Priming a Girly Bathroom

{Primed Girly Bathroom}
Wow.... Let's first start off with the fact that bathrooms have to be the HARDEST place to paint EVER! All the little spaces and cutting...yeesh!

Secondly, almost EVERY TIME we paint and Cason is helping me, he always says... "You better love this color, because I'm NOT doing this again!" (he's not a huge fan of painting. ha!)
That sentence was all I could think about while I was priming this bathroom today... I actually started giggling...because he said those exact words to me, about a year and a half ago, when we decided to paint this bathroom yellow. ha!
Hence the reason that I think I'm going to be doing this "repainting bathroom project" solo.

K, down to the pictures......

I can't decide what to do in here.... I think I want some kind of molding in here, so I might see what I have left over from our living room bead board.
Or maybe something different?

Yeessssssss... already looking better!

I didn't do a great job priming... mostly because the paint I'm going to use, HAS a primer already in it! But I just wanted to make sure that non of that yellow was going to show through.

UGH! my nemesis! I HATE this wall behind the toilet.... Seriously took me like 20 minutes!
I should have just taken the toilet off... but that would have required more work. ha!

Alright, I'm off to get to paintin' this soon to be beauty of a bathroom!


  1. Auh so jealous! I love powder blue! Maybe my next house....

  2. Can't wait to see it, although I have to admit I love how it looked before :)

  3. you know you can take the tank off right? just sayin' so next time you paint the bathroom.


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