Priming the Hallway

{Hallway Priming}
This is what we got done yesterday. Primed the hallway. This has taken us so long to do. I think it's a mind trick thing. It's our last little place to prime and paint, and we keep dragging it out.  I actually ended up going down the stairs, with the leftover primer... but then pooped out, when it came to the other side of landing. PLUS, we're gonna need a taller ladder I think. 
I'm really excited to see how this lighter paint will brighten up the hallway!
I only have about a fourth of a gallon left of our paint, that we're continuing in this hallway, but maybe I'll attempt to finish up the gallon today, while the girls nap.
....MAYBE... lol. I'm not feelin' the painting bug today. lol

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