Spray Painted Pip Berries

{Pip Berry Addiction}

It's true. I love these little berries.  Whenever I see them anywhere, I want to buy, whatever they are around, or adorning... it's a problem.

I'm getting better, but it's a hard habit to break... Just like me and tin stars.  I LOVE THEM!?  Why?
I only have ONE star in my whole house... right now.  I used to have one around every corner.
Berries and stars are a little more... rustic/primitive country.  Which is what I USED to have goin' on.

I can get over the "star" thing.  But these berries... I feel like can go with ANY style ???
( just nod and tell me I'm right ) lol.

Anyway, I found this huge bunch of gold and brown pip berry garland at my local consignment store for only $4.00, so I caved and bought it. lol.
I DID have plans though.

I spray painted a few sprigs with Ivy Green (which is a pretty good green!)
and put them in my "bloom" trough, that I had.

I like it... It gives a bit of whimsy to the "girly" spring decor. lol.

I think I want to spray the rest a light pink and put them in the babies room, in a cute milk glass vase of some sort... but...
I'm having issues finding a really LIGHT pink spray paint!
The one I have now, says it's "soft" pink... but it turns this weird.. blahhk color!?
ps.  Is there anything that a can o' "SP" CAN'T fix???


  1. Krylon Ballet Slipper, the only place I can find it is walmart. (Plus it has the easy to spray thing I mentioned before.)

  2. I love those berries. I never knew that they had a name! Next time you find some-think of me!

  3. ps-no, pretty sure spray paint is the bomb! I would spray my children-they just wont stay still long enough!!!

  4. Walmart has a can of pink spray paint that I used for wall shelves in my daughter's room. We're moving though, so I couldn't put them up after all those coats of pink. I think I'm going to buy this corner shelving unit http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TOlMG2yg_78/S6w7q_zSdyI/AAAAAAAAA3Y/8XqDnrzgx98/s1600/SDC14312.JPG and spray-paint it pink instead. Or perhaps I'll go with white. ANYWAY, walmart has some light pink Krylon spray that I like.

  5. I have used both Krylon Ballet slipper and Krylon Fusion Fairytale pink and the latter is lighter and softer.

  6. They look great! I love those flower balls (I don't know the proper name for them!) I read your tutorial on how to make them the other day and I added it to my ever growing to do list!

  7. Oh, I just love your blog! I've made the flower balls...LOVE THEM! And I have a bunch of those berries that I have been trying to figure out what to do...the colors don't match like I thought they would...HELLO, spray paint! LOL! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  8. I love pip berries too but for some reason I don't think I own any! LOL

  9. love the pip berries too, and you know I have the star addiction! I don't think that I could change the decor in my house b/c I couldn't live w/out the stars!! lol :)

  10. i like how it brings out the green knobs....

    and i love stars, i don't think i'll ever get over them...and i can't b/c i have one tattooed on my foot, so i'm kinda stuck with the loving stars... :)

  11. I love the berrys.....but didnt know what they were called. I have a pink Valspar Brand - Cameo Pink - from Lowes that I just love. Funny how spray paint works. You get out the can, paint something, then start looking around for anything else that you can paint....lol I LOVE stars too, but painted the right color they dont look country at all.

  12. dang it now you'll have me watching for pip berries at garage sales & thrift stores - really! LOL ;D


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