Hanging Pink Poms

What is the verdict?
I've seen them EVERYWHERE
baby showers
just for decor...
 and I think they are really fun!
Cason... not so much. LOL
He fought me on the "Cute Poms, subject", when we put these up.
I found them at one of my favorite consignment stores for only about $2 bucks each.
I figured that about $4 bucks was TOTALLY worth the time that it would have taken me to actually make these on my own.
Cason DID agree that it filled this empty space well... but I STILL don't think that he's totally sold on this "decor" lol
 ... oh well, I like it... and so do the twins, so I'm thinking they are going to stick around for a while :)
maybe they'll grow on him... ??? lol

If you want to attempt these cute tissue ball forms, I found a good tutorial @ A Small Snippet of Our Lives


  1. If he's anything like my husband he'll come around to them and when you decide to take them down he'll resist that too! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I love how these look and could use a few for my girls' rooms.

  2. I love them! We have some in my daughter's room too and it just adds so much of a pop without having to commit to something that will last forever!

  3. I love them and I think they look great there! It's cute that he has an opinion, mine doesn't!

    I'm having my 1st giveaway, please stop over! I'd love it if you could put me on your sidebar, you are someone that everyone follows, you famous gal, you!

  4. I love them! they are so cute! and only $2 each NO WAY! I dont' even think you can make them for that much ;) Great find!

  5. I love them as well. Excited for the tutorial as I was hoping to make some for my daughters 5th birthday this July.

    See I new you were famous...1 Funky Woman said so too! Thanks for all you sweet comments!

  6. I think they are great! I made them for my office at home and work. It gives a great punch of color. Your hubby will grow to like them.

  7. Cute! My husband is always like that, which is why he's not in charge of the decorating-LOL! Also, I just got moulding this weekend to frame our bathroom mirror. I'll send you a link and post it when we get it done. have a great day!

  8. They are so easy to make. I made some for a party and plan on doing it again for my son's birthday in July!

  9. did you get these at Home Again?! I saw the same ones the other day - same color and everything.

    I love them - i am actually making them for my grandmas wedding - how fun :)

    u should totally keep them up - just sayin :)

  10. I love the pom poms. I used to have those in my daughters room. :)

  11. have these in my daughter's room{leftover from a baby shower} & they look so nice!! if you don't like them, they are easy to take down. { i used thumb tacks in the ceiling} Put them up about 2 years ago & they still look fab!!

  12. I love them. They're on my to-do list for Princess Z's room. . . or, maybe I'll find some already made. :)

    I think they look cute! :)

  13. LOL, my husband said,"Um...I like them, but WHAT are you going to do with them? They are not going to stay there (taped to the kitchen cabinet) are they?". I LOVE them and have made some for my daughters b day party in a few weeks.

  14. I LOVE these! I have them on my to-do list for my daughter's big-girl room transformation. I think they look adorable in your room!!

  15. we love them! did up a bunch for bday bash back in march!! :)


  16. Husband don't know nothin! Yep-I just typed nothin instead of nothing-on purpose!!
    I think that they are super cute. If I ever get around to do 6 room-I was going to do something like these.

  17. I think they are a great addition to any room!


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