Welcome, we're the Smith Family! My name is Shelley and my husband, Cason and I created The House of Smiths blog in order to track the cosmetic part of our family's progress on our home remodel and design style shift.  I am an extremely proud mother to three adorable girls, and am lucky enough to have a husband who is not only my partner in crime, but is as passionate about life, DIY'ing and making our house a HOME, as I am!
In the past few years we have really found a new appreciation for the beauty and upkeep of our space. We often try to find new fun ways to upgrade, organize and decorate our home on a budget. And as each day goes by, and a new project is completed, the phrase "Love the space you're in" becomes more and more meaningful to us.

The House of Smiths blog is a collaboration of home DIY, decorating, a little crafting, family life ... and all the humor that we find in it along the way. Our blog is a great way for us to share, inspire, and learn from our new attempts at tackling projects on our very long list of "things to do", by taking it
One space at a time.

Creating a space that our family loved to be in was our main purpose for sharing our home design-style shift from dark, warm Tuscan colors to cheerful light grays, blues, greens, whites, and creams. With a heavy emphasis on comfort and function, our upbeat, airy, fresh style – with pops of happy colors such as aqua and yellow – finally really defines who we are as a family. By surrounding ourselves with the perfect mix of modern cottage, a little contemporary flair, and a few progressive patterns, our home has transformed into a space that we love to cultivate memories in together, and for this reason, we describe our homes style as:
A Cheerful Welcome.