Starting a Girly Bathroom

{Between Naps}
Whew, the end of this week was crazy! Our house had to wait a few days, before it saw some attention again. Yesterday Cason started his new job! yay! And I'm gonna try to see if I can at least PRIME this yellow bathroom today! Pray for a LOOOONG nap for my girls today. lol.
(Ya, it's a bad picture... sorry)

I'm definitely going for more of this look, in here now, for the girls.... we'll see how close I can get. With what I have to work with.
I just love these chic bathrooms!! And I want the girls to actually HAVE a bathroom as their own now. Before it was just kind of a hall bathroom, that rarely got much use.
Wish me Luck!

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  1. Love the color of your bathroom with the stars. What is the color and name brand of the paint?


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