Sassy Styler Tausha Pillow Tutorial

{Guest Post by Tausha from Sassy Styler Redesign!}

Yep-I just made up the most awesome title ever!!
So, I am so excited to be visiting Shelley today!
We got to go to dinner and then shopping the other day and it was fabulous!!
Really-I love her!
First, a little introduction about me...

I am Tausha-and I have an addiction to spray paint, crafting, diet coke and chocolate. (oh and blogging)
I love to decorate! I love it so much, I have a business.
My mom and I work together-we go into peoples home and redecorate with the stuff that they already have.
It is not work! I love being able to help people love their home.
I also have the awesome opportunity to go on TV, once or twice a month and share decorating ideas with all of Utah. (or at least those that watch Studio 5)
I am a mom to 3 beautiful girls and a wife to a fabulously, handsome, kind man.
He puts up with my thrifting, constant re-decorating and often changing hair color.
I am so very blessed to be able to stay home with my girls and craft whenever the mood strikes. 
(who am I kidding, my children and husband think that they need to eat and have clean clothes. Sheesh, don't they know that mommy's crafting?)
Enough about me, on to the post.
WARNING!! Lots of pics to follow.

I can't sew!
I really wish I could. I don't even know how to turn on the machine!
So, what's a girl to do?
Well, if you can't sew...GLUE!
Hot glue, modge podge, e6000 and my new fav...liquid stitch.
Ok-this stuff is a permanent bond on fabric.
So....I made a pillow with liquid stitch and took pics to show all of you how to do it.

First-find a pillow that you don't love anymore. (or maybe you never did-whatever works)

Get you some fun fabric.
Now, I'm about to get really technical here...make sure the piece will fit the pillow.

Like this. Fold over and then glue.

K-fold in over and hold it down so it is tight enough that you can remove the pillow.

I know you can't tell that this is glued-but trust me, it is.

Then get some fabric out put on top of the glued section.

Like this. (told you I was all sorts of technical.)

The ironing will make the liquid stitch form the perma bond faster. You are "supposed" to wait 24 hours for it to dry, but who has that kind of time when there is a super cute pillow to reveal?

Anyway....put the pillow back in the fabric sleeve and make sure that the sides are even.

Then fold the edges in, like a present. Glue as you go.

Now, this is the kind of a pain in the butt part.


Glue and iron as you go. I would have taken a picture of this-but it was a little tricky.

Just pretend.

(I know, you really don't need to see a picture of the glue.sorry!)

Ok-so when I got to the other side-I needed to made a little seem to make it pretty.

Then glue it down. Just like the other side.

Super easy!

Can you tell it was glued?
Seriously? Can you?

Now-embellish and then put on a chair and make it look all sorts of cute.

Ok-price breakdown on the pillow ala Tausha!

Pillow: $1.00 @ thrift store

Fabric: $4.00

Ribbon and such-free

Liquid Stitch :$3.00 (this is for a bottle of it-so you will be good to go for a while now)

Not bad for $8 and 7 minutes of my time.

An original pillow the Sassy Way!

Ok-because I love Shelley so much...I wanted to reveal my new craft room to all of you!

Yea! (just pretend you are as excited as me)

I don't have any before pics because it was way to embarassing. Just imagine the worst. Crap on the floor, crap on the table, crap on the wall, crap EVEYWHERE!!!

I went to Ikea and went to town! I puffy heart, love that store.

I have the fabulous 25 cubby shelf. It hold all my much needed crap and then some!!!

It even has a desk that is attached to it. I feel so organized!

This is the Cricut station and such. Super easy to access and it makes me very happy!!

(who would't want a magnet board with a heart from their 6 year old?)

Wrapping and such. I used a towell rod and curtain hooks to hook the bags on. When I ran out, I just tied them on with curling ribbon from the dollar store.

The wrapping paper-a curtain rod. Very easy access. Yes, I know it's crooked. I like it that way.

This is the computer section. It is big enough that my kids come in and do their homework while I craft.

We spend a ton of time in here now.
This is my two favorite parts of the room.

This vinyl saying: I LOVE it!

Since I spend so much time in here, I wanted to have a reminder of a reason why I am on this earth and what I am doing is important. I use this room as an escape. I LOVE to create. I NEED to create. It helps me feel like a whole person. I am a better mom and a better wife when the create cup is full.

This picture of the Savior helps me focus and remember that I am never, ever alone! Also, I love that he's smiling. (I like to think that he is smiling at all of my creations)

Thanks for listening and looking!

I hope that you will hop on over to my blog and we can be friends.

Until next time....

Hope you have a Sassy Day!




Thanks Tausha!  I LOVE the pillow fabric and am DYING over how GREAT your craft room looks!
Thanks for sharing!

Head over to Sassy Style Redesign to see Tausha's great work!
To see MY guest post/tutorial, on this cute board for your laundry room that I made!


  1. That's great. Thanks for sharing!
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    Blogger Chix Designs

  2. Now you're talkin' my talk! Glueing a pillow together is way more my speed than trying to sew it. Great project! And the craft room is fabulous!

  3. Mmmm,mmmm organization. I have had that expedit bookcase booked marked for a veeeerrrry long time. I kindof took over the spare room for crafts and I am pretty sure that my husband thought it was going to be a room for him. I keep telling him that if he buys me a pretty shelf, I will share better because there might actually be room since the crafty-crap I have will be put up. Well, ideally right?


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