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Our Home Tour - Hallway and Main Bathroom

If you missed our past tour posts, you can visit them below:
On our last home tour post, you saw the exterior and interior entryway of our home and how it made a huge transformation, so today, I thought we'd take you a little further inside and show you our hallway and main bathroom makeovers! Since our narrow hallway was a direct extension of our entryway, we wanted to make it feel like everything flowed well and appeared as large, bright and airy as possible.


Using Mirrors to Create More Light and Fill Spaces

We all know that I'm obsessed with natural light... right.
Well, besides windows, what's the best way to reflect light???

If you said Mirrors... you're RIGHT!
We have a big framed one in our entry way...

and another, beveled version not too far away, hanging over our stairs


Decorating a Large Wall, Pottery Barn Mirror, Bookends turned Corbels, & a Cheerful Space

Remember these guys?  From this post.

The bookends, that I bought for a few bucks at the thrift store,
that turned out a little something like this, after a little white paint and some distressing ...

Well... I told you that they weren't going to stay "bookends" for long

Ooo, and you remember my new "pet" right? ... that I got around Halloween time?  From this post.
Kinda just hangin' out and lonely, over the stairs...

Well... I needed to anchor that big guy somehow ...
so here's how everything came together!


Prepping & Our Hallway Pet

Prep and Pet

Today I'm prepping for my Studio 5 "(No Orange) Halloween decor" segment, that I'm doing tomorrow :)
Trying to lay everything out, to make sure it works okay.

I got reamed by a few readers LAST time I went on, because I hadn't mentioned it, here on the blog. lol.
sorry ladies... this is for you!
I'll be doing a tutorial for my candy labels and fright garland.
And be talking some more about those lovely vinyl Halloween plates and subway art :)
Check it out, if you're local! I'll be on around 11:30am!


K... enough of that...
Now can I introduce you to our newest pet?
k.  Good :) ...


Hallway/Entryway Before & After

Okay folks... here it is!  finally, right!? jeesh :)
The big picture...  With the entire entryway and hallway, together!
It's so nice to have this area... done presentable! :)
I'm thrilled with how things came together!


Slip Cover for Lampshade Tutorial

After a bit of "lamp shade covering issues"... I've finally gotten down to work and FINISHED my thrift store lamp shade, re-do!
My first issue that I had, before, was that I chose a fabric that had a straight pattern.

 Although I LOVED this fabric,...this made it VERY difficult, with a cone shaped shade, to get the pattern straight.
Drum Shade, would be perfect for this print!
So...off I went to find some fabric that had a pattern that didn't need to necessarily be perfectly lined up.
ANOTHER concern I had, when redoing this shade was...
"What if I want to change it later?  Will I have to RIP apart the shade, to get new fabric over it?"
That sounds like a lot of work.
QUE smart Hubby:  
"Why don't you just make a skirt type cover to just slide OVER it?
Then you can switch it out if you want."
Why hadn't I SEEN or thought of this before?
oh how i love this creative man :)
So... Here's how I did it.


DIY Family Motto Hallway Sign

I know that this hallway seems like a never ending project...........
It IS lol.


Lightening Up the Hallway

I've been looking for some track lighting for this dark hallway for a while now... but most of the fixtures that I had my eye on, were out of my reach (price wise)...
Till we went to... IKEA!
Love this place.
We found this, stylish... with a touch of modern, track lighting, for only $40.00!
I love the direct lighting that it shines down on the picture frames... highlighting each one.
I think it makes it look a bit more like art... instead of just pictures in a hallway.


Rustic Clock in Hallway

{The Newest Addition}
Remember when I told you that I was gonna go and buy something nice for myself the other day...
Ya.  I wasn't  joking. lol.
I had been eying this great clock at my local Real Deals for a while now, and this weekend I finally snagged it up!
The store was having an Easter sale, so I got mine at 25% off.... Lovely!
$30 bucks for a chic new clock........ totally do-able :)


Entryway Table Revamp: Painting Furniture

Finally! This little guy is DONE... (till I want to paint it again... is what the hubby says. LOL)
I can guarantee you that I'm not painting this thing, again... for a LOOOONG while! lol.
Not that it was even hard... It was just one of those projects that stare you in the face... that you just can't seem to get motivated enough to finish!
Maybe it was the cold... maybe is was the lack of time... either way... it's done now!


Priming the REST of the Hallway

{Happy, Priming Saturday!}

Hubby's not too happy with me right now... but it's gonna be DONE soon!
We're putting on the color, as I type... I'm just waiting for him to cut into the corners...
Yay! We're ALMOST done with the WHOLE upstairs!
(k, not really, I just bought some more paint today, for the baby's room!) lol.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Hallway Decorating Rod and Garland

{Rod and Garland}

Today I put a rod up over my pictures with a bit of garland wrapped around it, hoping to soften up the doorbell box a bit. ha!  Guess there's really no fixin' the silly placement of that thing.


Beadboard Hallway Frames

{Hallway Makeover}
I've been working on my hallway makeover for a WHILE now. I feel like it took forever, because it has been one of the last places that we finished painting.  But it's almost complete!
The thing that kept me going were these AWESOME bead board frames.  They are from The Wood Connection, here in Utah.  I stopped by and picked up three of them, and got to work.
I've been trying to make my home more crisp, clean, and open... And I think that just this little hallway, made a BIG impact!
What do ya think?

Here's the before.... Not bad, but just not us anymore...


Priming the Hallway

{Hallway Priming}
This is what we got done yesterday. Primed the hallway. This has taken us so long to do. I think it's a mind trick thing. It's our last little place to prime and paint, and we keep dragging it out.  I actually ended up going down the stairs, with the leftover primer... but then pooped out, when it came to the other side of landing. PLUS, we're gonna need a taller ladder I think. 
I'm really excited to see how this lighter paint will brighten up the hallway!
I only have about a fourth of a gallon left of our paint, that we're continuing in this hallway, but maybe I'll attempt to finish up the gallon today, while the girls nap.
....MAYBE... lol. I'm not feelin' the painting bug today. lol