Hey girl heeeeey!
So glad you’re here! I’m Shelley Smith, and I’m the one running things around here!

I’m an insanely proud Momma to three beautiful pre-teen girls, who are the love and light of my life!

I’m borderline OCD about cleanliness and organization, a huge fan of bad reality TV, peanut m&m’s, Diet Coke w/ coconut cream, and love anything that has to do with beauty products, or decorating my home. I am unapologetically passionate about most things in life, and started blogging 11 years ago as a way to connect with other women who felt the same way.

I have a motto for myself here, and it’s been the same since the beginning:

“Blog about what you love, have no regrets, and aim for the overall goal of leaving people feeling more inspired and happier than when they came.”