Working Thoughts

{Thinking While I Work}

Cas snapped this picture of me the other day... didn't even know it till I just started editing these photo's.
I had make-up on though!  That's a plus. lol
I might have rather been standing in a more flattering position, than squatting on the ground... lol.
oh well.

I've been working my tail off.  Especially today.
The girls were all gone for the day, with Grandma S. and Cason was working, so it was my chance to get some serious stuff done.  And I did!!!
Can't wait to share.

Stop reading here... if you wish.
My "Saturday Night Thoughts" might bore some. lol.

First of all:
As I was working today I had a couple of things cross my mind.
First... Radio sucks.
If you REALLY listen to it, for like THREE hours... the same crap is on OVER and OVER again.
Commercials included.
( Cason had the car today, and so all our CD's were with him... boo )

Second of all:
this is a little deep...
...  I feel like I've been gettin' a little hung up in the "blog world" of things... all of a sudden.
I feel this weird need to hurry and get things done...  Or impress someone.
It's STRESSIN' me out!
What's up with that?

Does anyone feel like this with their blog?
Is it because blogs have "readers"... or because you feel like you have ONE great idea, and then people want more???

I feel like, I just... wanna blog.
And keep having fun doing it.

Does that sound good?... I think so :)

Okay... I'm done.
Have a Happy Sunday everyone!

ps.  Does it seem so weird/cool to anyone else that a couple hundred people you don't really know, actually READ what you write on a blog? lol.
I do.
It's actually pretty neat.
But it makes me wonder who those people really are!
Prob. a lot like me, I'm guessing
Isn't blogging crazy, weirdly fabulous...?


  1. Girlie, I know exactly how you feel! I created a blog and haven't put a thing on it! lol I am amazed and blown away at the awesome things you do, but this is only a portion of our lives...hubby, kids, and just plain good ol life! Trust yourself, enjoy your gift of creativity and realize this Okie here enjoys your smiles and victories of making your house a home!

  2. I totally get you about the blogging thing. I am a new blogger and I have felt a little like I gotta get things on my blog so people with read it and like me! So silly. It's like I'm depending on comments to build me up when really all I need is God's grace. Also, I feel like it's kind of taken over my free time, which is fun, but I also feel like it's distracting me from more important things sometimes. I'm with you...just blog and have fun. Don't put any pressure on yourself.
    I love your blog by the way! You have such great taste and ideas, and you're stinkin' adorable! :)
    Amber @ It's Greener Over Here

  3. Weirdly fabulous, yes. And you have like, 364 more readers than I do. :)

    Don't stress. We come here because we like what we read. NOT because we expect you to write.

  4. I love checking out your blog, and when you post Saturday thoughts and other stuff, I feel as if I am getting to know you better. Happy Sunday!

  5. As a *forever* blogger (4+ years I think now?) I think it's important to blog about what YOU want to blog about when YOU want to blog about it. Do not succumb to the pressure, you will just burn out.

    Yes, readers will come and go, other blogs will burn brighter for awhile, but you have to decide why you really blogging I think, and then just stick to it. (And for me, I blog for the memories. So you will see everything on my blog. It has served as a wonderful scrapbook of our life.)

    April 18, 2010 7:39 AM

  6. I'm so glad you said that! I'm brand new to the world of blog (literally opened one a couple days ago!) but all my girlfriends are all hardcore bloggers and I've always wondered how anyone can keep up with it all? Kids, jobs, husbands, houses that need upkeep and on top of it all coming up with awesome, original ideas for you blog... you people must be super human! lol But your post helped me realize that blogging is where you get to be you-express your thoughts and ideas and make sure you don't lose yourself amid all the other stuff that goes on daily. So keep having fun!

  7. I think we all feel the way you feel from time to time. I Just reached my 101 followers and was thrilled but really if I still only had 5, I'd be cool with that. This blogging really is for me! Sometimes having people read about what I'm doing really motivates me to get things done faster but really you need to do them for you and not worry if someone is waiting for another project. You are making a wonderful home for you and your family and its kinda fun to see what people think about it, but it should only matter to you!

    By the way, I love all that projects you have done! I keep looking at your entry and the before to the after, wow!

  8. For one, I could not agree with you more about the Radio thing. It doesn't matter what station it's on the stations seem to ONLY play the same 4 songs all day long and they always add in 'This next one was Requested'... Ya I doubt it because it was just play an hour ago and the hour before that... etc. uh so annoying.

    The Blogging thing... I know what you mean. I feel waves of 'Need to Impress' every so often. I just got a mass load of followers and lately I have felt the need to blog every single day to 'impress', even though in the back of my mind about 90% of them probly haven't even glanced at my blog since hitting the 'follow' button. It's all about numbers and im just going to Blog when I have something interesting to say or show off and those who are truly interested in following won't mind if I don't blog [every] single day :)

    Happy Sunday :)

  9. I like this post! I do find it stressful to blog sometimes, and reading you saying that you just want to... blog, and have fun doing it might inspire me to *chill the heck out* too!!

    As for strangers reading what you write, yes, seems weird to me sometimes too. I often think, "what would happen if I died in a car wreck - how long before my hubby thought to put a post that says 'go home people, nothing to see here anymore'...."

    In the spirit of being less stranger-ly... I'm Dawn, I can't even remember which blog I found you from, it was a feature though, on your laundry room, I believe. I came here to read about that, loved your blog layout - so clean and uncluttered, then the adorable pic of you and your husband, and your style of writing was very easy to read, as if I were talking to an old friend. And I adored your taste, and projects.

    I read you every day to see what you come up with next... what ideas I can learn from, and then adapt for my own home.

    I think thats what we all do - look for ideas for our home, and as we get to know the blog authors - the things that happen in their lives, we feel as if we are talking to old friends... then we are just a big connection of girls that like to make things, share talents, teach each other, and... have fun.

    Sorry to have taken up so much room in your comment section, you got me on a roll!!! Great post!

  10. Totally agree about the blogging thing...although I'm lucky that I'm not as fabulously talented as you so I don't need to share ;) lol... Just keep doing what your doing, but the MOST important thing is to make yourself and your family happy!

  11. as one of "those readers" i would like to say hi! i love reading your ideas, and watching your transformations! thanks for posting your creative impulses. keep it up...only if its FUN!!! thanks again! stephanie. :)

  12. So weird that you had that thought (the pressure to post) because I was just trying to explain that to my husband the other day. I feel it too! And I don't want it to be that way, it shouldn't have to. I just keep reminding myself that readers may enjoy a post when I post it but that they aren't sitting around waiting and checking up on me, and if they are then they are the ones with no life. Right? And to solve your radio problem, have you ever heard of Pandora radio? You can get it on your computer or as an iPhone app, I love it! Pandora.com, you just put in a song or artist you like and then they automatically play songs along the same line, it's awesome. Anyway I love your blog, but feel no pressure, please!

  13. Yes it is weird that random peeps read my thoughts... and I also put pressure on myself to be funny or interesting on the blog when I really just want to get all my thoughts out of my head. I have to keep reminding myself that my blog is for me (not my awesome 9 readers lol).
    Ps I wish you were getting paid to blog and design cos you rock at it! Can you make any $$$ advertising on your blog? Have no idea how it works but others seem to do it.
    See you

  14. Hey, I hope I'm not making you feel that way. You inspired me since I started a bathroom makeover. See, I have already posted that I started my bathroom makeover and felt the pressure to get er' done! Now it's on hold because I started working full time. (long-term sub) So, it will have to wait until after baseball and after school.

    It does feel strange that 100 people (I know not all read very often), but to have that many followers care about what I write about. My blog is my scrapbook. It is mainly about my family with a few creative projects here and there. Blog what you want to blog, and when you want to blog. Take a break when you want. It's your blog, and I like it! :o)

  15. 1. Utah radio stinks. Especially that one guy on that one country radio station where it sounds like he is trying to be Nicolas Cage from When Peggy Sue Got Married. Annoying. That and Low Book Sales ads.

    2. You have a darling blog. You are a darling girl with great design projects. I say keep on doing what you love and don't worry about how fast you churn things out. It sucks the fun out of blogging if you try to keep up with...who? What? Exactly. It's impossible and I think the content starts to suffer.

    3. You might want to even consider putting some Google Ads on your blog. Mine is quite a bit smaller than yours and with the few I have on there I still make some pocket change. (Nickels and dimes - I'd bet you could be making quarters.)

    4. Does it seem weird that I don't mind random strangers reading my blog but it's weird when people I know IRL read it and come up to me and start talking about it. That freaks me out - like the neighbor girls know what I'm up to before I even tell them!

  16. you nailed it on the head girl! I love your blog, and that''s why I visit...um...often! I feel like I've made a new friend in you...I'm sure all you other hundreds of followers feel the same way...you have that effect on people, and it's a good effect! I think what's so great about you is you are yourself...so don't change just to try to impress someone! We love YOU!

  17. It's okay to not post every day (dont get me wrong... I love your posts & projects... & yes, I check in daily) but that just gives me time to look back at all the projects and stuff I missed before I became a reader. Don't let the pressure get to you. We know you have a family and a life beyond the blog, but LOVE that you come back to share when you have created something fabulous or just want to think outloud. Thanks for blogging!!!

  18. I don't have my own blog but am a fan/reader of many. I only found yours recently and love to pop in to see what you're up to. Love your creativity! BTW, I sooo hear ya on your "radio sucks" comment.

  19. I love your ideas! I am new to blogging and it seems Posting everyday has become a must for me too, but I am sure that will slow when things start to get busier around holidays etc.

  20. Oh and yes free radio sucks! Do they not have any other songs but 10? Satelite is better but I have trouble spending money on it :)!

  21. I just love reading your blog. It is seriously one of my favorite things to do in my day. I can tell there is so much love in your home. You have made a place that your family can enjoy. I believe that a beautiful home allows for a great spirit. Its not to stuffy but happy. I will be purchasing a home in the next few months and i will be taking a lot of the decor inspiration from your blog. Thanks for being amazing!! PS go to yahoo music and you can choose whatever type of music you like and they dont repeat the same song over and over and there is minimal commercials. http://new.music.yahoo.com/launchcast/

    Savanna Green

  22. I just stumbled upon your blog and so far have enjoyed everything I have read. Even your 'Working Thoughts'. I am new to blogging but not new to repurposing,redoing or crafting. I have so many ideas and it is hard to put them all into words for readers, but I am trying. I love your site and thank you for taking the time to post your projects and thoughts.

  23. I HATE radio and when I want to listen to something different than my playlist on iTunes, I am a faithful Pandora listener! It's the best invention ever in my opinion!


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