Girly Bathroom goes Powder Blue

{Powdered Blue Girly Bathroom}
K, I'm seriously loving where this bathroom is headed!  I took a sample bucket of blue, that I had very first gotten from my kitchen, and dumped it in a little more then half-a-gallon of semi gloss white... and this is what happened!  I LOVE IT!
We are SO not done in here. But I just had to share, what I have been up to.

I kept looking at our towel rack that was hanging on our wall... and it starting buggin' me so bad, that I pulled that sucker RIGHT off. This is the reason for these two random circles on the wall.
I have a WAY better idea for our little girls' towels...

Once again with the thicker baseboards...

K, just showing you this stuff, makes me SO excited to decorate.
Can I tell you that ALL this tedius caulking, priming, and painting is REALLY just prep work for what I'm REALLY out to do.
Can't EVEN tell you how stoked I am to get some STUFF UP on these walls!!!

Whew... moving on.
DI (Deseret Industries) is my new favorite hang out. Yes, it stinks and is always filled with about a million little, unsupervised children running around, but it has the BEST buys, when it comes to decorating needs hands down!
I originally purchased a cute glass vase, to put these flowers in, there. But then after remembering that this bathroom is for three little girls, under the age of 4, I switched my mind to this cute TIN watering can. lol.
It was $1.00!!! NICE. Didn't even have to do a THING to it.  I also purchased this super cute frame there.

Oooo, and these shower rings... I would have DIED if they were at DI, but sadly, they were not. I got these at Target. And they were worth EVERY last $11.00 that I had in my wallet.
Now if I just had a shower curtain. LOL.
...big, beautiful plans for that too...

K, well... It's coming along. I'll keep posting pictures as I go!
But for now I will leave you with this picture I snuck today...of the reason we definitely needed TIN over glass, for our pretty pink flowers. lol.

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