Board and Batten Wall Treatment and Kitchen Barstools

{Board and Batten Wall Treatment}
K... I've moved on from the pink paint disaster, and have started the trim part of the baby's room...

We cut these boards at 73 inches tall, and then figured out the spacing between them at 5 1/4 inches.

Put a little liquid nails on the backs... and topped the boards off with a 4 inch piece of board.

Then I did LOTS of puttying and sanding...

The hubby is upstairs, as we speak, caulking... it miiiiiiiight take... kinda forever.
But, hey... I have to paint it all!! :)

This is definitely starting to head in the right direction... and I'm getting EXCITED!!!
I need to let the caulk dry, really good, and then I'll start primming the boards!
Can't wait to show ya the finished product!

Oh ya, so PS... Happy late Valentines day! We were so busy, that it just flew by!
Hubby got me and Aubrie some BEAUTIFUL pink roses, and a comfy new mattress set, for her. She's been needing one DESPERATELY! And there was a great deal going on at our local furniture store scratch and dent. The whole pillow top and box spring set was only $200 bucks! Normally $650!!! Yahoo!
I got hubby a tilting wall mount for his TV, in our room.
I got a great tip from my friend, who told me about a $28 mount on Ebay, with free shipping! That's an AWESOME deal. Even at Walmart, those baby's are $50 bucks!

My barstools ALSO came, and I LOVE them! It's SO nice to have ALL the girls up to the counter and nobody having to stand on a stool or kneel at the kitchen table.
Makes meal time... a LOT smoother!
I just LOVE the white, the wicker, the distressed look...
Totally in love!
This is actually a smile. LOL. We're working on that. It looks more like she's crying, or pouting... but that's the face I get when I tell her to say "cheeese" haha.


  1. Oh my gosh that last picture is SO funny and I love that she is still wearing her socks.

  2. Can I just say, I love your blog!! :) I look forward to your new posts.
    One of my favorite things to do is freshen up and re-invent spaces.
    Fabulous taste...just thought you should know :)

  3. K, LOVE the barstools! I think that I get so worried about everything being "matchy, matchy" that I would be nervous to mix the colors of the stools and the table. But it looks great!!
    That is so sweet what Cason did to fix the paint..what a sweetheart! Can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  4. I have a cute lime green polka dot (pottery barn teen) bed skirt it is tooo loud for me. I was going to bleach it to make it softer but I just put it in side out!! PS I got it brand new at DI for a buck!! The trim looks FAB!!

  5. Where did you find the cute yellow quilt?

  6. Where did you get the barstools? I've been wanting some for awhile now, but they are SO expensive. By the way I'm new to your blog & I'm lovin' it! I'm suppose to be working right now, buuuttt...


  7. Hi Shelley!

    1) I LOVE the barstools! And you did a great job of making them your own too!

    2) My goddaughter makes that SAME face!! She's only 18 months old & she knows that as soon as you pull out a camera, she's supposed to say "Cheese" & she makes that ridiculous face!! It's hilarious though!


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