Cleaning out 2009

{Cleaning out 2009}

Oh gosh! I have been like a MAD woman the past week, cleaning and organizing, around here.
I've decided that I'm DONE with ANY and ALL clutter. And after, basically two moves, I'm NOT putting ANYTHING BACK in my house, unless it has a proper, cute place!
I've never been a super messy, unorganized person, but now we're talkin' DEEP cleaning, and EXTREME organizing, with a purpose! :)
Here's what the Smith's have been up to...

Tree Down... CHECK!

Leftover Decorations from Halloween that were STILL on the front porch... Put away, finally...
(don't judge... I NEVER use the front door, and kind of forgot they were even there. LOL)

Pantry Cleaned and Organized... CHECK!

All sheets washed, rooms dusted, baseboards wiped down, and carpets vacuumed!?
(now... about those beds... ugh)

All laundry done... clothes gone through, rotated to smaller sister, the rest given away, and then organized!

New cute lamp, from Christmas, up...
(Love this lamp that Grandma Smith gave us!... It's made out of PLASTIC! Love that!... I don't have to worry about my girls knocking it over, and potentially breaking it!)

Baby sisters closet revamped too!

New cute bedding on bed... (bought about 5 months ago... lol)

Let's pause here...
**sigh** don't you love the polkadots?

And this so sweet pillowcase, with the rickrack trim, and ruffle edge!? Soooo cute, right?!

Ooo, and let's not forget the fun pillow that Grandma Smith got her!
I love the design on this. SO fun.

Me and Cas's closet organized and cleaned out!

New TV in temporary place, that took me about 6 MONTHS to decide on, for hubby's big Christmas present...

Bathrooms cleaned, organized and TOTALLY hair, dust, and hairspray on the door... free!

I had to take a picture of this, because it DRIVES ME NUTS!
While I'm doing the girls' hair, the others will sneak the hair bands and put them on the doorknobs, around the house.
It may not seem like a big deal, but these baby's take like FOREVER to get off!
There's like 20 of them on this door knob alone!
grrrrr... KIDS! :)

So... in a nutshell...
But still no furniture... dang... guess Santa forgot.... lol jk

Onto the garage!

LOL... jk.
No but REALLY... it was bad... remember?

But NOW!!!!

I know... you hate me right!?!? LOL
We got rid of SO much stuff. Just JUNK that we didn't need, or use anymore! It feels GREAT! We still need to actually WASH down the garage, from the winter, but it was just WAY too cold for all the water and work it would take. But... 4 DI trips, and 6 dumpster hauls later... we're ready to get back to working on the task at hand... DECORATING and FINISHING our house!

I have a super fun makeover to share, REALLY soon! I'm almost done with the finishing touches. Just a few more things, and then I'll REVEAL!
So exciting! And SO happy to be clean for 2010!!!


  1. What the crap! I do hate you right now. HOW!? I need to whip my huzbands butt in gear!!! Way to gO! Maybe a babysitter would help me.Thanks for the motivation. Everything looks great!

  2. You are inspiring Shelley!!! You make me want to do so much more with my house... yours look fantastic. Well done.

  3. Whoa...I sort of hate you right now too. But I am also super impressed. My little two bedroom condo seriously overwhelms me lately because I have no energy. I just want to mop the floor. No wait...I don't want to and that's the problem. Sigh...maybe soon.

  4. Looks great!! Can you come to my house? I'll pay you :) lol

  5. I have been doing the same thing! The process isn't fun, but there is nothing better than a clutter-free clean space! Looks great!

  6. You know you're right....I kind of do hate you right now! :) Wanna come do mine...I just might like you again...haha j/k anyway I am jealous I have been trying to do mine a little at a time and just want to dig in and get it done but it's so hard for me because I just don't know where to start. Any tips?


  8. do you want to move in with me? i talked to steph and kim about this post yesterday and about hou i wish i was more like you and could keep my stuff together. then kim tells me how she took the mattress out of her room and vacuumed under it. then i really wanted to kill myself. i think you should make a cleaning checklist for those of us who aren't good at keeping our space clean. what do you think? xoxo!

  9. Where did you get the darling polka dots bedding? Adorable!

  10. What would you call that thing that your tv is sitting on? We have our tv hanging on the wall and I would love to put something like this under it. Searching for "dressers" doesn't come up with something like this in craigslist. Thanks! Jami

  11. That looks great! Thanks for linking up to my spring extravaganza cleaning link.

    It is a lot of work but man it is so worth having a clean slate to work with?!?


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