Shopping with Tausha & Home Fabrics

{Shoppin' with a Sassy Chick & Home Fabrics}

Yesterday Tausha, from Sassy Style Redesign, and I met up for some l-inner (we ate at 3:00) and some shopping!
Tausha is a BLAST and SUCH a great shopping buddy!
Tausha has done some awesome thrift tip decorating spots on Studio 5 here and here.  To show ya just a few!
She's doing another spot on the 15th and it's all about numbers, and monograms and decorating bookcases, on the cheap!
She purchased a monogram from me, for the show.  I'm so excited, it's gonna be good!  So don't forget to watch!

I kept feeling like I had to do this "sassy" face in pictures with her because she's ... THE "sassy styler"

So after our yummy linner at Macaroni Grill, we headed out to my FAV fabric store, that Design Gal introduced me to
(you can see her awesome Studio 5 segments here and here)
Home Fabrics!

What an AMAZING place!

Kat, the sweet, Manager of the store had LOTS of great tips and ideas for us when it came to our fabric selection!
She was TOTALLY helpful and beyond friendly!

you all know... I'm no expert sewer, but this place MAKES me want to learn!
Look at all these AMAZING fabrics!
All of their cotton prints are ALWAYS only $5.99 a YARD every DAY!

And they sell designer fabrics for only $6.99 - $12.99 a yard!
Those would normally run you about $23.00 a yard at Joann's!

Doesn't this look SO Ballard!?!?!
I got me a yard for pillows!  It's my new living room inspiration!
Kat actually carries BALLARD fabrics at her store!

Remember my Pillow I made HERE.
Well... secrets out.  That's where I got my great down pillow form
Only $5.99!!!!
They have a HUGE selection, of pillows, batting and foam, for WAY less then the other guys!

And as if they're prices aren't low enough, they have SALES all the time!
50% off here... 30% off there.
Just... really... SUCH great deals!

Ooo...Let's talk about the rug selection.
BEST in Utah.  FOR SURE!
They have tons of styles and colors to choose from.

I love this black and white print.  So fun!  Wouldn't that make SUCH a cool statement in a room with LOTS of light?

This picture makes me laugh.  I just HAD to take it.
Tausha's on the phone with the hubby, begging for permission to buy a new rug! ha!
Don't worry... that was me, about 5 minutes earlier. LOL.

Ohhh... God bless husbands. With decorating obsessed wives...

Are you ready for the BEST part of my WHOLE Home Fabrics trip?????
not just A rug.
THE rug.
I found it!
Here's a sneak peek of it.  I'll show you how great it looks in it's new home later!

Seriously you HAVE to go!

Home Fabrics is located at
73 West 7200 South
Midvale, UT 84047-3724
(801) 561-7746

Kat circulates most of her fabrics, rugs and products EVERY three weeks, when their new shipments come in!  So... good news, there is ALWAYS great, new, trendy product to choose from, bad news... nothing lasts long!  Because it fly's off the shelf!
So head over and find yourself some great fabric!  And tell Kat that Shelley from House of Smith's says Hi!


  1. I love Home Fabrics! We got all of our rugs there, and that is where I got my fabric for my valances..makes me want to make a trip there now, thanks a lot! lol :)
    Can't wait to see where you put your new pretty rug!

    btw, your hair is getting long! :)

  2. Ooh wish I had one of those stores in my home town.

  3. I love Home Fabrics! Great tip... We just bought some fabric to re-cover our couch and they had a lot of the same faric in different prices in different areas.

    For Example they had the fabric we wanted for 2.99 a yard but it only had 9 yards, then we found it again for 4.99 a yard and it had a ton on the roll. So check the discounted section when you are looking to buy a lot of the same fabric because most of the time they have more of it! ;) and you save money by buying the cheap price first! XOXOX Love your blog

  4. Okay, my niece just told me about this great place to get fabric on 7200 south. This is it!
    She says it is the best! I've got to get there.

  5. What a fun day! I've never been ther...but might have to go now! next time, I wanna go!

  6. OK, after I read this post, I was totally thinking of doing the same thing! SO, I can plan it, or you can plan it, OR, WE can plan it together! Food, friends, shopping...FUN! I mean, if tdc can do it...why can't we? LOL!
    Where do you live? I'm in Syracuse.

  7. I love Home Fabrics! Was just there on Thursday looking to finish my bedroom. While I was there, I found fabric that I wanted to finish my front room. It took all my strength to leave it because the FR is not my focus right now. Fab rug! Wish I would of seen it! And I've met the Sassy Stylist before and she is a DOLL!

  8. Man, I wish we had a store in Michigan like this!

  9. Jealous, jealous, jealous, I am! Uggh. why can't we have a store like this in my area?!

  10. aw to much fun! I need a good shopping trip with a friend too :)

    thanks for the tip! moving to utah soon and may need to find the perfect rug! :)

  11. I'm so jealous! That fabric, the choices, the colors, you are so lucky!
    I love the fabric you picked and the rug! Maybe you should buy some of that fabric for pillows and sell them, hmmmm, I'd buy!

  12. First of all, I love your blog! I love your style, and you're so cute. Second, I have to have that rug you found!!!! Were there any more left? I would hate to drive down there and leave empty handed. Thanks!!

  13. OMG I think I just saw pictures of Heaven!!!!!!
    I need to go there!!!!

  14. I LOVE Home Fabrics, they used to be called the $2 fabric store, and if you look close enough you can still find yards of fabric for $2 and sometimes under. They have one in Orem too, and AZ for that matter, looks like fun!

  15. That store looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. I'm in Sandy and I know where I'm going tomorrow. I'm hoping to find a great rug.

  16. Never been! next time i want to go to Savers or Quilted Bear, I will stop there instead. I can't believe the prices of those rugs!!!!

  17. why oh why can't we have as many awesome places to shop here in jacksonville as you do in utah?! all these decor chick blogs and crafty blogs out in your neck of the country have so many awesome places to snag fabric and thrift scores and crafting supplies! i am so jelly!


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