Spring Green Table Centerpiece

{Going Green Table Centerpiece}

I put this cheery green centerpiece together the other day.
I'm in LOVE with this great creamy/distressed tin pitcher with handle, that I found at the big blue store.
And I found these nice springy green hydrangea's at my local craft store for 50% off... along with a cute beaded wreath for only $3 bucks. (can't pass THAT up!)
Today is such a beautiful day.  Spring is definitely in the air. Can you feel it!? yay! 


  1. I saw the beaded wreath today. I went to buy it and thought what will I do with it...set it back down. UGH! I might have to run back tomorrow to see if I can get it. Love the arrangement!

  2. Love the arrangement, So fresh & springy!

  3. LOVE it...hydrageas are my FAV:)

  4. ha, i have that same pitcher! love it!
    oh yes, to answer your question, da font.

  5. Love it. I am going to have to make it to an Ikea sometime! It sounds like it is amazing.

  6. I love green and I love Hydrageas ... Can I have that? ta.

  7. The BIG BLUE STORE eh? LOL love it! Very fun idea! I have TONS of 50% off coupons if you want any to Michaels as well as JoAnns..up for grabs and I have a few on email. Let me know :)


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