Super Easy & Healthy, Colorful Quinoa Salad!

I've been killing myself at the gym these past couple of weeks. 
Like... I just tried to cross my ankles, while sitting here blogging, and I flinched because my legs are so sore from an intense weight lifting routine I did yesterday with my BF. lol
I'm SO an all or nothing person. Hence the reason I've totally fallen off the wagon and gained way too much weight back. I just wanted to enjoy ALL the bad foods these past few months - didn't want to leave any, one thing out of the crappy food feeding frenzy. 
ughhhhh... no good Shelley, no good.

So, in an effort to make up for a loaded handful of bad months, I'm trying to kick my butt back into gear, and eating healthier is the BIGGEST challenge for me. 
It takes SO MUCH time and effort and doesn't come naturally to me. I KNOW it was a habit a few years ago when I dropped a bunch of weight, but freak, I need to retrain myself!

So... I thought I'd share my new favorite side dish that my best friend Kathryn and I have tweaked and modified from a couple of other recipes. We call it, the Colorful Quinoa Salad.
It's packed full of yummy veggies, awesome flavor, and has a spicy kick to it too.


When Your Pups Eat Better Than You - Our Doggie Dog World

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A close friend once told me years ago, only halfway joking, that they were pretty sure they loved their dog more than they loved their kids some days (a teenage son and preteen daughter, at the time). I was a new Mom, super naive and an anti-pet person at the time. This was a concept that was completely foreign to me, so like any good friend, I gave her a curtesy laugh, smiled and nodded.

Fast forward about 6 years... and who would have thought!?

Not just ONE dog... but TWO.

A lot of you have asked questions about the breed and nature of our sweet girl pups, so I thought I'd address a few of them!


The Black is Back! - Painted Front Door

I've been a long-time lover of a good, unique colored door. I even created a specific Pinterest board, just for them. My only problem though, is that I have a hard time committing to a really bright, loud, specific color, because I'd rather accent with those shades instead... hence the reason that I ALWAYS opt for the classic black, when it comes to our front entryway door :)
In our last house we hired Justin from Southwest painting to come and spray our door, and he did an amazing job. So naturally, we hired him and his awesome crew again, to fancy up our new houses door!

They tape off the space really well that they're spraying, with a plastic tent-type structure, and then get to work.