Where we keep our Toys and Stuff

Okay... that's not REALLY how Rachelle worded it... it was more like...
where do you put the toy clutter and all the "stuff" that is not in your kids bedrooms ???
you've got me stumped!

LOL... Ohhh Rachelle
Okay... well first off... can I start with THIS picture?

OH ya...

This is a bit of an older picture, but you get the idea...
Cason and I have always agreed that bedrooms are for sleeping, time out and "lookin' pretty"
Not that I'm against toys in rooms, but  for me... I think rooms are suppose to be places where you can go read a book, take a rest and feel relaxed...
This would NOT be the case, if toys were in the mix. LOL.
Our girls have always loved to hang out in their rooms... most days, at one point, they will lay on their beds, with a blanket and look through books or just sit in there together,  giggle and talk to each other.
They've loved doing this even when they were just little...

And I think it's important to let kids have a nice clean, soothing environment to wind down in.

Okay... obviously she's totally faking sleeping... lol, but that aside... this chick loves her bed! 

Rarely do they actually bring toys upstairs and play (unless it's a baby, or stuffed animal)
I think they've also realized that rooms are kind of a sanctuary away from the crazy mess of toys and playing. (that we have going on downstairs) lol
We finished our basement shortly after we moved into our home, because we knew we would need the extra space.

I needed an office,

and mommy the girls needed a place to trash to play with their toys.
This was taken on the day I organized everything.
Most of the time, it looks like a toy graveyard down here!  :)

If I didn't have a basement to utilize, I would FOR SURE have toys in their rooms... probably just in bins, hidden in a closet or whatever... so that the toys could be put away, and not seen, when they're not using them.
I have a lot of friends who have toys in their kids' rooms.  In fun toy chests, and on shelves and such, and that seems like a great/cute way to store them!

Once we feel like we have a handle on our upstairs... we're headed down to up-date our basement, with our new "look" :)... and hopefully give the kids more of a
 "PLAY" room... 
instead of a 
"shove all the toys in the closet, to pick up the mess"... room. :)
So... the answer to your question Miss. Rachelle...
That's were ALL of our toys and mess live, for now :)


  1. Ooooh.....can we see inside your office? I those kinds of photos!

    Many Blessings,

  2. awww... cheese-its all over the floor! I know that one all too well, and i only have one little munchkin!! :)

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha...You had me rolling when i popped back over here. that starter picture put all my feelings of shame back on a shelf....

    (i got millions of those pic's girrrl!)

    your house is amazing!

    i'll be back!


  4. We did the same thing when we moved into our house and refinished (one section of) the basement. That was what we could afford at the time. That entire section (approx 400 sqft) is a playroom with a flat screen tv, dvd player and loveseat. I am planning on posting as soon as I can straighten it up a bit. Anyway, this room is LOADED with toys! I'm glad we had another girl because it is a GIRL HAVEN! Arielle has two canvas totes full of stuffed animals in her room but that's about all of the toys she has in there. Averi has a bin with baby toys so we can play with her in there on the floor before bed. Don't get me started on the toys in our living room!!! I do my best to keep em out but they ALWAYS find their way back in there. Currently, I have two baskets with toys and dress ups in there but now I have some canvas eyelet totes on my new console table which also stores toys. That's another post I need to do as well!

  5. I have been wanting to email you to see where you put the toys too! lol

  6. I totally rememeber when the Cheez-it incident happened after the Costco trip..lol :)

  7. Just finished our basement!! What a difference it makes with toy clutter.

  8. Okay, LOVE the CheezIt picture! I could take a similar picture every time I go to Costco, but with Goldfish! I swear they try to sneak off with the Costco size carton the second I get home!

  9. So lucky to have a basement! I can't wait til we have one someday. Such a space saver! Love that office too!

  10. we keep the toys out of the rooms too and downstairs! :)

  11. The Cheez-it picture kills me! I can't tell you how many times I have picked up costco size spills in my house! I will have to remember to make my boy's rooms a "haven" instead of a pigsty...and keep the toys in a playroom. Great idea!


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