Girly Light from IKEA

{Girly Light}

I love sparkly girly things, and this light... is no exception.
My MIL and I got it from IKEA, hoping to use it in her laundry room, but it hung too low.
So I took it home to try it out in the girls' room... and wa-la! So cute!
It DOES hang a little low, and let's be honest... Cason has already hit it once or twice, in the dark... lol. but I'M GOOD! All 5'3 of me CLEARS it well!!! :)


  1. What a darling little girls room!
    Love the "girly light"
    I have a similar fixure to hang in my girls room but I am still working on my sweet hubbie to take down the hideous ceiling fan!
    Whitney R.

  2. I've had my eye on this chandelier for my 3 year-old's big girl room. It looks great in your girls' room! - I've seen the more recent pics with the bunk bed - so adorable. I wanted to ask you a question: is this the only light source in the room (besides the obvious window)? And is it bright enough to light the whole space at night? My daughter's room isn't too big, and only has one ceiling light at the moment which I want to replace with this chandelier. I'm just curious if it will light the entire room in the evening. No extra money at the moment to add recessed lighting.

  3. I just hung this light and the long chain and white electrical cord are just hanging there. How did you get rid of yours? I don't see any unsightly wires/chains hanging in your photo. Did you cut the wire and the chain? Any help would be fab...love your blog!

  4. We have this same light in my step-daughters room! I love it. Although it is SO bright! I can barely look at it without seeing bright lights every time I blink for the next 10 min. :)

    Love the blog!


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