Date Night: Thrifting

My Mom met us downtown the other night to pick up the girls, so that Cason and I could spend some "alone time" together
We went antique shopping. LOL
What can I say... we LOVE to scope out new fun stores and deals!
There were a couple of places that we'd always wanted to check out downtown, but knew weren't
 "kid friendly".
The first was CG SPARKS... Furniture with Soul.
Isn't that such a great name?
Honestly... this building is a huge awesome aqua warehouse that you can see right when you get off the freeway.  The COOLEST location for pictures!!! 
 I've seen some amazing Local photographers and their shots in front of this wall... they always blow me away... but I'd never been inside!
Till now.

SUCH a cool place!
I LOVE this huge white tree that they have as part of their display.
do you think I could pull that off in my house? lol

NOT thrifting prices by a LONG shot...
Kinda reminded me of Anthropology.  So pretty to LOOK at. :)
and replicate

LOVE this chippy old trunk!

I thought we should get a picture in front of this cool building... mostly because I loved the color.

After CG Sparks, we headed over to EuroTreasures.

WOAH!  this place is HUGE!  It's PACKED full of antique.... EVERYTHING.

Another cool trunk picture... I think I need one of these :)

THOUSANDS of awesome drop leaf tables

Amazing couches
(I tried climbing up there to sit in the couch... because it was such an awesome backdrop, but... it was SO not sturdy. LOL)

Seriously... like... A SEA OF CHAIRS!
It was almost eerie how MANY there were.
I think more, because they were all lined up like THIS... and me and Cason were the ONLY people in the whole warehouse. LOL.  It felt like ghosts were all sitting there for an assembly, or something.

I guess these were the rejects... Look how MANY are PILED up back there!
It's crazy!

We're so glad that we were able to hit up these two neat stores.
If you're in the Utah area, stop by them, you'll be glad you did  :)
And thanks for the hot date, babe! :) lol.


  1. Looks like fun. I'd be so overwhelmed with inspiration in a place like that, I'd probably hyperventilate! :)

    Just found your blog today and so glad I did -- just *love* everything you've shared, and can't wait to utilize some of your tutorials! I'll definitely be following you! I'm over at whimsysmitten.blogspot.com.

    Thanks for letting us peek in on your hot date! :)

  2. Shelley, are the prices in Euro Treasures thrifty at all or it is pretty expensive too?

  3. Your date night sounds like ours! we love scoping out stores together. For hubby's b-day on Monday we went to an antique mall/barn, a barn sale, and a drivethrough the countryside. Hot date indeed :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  4. What a fun date night! my hubby would have tried to scratch his eyeballs out. He is no fun. His idea of a datenight is ....hurry home cuz i bought you dinner and you owe me now.. ha ha ha (ok that is not true) but super funny!

    Was euro treasures expensive?

  5. Yes, I was also wondering how expensive these places were. Looks like fun!

  6. Oh! Wonderful to see CG Sparks again! I used to work in a salon that was right upstairs from them. (that was a COOL old building too)!

  7. OH!!! I wish I lived in UTAH!! One of these days... What a fun date night!
    Have a great day!

  8. What a fun date!!

    I lived in SLC several years ago, but never knew about these places. I so wish I could go back and do a little shopping!! :(

  9. Ohhhh...those chairs ARE creepy!! Might get a little overwhelming in a place like that! What a fun date!

  10. Sounds like the perfect date night to me! Looks like you have some incredible places to shop for great finds. I wish I lived closer!

  11. You always find the best places!! I am going to have to make a trip and check out those stores!!

    You and the hubs are so cute! what a fun date night ;)

  12. I am looking for 6 chairs that don't match. I want to paint them to match my round table. I can't find 6 unmatched chairs at our thrift stores. I neeeeeeeed to go to Eurotreasures.
    I looked at this last night really fast. I started screaming when I saw the couches. My husband was like what is the problem...I said I NEED one of those couches. lol I think I need to move to Utah. Can I stop by for a hair cut too? lol

  13. okay I just think you have SUCH cute taste!! you should consider charging people to come see your darling home! I love it!!

  14. How were the prices at Eurotreasures? I'm looking for a bunch of old, cool chairs and if the price is right, this looks like the chair motherlode!

  15. I am the same way about Anthropologie! Totally go there for inspiration only (okay and maybe sales...really really good sales.) My sister pointed me to your blog and said I HAD to check it out. Loving it already.

  16. Holla to your man who goes antique store shopping with his wife. woot woot!...my husband is still in training! :)

  17. MAN Look at that second store!!!! How were the prices there?? I could go crazy in that store!!! All good things are in Utah dang it!!!


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