Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that some people have either emailed or asked me through comments.
I wanted to answer them here, because some people don't have a blog to reference to...

Q: Where did you get all your bedding?
A: I get ALL of my bedding at an amazing store here in SLC Utah called
They have two locations, and I know that they ship all their products, but they don't have an online catalog. boo!!
I found this out when I moved to AZ for a while, and tried to look online at something.
They are REALLY affordable, and have an AMAZING selection. The people there... sadly enough, know me on a first name basis, but even if they don't... they are SO SO SO helpful and nice and will help you JUST as much in store, as they will on the phone!
They will strip down an entire display bed, and put on a hundred quilts, if you want them to, so you can see which one you really want, when you go there! They have pretty furniture, and SO many cute accessories.
When I go shopping... I ALWAYS hit this store. NO MATTER WHAT! They have a clearance section that has $5.00 bed skirts, and $6.00 beautiful pillow shams!!!
In fact... the girls' blue euro pillows from THIS picture... are normally $55 a piece, and they were on clearance last time I was there for only $9.99!! WOOT WOOT!

Q: What look ARE you going for? Where do you pull inspiration?
A: I guess I'm going for a Ballard/Pottery Barn/Country/ Modern design, for my house.
Got that?
Oh ya... with MY twist on it.:)
seriously though... I really am SO inspired by SO many people who blog, and design, that I have SUCH a hard time deciding on what exactly I WANT. Does anyone else have this problem?
I DEFINITELY know what I DON'T like, but still am figure out what I DO! I used to turn my nose up at some styles... like modern, but now... that I've become a Ballard design reader, I've realized that you can work in LOST of different styles, but STILL stay true to what YOU like!
These blogs inspire me a lot right now!

Q: What are the names of your Paint colors again?
A: The blue in my kitchen is from Sherwin Williams. It's called Upward.
The Laundry room is Cyprus Grass from Glidden.
My bedroom is Muddy River from Kwal.
The girls's bathroom is Dockside Blue mixed with a bunch of White paint.
The rest of the house is Autumn Haze, from Glidden. And just whatever semi gloss standard white you can find from your local hardware store, for trim.
I always do Satin Sheet inside for the walls, and semi gloss for the trim work.

There... I hope that helps. I just wanted to put those out there, for those few people who were wondering!!

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