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Life has been a bit crazy...
But first... can I say how THRILLED I am to read all your awesome comments for the canvas giveaway!!!
I want to comment back to EVERYONE!.... whew.. in due time. LOL.
I can't believe how much personality and awesome-ness comes through from all of you!
I feel SO special to have such fun, TALENTED readers!
okay... so...
Here's what we've been up to...

Can't even TELL you how many projects I start...that end up as flops!
This wasn't an exception.
I'm still annoyed about it... so you don't get an explanation... just a heroic attempt from my Mom and Grandma, trying to help fix do my lampshade redo, after I messed it up.
ugh. I don't want to talk about it.
how many generations does it take to recover a small lampshade???
Apparently more than 3, because My grandma, mom, AND I... FAILED!

I love these ladies though... always to the rescue :)

After failed projects I like to cuttle up to a little Peanut Butter and Marsh mellow Fluff sandwich.
Is this offensive to anyone else?
Cason makes this disgusted face when he sees one of these in the works, in our kitchen. LOL
Maybe it's a North Carolina thing... but this was a TREAT for us, growing up! 
And NEVER as a full-on sandwich... just open face! :)
ya.... prob'ly just a southun' thang. LOL

Ooo... my Mom bought me this AWESOME piece of artwork last Saturday, for "payment" for cutting her hair!!!
It was originally like $90 bucks!  But we got it for $28!
I can't decide where I want it, so it will stay here for now.
But who LOVES the damask pattern and floral mix!!!
(raising my hand)

I bought this cute charger plate.  $2.00 on clearance at Gardener Village!
I love the pattern.

We pigged out at The Pie.
Their Veggie Pizza is yuuummy!

This is a section of the post I like to call...

Please note that NONE of these pictures were requested by the photographer.  Just trying to get her modeling career started early, I guess. (rolling my eyes)

My 2nd twin is going through a ... sassy as EVER "finding herself" stage... as we like to call it.
We went thrifting the other day at some cool places, and I wanted to snap some shots of some great pieces I found....
the convo after I TRIED to take a picture of this bench was as follows...

Jocey: "oh Mom!  Did you get that sassy move on your camera, it was a good one!?"
Me:... um.. ya, I did sweetie... now can you move to the right a little so I can take a picture of that bench?
Jocey: "Oh SURE Mom!  Do you want me to sit on it for you, so you can see if it looks cute with my pink pants?"
heee heee

Back to Georges Salvage Yard to pick up a few things...
Attempting to take a picture of some cool old ladders.
I didn't even notice this one, till I got my camera home. LOL

Just trying to get our "bodies good" with some milk...
Got Sass?

Oh my heck... what am I gonna do with this chick!?  I can't help but do that weird snort/laugh when she does these faces.  And try to turn my back in silence, because she get's SO serious when she's "modeling".
She'll ask question like...
"Mom?  Is that a cute face?  Did you see my legs?  I did them in a special criss cross, like this!"
She CRACKS me up.

Pretty much, that's what's goin' on over here at the good ol' House O' Smiths.
I have some fun things to share, but I gotta get through this weekend!
Weeds people... LOTS and LOTS of weeds.
Nuff said. :(
please keep raining... please keep raining...heehee

Have a great weekend!

oh P.S.
This little Chick wants everyone to now know, who comes into close proximity...

"Dees is my Boo-dies!... w-ight he'a"
translation:... "These are my boobies, right here"
Oh lord... give me strength.  LOL


  1. Okay, so I totally identify with you with the fluffer nutter sandwich (that's what I always have called them). YUM! Lovin it. Your daugther is tooooo cauuuuute! Her personality shines through all those photos.

  2. Your girls are too cute! I just had to say I hear ya on the peanut butter marshmallow fluff!
    My version is a real sandwich, with peanut butter, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chips! My hubby leaves the kitchen when I make these to go vomit. But they are SOO good! Me and my siblings all call them Daddy's sandwiches b/c that's what our dad would make us when Mom was gone and he was in charge of dinner!! YUMMMMM!!! It's nice to know I'm NOT ALONE! :)

  3. Looks like you've got a little ham on your hands....she's too cute though :)

    And I totally eat those pb and fluff sandwiches...but I'm from SC, so it could be a southern "thang"

  4. Soo funny!!! My oldest girl was obsessed with her boobies for the longest time. I would tell her about how her private parts are private so she ran with that. lol I'd tell her not to pick her dress up and let anyone see her undies and then she'd yank the top of her dress up toward her necks and say "and no one sees my boobies either!" (told that to her Sunday school teacher! lol)

  5. oh my heck...your daughter is SO cute!! I LOVE all the poses! AND I want to know where you go to find all those great antique finds!!!

  6. Your girls are adorable and their poses are way too cute! I love how it takes 3 women to put fabric on a lamp shade and still no go! I'm laughing because that would so happen here!

    Hey I see you have advertising so cool! I am working on revamping my blog and getting a button so I don't think it will be for a while. Great idea though, I'll let you know!

  7. Oh my heck I want to cut your mom's hair so she'll buy me one of those. I ♥ it! Your little girlies are so cute, we call our baby girl Jocey too.

  8. You don't know me but i just have to comment because it is so nice to see that you have a real life behind all your talent!!! Whenever I blog stalk you I wonder, how does she keep up with everything and three kids and her house still looks amazing??? (I have three kids and when I craft or blog my house does not look like that!) I think your kids are the cutest ever!!! My daughter is 7 and it is only getting worse - so enjoy! :)

  9. I have a couple little hams at my house too...love it:) Your girls are so cute. I am so excited to check out George's! I live about an hour from there and I didn't know about it, thanks for the info!

  10. OMG your daughter is HYSTERICAL!!!! I love the picture in her rain coat...knee popped...hands on her hips, head tilted to the side. ADORABLE!!!! I love it!

  11. how random that i have never, ever ever, heard of a PB and Marshmallow Fluff sandwich until last night as I was reading Fablehaven book 5 and then today when I read your blog! Isn't life crazy like that? And I can totally relate to the "finding herself stage" my four year old has been in that stage for a year! Good luck!

  12. I am totally in love with little miss sassy pant LOL she reminds me of my cousin's daughter - such a diva that one. Love your blog!

  13. I live in Missouri around a large Amish community- and around here your sandwich is called Amish peanut butter. They eat it every sunday after church because it is so easy to fix on the day of rest. I think it's neat how one thing can connect so many of us!

  14. First off, I have had many failed attempts at many things! Also, I love fluffanutter sandwiches. That is what they are called. I had a roommate from Mass. and she would make these all the time. When she comes to visit she bring all of her old roommates some fluff! Yum! Did you know that back East you can get it in strawberry and peach! Also your little girl is super cute and what a charter! Good luck.

  15. that was the funniest dang post!

  16. Have to say, I love blogs that post their mistakes, we all make them.
    About the daughter, keep prayin it may be the only thing that can see you through. I have one that has been that way since she was 2, now she is 13 and no end in sight. I pray daily to get me through and say thanks every night that we all made it.

  17. Your girls sound like my girls. They both love to give me the cutest poses and my youngest always has her hand down her shirt grabbing her "nipples." Craziness. Your kids are so adorable and I love that picture your mom bought you. Jealous!

  18. I have to ask what you make with the treasures that you find at George's? (I saw the blue chippy window that was very cute but, what else)I have to admit that I went to George's couldn't find anything that I wanted. I'm sure if I had your amazing creativity that I wouldn't have a problem:) Love your blog!

  19. Haha!!! Dude- I'm from Maine and Fluffanutters were a staple growing up! It was so fun to read all the other comments and find that there are actually other people out there who like them! Everyone I know out here in the west thinks I'm crazy- including my husband!! Maybe all your readers are coincidently from the east coast! So, I cut hair too but I've never gotten paid in home decor- how that would ROCK!! I think I'll start telling all my clients that I'm open to that! If you ever get your lamp shade figured out be sure to post about it, I've been planning to do one for my son's room but have been scared to attempt it- now I'm more scared. Lol! Those pictures of your daughter were TOO FUNNY! I'm glad I'm not the only one who drags my kids to those kind of places. My kids think DI is their second home! Thanks for the entertaining post!

  20. Love your blog!!!!

    I would love to award you with

  21. YUMMM! I need to try one of those sandwiches, I've seen them so many times and think they look yuuummmyy :)
    K, know what cracks me up about the pic w/ the milk, is Jocey is all posed and the other girls are not even phased..just drinking their milk..lol
    That canvas is AMAZING!!!! I NEED that for my house, where did you find it?

  22. I have a couple of lamps that I want to redo the shades and I am intimadated with them right now... I will get over it though... Thought that I should let you know that I gave you an award. Come on over and check it out!!

  23. Well done to your Mum for getting the wall print its divine!
    OK your babies are the cutest girls evah... and the boobies thing cracks me up.
    Sounds like you are all having some fun hey.

  24. Shelley,

    'Fluff-a-nutters' are a huge thing in NH too. I order Fluff special from the factory cuz they don't sell it here in CA... You are too cute. Keep up the awesome work!
    Love Kristin

  25. How is it that no one is freaking out about that Gardner Village charger?!! I love it, I NEED IT! At $2 I'm sure they are all gone, but what store did you find it at?

  26. You are so funny...so I totally do the pb and fluff sandwich as well and I live in WI. Love them.

    Your girls are so darn cute...the pics just make me laugh...so cute!

  27. Yep, can't stop laughing at your little sassy pants. She's got some sweet little moves!

  28. Once when we had almost no food in the house, I made a peanut butter and mini marshmallow sandwich and I loved it! And I'm from California!

  29. Oh my goodness, you guys crack me up. I do hope it rains for you... you need a rest ;) Thanks for sharing the fun :)

  30. http://returntosimplertimes.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-to-re-vamp-lamp.html

    HEY! I know what you mean about the lamps, but I have found out how to do it and it's (practically) fool proof. Check out my link for help!

  31. Fluffernutters...YUM! I'm looking at a jar of it in my kitchen right now. Maybe because I live in NC! Love you blog...I have 9 yr old daughter...and I don't know how you have time for all this - you are an inspiration!


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