Our Style Shift Journey: Thoughts

K, this is it.
I have SO much going on in this little house, that I HAD to find a different place to put all my ideas, DIY's, before and afters..... oh the list goes on.
I could literally spend HOURS every day googling pictures of rooms, homes, paint colors, and decorating ideas that I love. Don't even get me STARTED on my new "Cottage this/that/and the other" obsession lately.........it's out of control.
If a blog has the word "Cottage" in front if it... I'm hooked. lol.

I don't know about you, but I feel like every 2-5 years I want to rip everything off the walls in my house and start over. What's that all about?!?!
Anyway... I decided to do it. Be GONE Dark Red, Brown, Yellow and Orange.
Hello... Blues, Whites, Creams and Greens!
You know how you just feel really comfortable in a certain color palate? Well... This new one...isn't mine. And I love it.
I was so sick of looking at pictures and thinking... "I want my house to look like that"...
It's the best decission Cason and I have ever made. We love our little house more and more everyday!
K, well... Let's get started! :)
Enjoy our Journey into the LIGHTER side of things!!!

Tip #1 (from one of the cheapest people around)
When repainting your entire house... Use tinfoil in the already cheap paint tray. it will save you from a million hours of standing at the sink, scrubbing off paint from the dumb thing. It works wonders.
Just wanted to let you know :)

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  1. I find press and seal a great alternative to foil.


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