Wanted Laundry Board Tutorial

{Wanted, Laundry Board Tutorial}
I don't know about you, but in my house we have lots of paired items that go "missing". lol.
So I wanted to come up with a fun, cute, creative way to keep all those items in one place

Cue: The "WANTED" board tutorial! :)

here's how I did it...

Tausha from Sassy Style Redesign actually gave me the great idea to SPRAY my clothespins, before I used them.
So that's what I did.

After I had those done, and drying I painted my board.
I went with Cyprus Grass from Glidden... because I had some left over.
But you can use ANY kind of home or craft paint you have, that will match your laundry room.

Next, I took my Distress Ink and ran it along the sides of the board, to give it a "glazed, distressed" look, without having to deal with the pain of the glaze.

I just ran the ink pad on the edges, and take my finger and smudge the ink around.
The heat of your finger will spread the ink and make it look distressed!
How easy is THAT!?

I then took a piece of heavy duty scrap book paper and cut it to fit the board, and rounded the edges.
My board was about 15 inches long, so my 12 x 12 paper wasn't quite big enough.
No worries.  I just cut another piece for the end, and glued the back of it together.

See!  You can't even really tell!
I glued the paper onto my board and let it dry completely.
THIS is the hardest part. LOL.
I HATE letting things dry!
My Mom calls me "The Impatient Crafter" for a reason :)

Next, I took my painted clothes pins, evenly spaced them out on the board and then hot glued them to the paper.
(Before you do this step, you can take some Mod Podge and put it over the paper and board to give it a more finished look... I actually forgot.  oops!, but would totally have done that , if I had remembered.  It will probably hold up better)

I decided that it looked a little too "perfect" so I took some sandpaper to the edges of the clothes pins and then distressed them out with some more ink.

Next comes... the vinyl!

Whenever I apply vinyl I use a hinge technique, like this.
I get the vinyl where I want it.  Use a piece or two of masking tape, to hold it in place and then lift of the vinyl, peel off the backing paper and smooth it down.

You can buy this vinyl decal HERE from me.

And there you have it!
So easy, and a fun way to freshin' up and add a little more organization to your laundry room space!


  1. Great idea! You could even do one for the bathroom for missing bows, hairclips etc...

  2. What a cute idea! If I made this it would have to remain purely decorative because we have way to may items that come up missing! I have a basket that remains full all the time.

  3. So cute! By the way my old roommate Adele said she love reading your blog but thinks it's time you have a boy so you start pumping out some boy room and craft ideas for her to use. ;-)

  4. Oh this is just TOO CUTE!!! Love it! I'm so excited to find your wonderful blog!! can't wait to look around some more :)

  5. that is the cutest idea! i just love how versatile clothespins are! thanks for sharing!!

  6. That is a super cute idea! Loved it! I write over at Blogger Chix Designs about how to help blogs grow their readership. I recently gave out a free report on the subject. Today we are talking about why setting goals for your blog is really helpful. Feel free to check it out if you're interested.

  7. This is so cute. I love it!! I love that font too. Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.

  8. Awesome idea! Love it!

  9. This is a great idea. Simple and decorative and can be made in any size to fit your space. Kudos.

  10. I just wanted to let you know I included this in my 2011 Ultimate DIY Gift Guide (101 tutorials/recipes)! :) http://danimariedesigns.blogspot.com/2011/10/2011-ultimate-diy-gift-guide.html

  11. How did I miss this one before? Love it!

  12. This is too stinkin' adorable! Love it!

  13. I love it and thanks for the insight on the Distressed Ink! I will definitely be picking some of that up! Thanks!

  14. How the heck did I miss this cute sign!?!?!? I love this idea!

  15. Mine will have to be reallllly long. lol


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