Laundry Room Before and Progress

{The Laundry Room Reveal Part 1}

Once a cluttered, dark catch all for tools and supplies....
now pretty, green and clean, for our Washin' Machine.

Without door casing molding...

and WITH! Makes a HUGE difference, to me. Now it's a chunkier version of what we had before, for only about $3 bucks!

Thicken up those base boards...

sand, caulk, prime and paint that nasty water leak from last year....

There she is folks. Is that better or WHAT?
I love this green. It's not...... too green. Such a great compliment to my other colors upstairs.
Once we have some more funds, I'll be placing another shelf, just like this one, above the existing shelf. And I'll get some cute baskets and store all my odds and ends.
I can't wait to get decorating this space!

The Green color in this space is called Cypress Grass, from Glidden.


  1. hey girl, thanks for the comments. listen. i so want to steal this baseboard idea! we are finishing the basement and put in pretty chunkier baseboards, which i love. and then i walked upstairs. boo. this is such a good solution!

  2. Love the color of your laundry room. Can you share the color with me? Also, I love how you beefed up the baseboards!

  3. I love your blog. I can't get enough! lol I really like the redo of your shelf. I have been wanting to put shelves up but I want them pretty and functional. I already have the shelf and brackets, now I know how yo make them pretty!


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