Amelia @ Brightsides

{Look on the "brightside"}

Okay, so you know those blogs that you just... love?
Like... when they update them you get a little TOO excited to read what they have posted...
Ya.  Well...
brightsides is that blog for me.

So clean.  So simple, and her photography is just stunning!

[Meet Amelia]
Amelia lived in my old neighborhood, back in the day. lol.
She always had the CUTEST house on the block!
(ya, I was totally jealous)

Well, let's get real, I'm sure she STILL has the cutest house in her "new hood" :)
I just wanted to share with you, some of her taste, from some inspiration photo's that she's posted on her blog.
Very similar to mine.  But just a little different.  Which I love.
People, who can take an idea, tweak it, and make it their own!

These photo's are from the parade of homes that Amelia went to, here in St. George.
LOVE this home!

Go check out brightsides

 and Brightsides Photography.

Indulge yourself in some eye-candy today.
You'll be glad you did :)

ps.  She has a really cute flower tutorial posted right now.
I'm all over this!  I'm going to buy fabric today.  I'm not joking. lol.


  1. Your blog is one of those for me. I just found you not long ago and you have some of the cutest ideas. I get excited when you post something new. So fun!

  2. Wow! What great photos....I'm heading that way next! Thanks for sharing it with us....love your blog by the way, glad I found you!

  3. Well your blog is that one for me :) love when you update...that is TOO funny, just last night I was doing a search for how to make fabric rosettes!! I'm not joking!!! I can't wait to go get some fabric!!! :)


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