Bathroom Real Life: In Action

{Real Life Re-do}
I told Cas that we really needed to finish up the girls's bathroom.
Mostly because I'm so sick of looking at this wall, like this.

He agreed, and off we went to start the measuring, cutting and nailing.

I was talking to my bloggy friend on the phone the other night, about doing little home renovations like, almost everyone does in blog land... and we got talking about the REAL side of the projects. lol.

We were both laughing out heads off, talking about the fights with spouses, the kids and endless phone calls, that seem to happen when your trying to actually GET your project DONE!
Mind you... these pictures were taken BEFORE this conversation.
I just thought it would be funny to share pictures that normally DON'T make it to my blog.  To show you all how we REALLY roll! :)

Normally Cason is a sport at letting me click away, while he's working on stuff so I can document it all.
But usually he says something to the effect of...
"wow... how many are you gonna take??" or.  "am I in this one... can you see my face?  I still have bed head and I'm in my pj's"
He got me laughing SO hard the other night.
I was so busy clicking away that I  had hardly noticed
"The Creeper" 
till I looked back in my camera, to see if the lighting was right.

He'll pull these faces occasionally and he doesn't turn his head or make any big movements... just something enough to "creep out" the picture, to where I usually can't post it.

Ya.  He's a grown man... don't worry.

Anyway... after I had noticed it... I went back and threw down, a...
"What the CRAP... STOP doing that creepy face... just look normal!!!"

Ya, then I got...

I know, I know... I asked for it.

Once the laughing started in the bathroom... the kids entered on cue and it was all over.
Everyone wanted to know what we were up to, and then had to "help". 

This has to be my favorite pic of all.
Can I just send this out as our Christmas card picture for next year?
It pretty much sums up our life right now. lol

One kid peeing, making another kid laugh, while Mom snaps a picture, and Dad works on "Mom's project", totally NOT phased at the world around him.
** siiiiigh **

Okay... I'm off to do some painting and caulking
grrrr... I hate caulking.  I am NO good at that part.
Wish me luck.
Finished bathroom wall... coming soon!!!
And I promise I won't be including anymore Smith "Family" project pictures next time. lol


  1. I love it! It makes it seem more real.

  2. That is too funny! I just love that last picture. You should post these kind of pics more often!

  3. heeeiiiiiiiiii!

    Very very good this blog!


  4. love it! Glad YOU post the real life photos...we all have them, you are just brave enough post them!

  5. LOL, looks exactly like how my kitchen remodel went. It's so true, i didn't take any pictures of the dishes in the sink because we were too busy painting, or the baby dipping his hand in the paint tray! Thanks for the laugh

  6. Love it!! Now that is a REAL perspective of a project!! :) Isn't it bad when there is all the commotion going on and he is not phased? Exactly the same over here too...lol :)

  7. The Creeper. Ahahah, ya'll are hilarious. :)

  8. Ahhhh I like to see those "real" family photos. It makes my families crazy life seem a teeny bit more normal. :) haha It's nice to know I'm not the only one who can't do a project without a lot of extra help...or maybe some arguing :)

  9. ha ha, love your pic of the girl on the toilet - that is soooo what goes on at my house too, glad your keeping it real!!

    I just posted a couple tips on caulking - how can you not like caulking? seriously that is my favorite part - for reals!!

    Sausha @ {show & tell}

  10. What is the paint color? Love it

  11. What is the paint color? Love it


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