Strawberry Day & Other Delish Foods

{Sunny, Yummy Afternoon}

Cason came home with TWO entire PALLETS of strawberries today!
Momma's makin' some JAM this week!
(My kids won't really eat store bought jam.  I don't blame them, either will I)

The problem is... that it doesn't take 2 pallets worth of strawberries to make jam. LOL.
Who wants to make some with me???
Bring your own jars! :)

I'm THRILLED to see an almost green yard, with a FULL fence up now!

Do you eat this?
My kids do.
I know they shouldn't... it's white, it's squishy, it's delish.
Buy some.

If you don't have this brand... you have NO idea what you're missing.
This is my "afternoon" snack.
Fresh apple, chicken salad, between two pieces of unhealthy white bread. :)
2 out of the 3 is good... that counts, right?


  1. Those Strawberries look delish!! And oh that bread!!!! We live in Oregon but EVERY TIME we go to Utah I bring home like 15 loaves..... Just call me a carb-a-holic.


  2. K, yum, yum, & YUM!!! I was just thinking of you the other day when I saw how cheap the strawberries were...I KNEW you would be makin' some jam! Wanna send me some? :)
    The last pic of the strawberry is awesome! Seriously that would look so neat blown up & framed!

  3. Oh yum! Maybe you should just make me some strawberry jam while you're at it and I'll pick it up in July. :-) Bud was just talking about that bread the other day. Nothing here in AZ taste like that stuff. Yum!

  4. Oh I'm so jealous! Those strawberries look so YUMMY! My fav!!!! Every year my mother and I make 52 jars of strawberry jam (1 jar a for entire year) My family is like yours, they won't eat store bought and it can only be strawberry.
    Do you have a larger freezer? You could enjoy those beautiful strawberries in the winter.

  5. Strawberries are my favorite food!!! I love to wash and eat as are...the best. You have me drooling again, but over food. Thanks! ;P

  6. hey you should make some homemade fruit leather with all those strawberries! yum

  7. Those strawberries look so yummy! I planted a bunch of plants last year and hope to get a lot this year. Will you please post your recipe for jam? I've never made it, this is my first year of trying to be homemaker-y. And yes, i love that bread. I just ate one piece as my evening snack. It's way yummy with jam!

  8. Holy girl! was it 4 posts in one day? Man, you make me tired! I want to taste some of that yummy jam! Save me a jar. So-share your recipe for your salad for lunch. I NEED it!!
    I need your help with tomorrow post. Email me asap!! Thanks girlie!!

  9. My son would be in heaven with those strawberries (and have a nice case of diarrhea!!!) Hey, I am spotlighting you as a "BLOG TO WATCH." I just see you passing my by in the next month or two! I'll get you the button in a little while! Congrads!

  10. Oh, I forgot to say, I used your header and it doesn't "POP" against my white background. Is there something else I should use?

  11. Those strawberries look beautiful! have fun!

  12. I love strawberry jam. Made 20 jars last week. We won't eat the store stuff either. And yes that is the brand of bread. We had nothing like it in Kansas so when we moved back it was like heaven and I had no desire to make much bread anymore. Happy Jammin. Wish I was closer.


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