Lunch with Friends & Thrifting

Had a really fun lunch today with these gals :)

We've been meaning to do lunch and a little brainstorming for a while now....
We headed out to CPK for some DELISH pizza

And then off shopping!
Our first stop was Anthropology.
I just love ALL their stuff, but my pocketbook... uh... not so much :)
Look at this awesome "structure" made of wax paper and dipped in blue wax!
Crazy cool, huh?

After that we headed off to Emilie Jayne Consignment.
LOVE this place!  Everything is SO cute and they have their whole store sorted out in different funky colors!
I totally Dig that.

Jen was scoping out this adorable table...

I had my heart set on this beauty.

After some disappointing price tags...(Let's just say they weren't $50 bucks or less. lol... ya, we're cheap)
We headed out to a place where we KNEW we could get some deals...

One of my newest discoveries.
I HEART this place!
They CAN get a little on the pricey side if you get the "real" vintage type stuff... but they have such great old things!

Who wants to turn THIS awesome door into a desk?? :)
Ronda would... A post on that later


They have tons of these cool key plates. 

Pieces of chunky old molding.

Now onto the "Yard Area"
What?  It all looks like trash to you?
Hmmm.. not to me :) 

People always ask me where I get my cool old frames and windows... 
At places like this! :)
I picked up a cute distressed blue one, for the twins's room for $5 bucks.

Doors, Doors, and MORE Doors!

Jen in action... hunting for some old shutters.

I NEEDED this door for my pantry re-do, but they wanted $100 bucks!  YIKES!
I had to pass for now, but I think I have another idea up my sleeve.
(Please excuse the totally dorky pose... )

Oooooooooo.... nuff said.

Jen walked away with 3 awesome windows, and a cool spindled piece for a new bench!

There's nothing better than getting together, eating AND shopping with friends!
Am I wrong? :)
... I think not.


  1. How wonderful! You two look beautiful! :)

  2. u are a girl after my own heart - i LOVE Georges Demo!!! I actually have a little trip planned there myself because i too am in the midst of a little pantry remodel :)

    My friend got the coolest door from there and put it on sliders - i should blog that because it is sooooo cute!

    love your $5 window frame (that seems cheap because Georges can be a little pricey (at least i think so)) - i used an empty frame and put ribbon it for my daughters memo board - cant wait to see what you do with yours!

    Have a good weekend :)

  3. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Lovin' those tables too. Funny thing is...I own the one you heart - 2 to be exact...target line several years ago...purchased at a local "dirt cheap" for less than $20 bucks. Wonder if I should paint mine turquoise and distress a little. They could sure use a little makeover! Definitely a thought! :)

  4. I would LOVE to shop in a place like that! It's posts like this that make my heart yearn for the day we move back to the states!

  5. I would love to shop there with you girls! What fun!

  6. That store looks awesome! I wish I had something like that close to me.

  7. That was so much fun! I had the funnest time hanging out with you guys and then going to the salvage yard. You are the cutest. I wish we were neighbors!


    PS - your pictures turned out so good!

  8. I need to find a store like that here! I'm so jealous!

  9. How fun!!! That is so great that you guys live close enough to get together. :)
    I'm a little jealous,lol :)

  10. That looks like a perfect day!! Love what you did with the blue frame!!

  11. I feel so bad you forgot to invite me!! I'll over look it THIS time!

  12. I am so envious of that store!!! I have looked and looked for a salvage yard here...NONE!

  13. OH...Desk? I'm seeing a really cool headboard for my daughters room - do you think they ship LOL JK


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