Procrastinating Today

Today was a long day.  Lot's of drama from three little girls, and way too many things to do.
I totally spaced a church meeting I had, and probably still should have gone, but decided that spending some time with my hubby and kids... over-ruled the quick shower, and crazy dash to the church, an hour late. lol.

Plus I needed to get myself ready for another little Tele appearance in the morning.
This part of my day... well... this WAS my day.
I totally procrastinated till the last minute getting everything together.
I hate that.

This was how the day ended...

The baby asleep at the counter... after scarfing down all her dinner...

And me... in Eggo, strawberry and cool whip, bliss.

I'm totally nervous about tomorrow.  I have to do WAY more talking then before!  Guess I should go over what I'm gonna say, huh?
AND paint my nails... do you think anyone would notice if I don't twease my brows?  Ugh... I hate that job.


  1. My ears always perk up when I hear the word "laundry room". We have been "remodeling" our laundry room for almost a year now. I can't get my sweet, darling, procrastinating hubby to install our new dryer and pedestals. Meanwhile all of the drywall is ripped out of one wall - the whole room needs redrywalled really. I have such dreams! So in the meantime I pine away for my future beautiful laundry room. (Laundry is my favorite chore!!)

    Good luck tomorrow!! You will do so great. Your last segment was awesome. You do such great projects - I think I'd copy everything you do if I could. Awesome style girl! You'll do great!!! Don't be nervous!! And dont' worry about the brows. :)

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see it :) I'll be praying for you..just be your cute, sweet self..and it'll go great.
    (easy for me to say when I'm not the one in front of the camera..lol)

  3. Hey you - thanks for the comment and I am very sorry for your loss. (I did work experience when I was 16yrs old at a hairdressers for EXACTLY the same reason as you but didn't get the job).
    Your white table looks amazing... I know you would give it to me if we could sort out the pesky postage issue.
    Are you thinking about selling the pillow cases on etsy? I would be your first customer!

  4. I'd skip the church meeting too - sometimes that time is better spent at home. Someone else can take notes! (These were my justifications last week for missing a big Scout ta-do!)

    Good luck in the am!

  5. That is awesome that you get to do it again! your laundry room should totally be "featured" on TV because it rocks!!! Your daughter's picture is priceless!

  6. Don't worry... you'll be great! I'm wishing you the best of luck!

  7. Good Luck with everything! You'll be great!

  8. I am excited to watch you on Studio 5 today. Our luck is with you. Just imagine that all of us are blog followers are the only ones watching, cause you do a great job here. Good Luck...I am excited to see what you say.

  9. Yummy dinner! What was the strawberry stuff? Jam or syrup? where did you buy it at?


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