinnamon rolls, you gotta try them!