Canvas Lesson

{One of these things is not like the other things}

I can't get this song out of my mind today! EVERY TIME I've gone upstairs and passed these three pictures it makes me... laugh, but out of ANNOYANCE.
Here's the story...

I won the canvas of the twins from Color Inc. and can I just say...
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G quality, service, customer support... you name it! I would recommend THEM to EVERYONE, for their canvas needs!


I had a free voucher from my sister, for a free 8x10 from Canvas On Demand and so I ordered a picture of Cason and I. I was a little annoyed that it cost almost $20 bucks EXTRA for the thicker gallery wrap... when Color Inc. does that for you... on EVERY canvas, no questions asked!
PLUS Color Inc. does FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $15.00, GREAT, right!?
Needless to say, I was already having to pay $14 bucks in shipping costs for Canvas on Demand, so it didn't come free at all, and I didn't have another $20 bucks, so I opted for the thin wrap.

To my surprise... I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE the quality of this one too. Now I'm kicking myself for not paying the extra money to bulk it up. The print is beautiful, the canvas is nice and thick, and it goes REALLY well with the Color Inc. print.
They ALSO have STELLAR customer service!
They emailed me to let me know they were going to make my canvas an inch bigger, to make my picture fit the canvas better. Free of charge.... so that was really nice. I appreciated that.
They also kept me informed on EVERY step during my canvases printing and shipping. Loved that!


So today I receive Aubrielle's canvas...
Once again, I DID try to go the thrifty rout, since money is tight, and get a great deal, by ordering from a site called Canvas People
They have this deal that everyone gets a FREE canvas. Sounds great right?
Once again, shipping was high, and I chose to pay extra for another size, rather than the free size, for about $10 more dollars.......
Disappointed doesn't EVEN start explain how I feel about this poor little canvas print!!
It is GREEN, people!
I know I'm not a photographer by ANY means, but I edit my pictures all on the same program, so I don't THINK it was a mistake on MY part!?
I tried to take pictures so you could see what I'm talking about. Sadly it's not even as bad in these photo's. To get the full effect you have to see it in person. It's SO horrible compared to the other two!
See for yourself...

This is the original photo.

Black and WHITE ... yes? lol
I feel like I accidentally picked one of their crazy color skew options... but I looked back, and, nope. I JUST ordered with a plain black and white picture.
Now don't get me wrong. I KNEW I was taking a risk ordering from THREE different online canvas places. That's why I opted for black and white, instead of full color.  I thought I would be pretty safe..... Not so much the case.
I really wanted to get started on my project I had in mind. NOW I have to wait till I can afford a DIFFERENT canvas print! :(

I am for SURE going Color Inc. Pro Lab for my RE-print canvas of Aubrielle.
Reasons why???
*Already done thick canvas wrapping
*FREE shipping on orders over $15.00
*AMAZING customer service
*Deals EVERY week
*Super FAST turnaround time
*A SUPER easy picture uploading program to work with
*And for the 11x11 inch size that I want are a WOPPING
(that doesn't even include the shipping you would STILL have to pay with Canvas on Demand!)
I'm hoping Color Inc. will have some good canvas deals coming up soon, so I can get this fun project done. I'll be keeping my eyes out!


  1. Send it back!
    Beautiful photos of your sweet family!
    Whitney R.

  2. Hey Shelley I know Im late commenting but... I would ring them and tell them or send them this link and see if they can re do it.
    Hope they do (they should - that is not black and white at all)

  3. The Canvas People have a super awesome deal right now. Check it out! Cute blog by the way...I love it!

  4. Thanks for the info. Also maybe checkout EZCanvas.com. I think the have or had a similar deal. They are owned by a fine and printing service so they seem to know what they are doing. The canvas i received from them was one of the best I have ordered so far.

  5. I had the same problem. I also prefer Color Inc and have never been disappointed.


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