Before House... Remembered!
I thought I would introduce, those of you who don't remember, to our new, old house. lol
These are going to be my before pictures.
We built our house a little over two years ago, and we love it!

I'm actually thinking that these pictures look pretty dang good right now. Compared to what I have going on upstairs, currently. LOL. Pretty much our home is a jumble of painting equipment, and ground in cheezit carpet. blaaaakk, I know. Cleaning is kind of the last thing on my list, right now.... shocking, with my OCD's... I know! Aren't you proud of me, for just letting it go? :)

Anyway, just thought I would share our jumping off point, pictures.
I really did love this look too. But we were ready for a change. Our new colors and changes make us happy when we wake up in the morning. The first thing we want to do is open the blinds and let in the sunshine. It's great!

After everything was out of the house, and we dusted and cleaned it as much as possible, we started diggin' in. (there's nothing worse than prep work! HATE IT! I get SO impatient)

Let me tell you... PRIMER IS YOUR FRIEND!!!

We have had to prime EVERYTHING, because our original color was so dark.  This little ol' bucket has done our entire
Living Room
and Laundry Room
If you prime ANY wall FIRST... it will save you tons of money on the expensive paint that you'll be putting over it.  You'll literally use half the amount, to get great coverage!
K, well here are officially the first pictures that I took of us gettin' down to business.

Prime Baby Prime!!!

Gettin' our Prime on!
(ew... look at our "just woke up faces"... all puffy and swollen. LOL)

Yay! Looking brighter and better already!
Stay tuned for more!


  1. Hey Shelley!

    Just an idea when we painted our kitchen (ughh) we used the paint with primer in it. Just thought I'd pass it on as an option since you were covering dark colors like we faced when we were painting.

  2. Hi! I am reading through catching up on the years of your decorating life I missed, lol. Your old living room color, the mixed brown,tuscan sorta was our old color of our kitchen!I've been so inspired to 'brighten' things up by your blog and some others so we went for it. And by we I mean my poor husband! He painted the cabinets white and we painted the kitchen walls SW sea salt. It looks like a different room and it makes me so happy just to walk in the kitchen now! Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas and hard work!


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