IKEA Rug Thoughts

{Summer Thoughts}

Whew!  Had you thought you'd lost me :) lol.
Nope... just off playing.
Did you get the Memo?  It's Summer time outside! :)
Has everyone been enjoying the warm weather?  We've had a couple of rainy days, but we couldn't be more happy... we don't have to spend the $$$ to water the grass :)

Okay... so "Summer Excuses" aside... we have just been super busy!
I feel like theres a point when you just have to decide... Should I work on my house today?  Or on my blog today? LOL... Sorry to say, that last week, our house trumped "the blog"... vinyl business and all.

I don't have anything exciting to show you... picture wise, because most of our week was filled with cleaning and reorganizing.
But I do have a little advice.

If you decide to get a FABULOUS natural fiber rug from IKEA, for under your kitchen table... like this

ya, ya, ya, I know, I know... the picture on the wall is totally too small, and our table has shrunk...
I have plans!
stop judging me!

And for some crazy reason you forget, or don't think that you need, a protective pad under it, between the floor and rug...
You will probably get a floor that looks like THIS
when you move all your furniture 

I SAID stop judging me! okay!

I've learned my lesson:
When your house feels like it's surrounded by a big "dust storm" 24 hours a day, from new construction... and you never thought to clean under your kitchen rug, because the top looked just fine (blushing)
...You WILL collect about an inch thick of DIRT/DUST under your rug.

Don't worry... I made sure I called a cleaning service to come take care of it for me... because I was so thoroughly disgusted by the whole situation, and needed to give myself a time out for letting ANYTHING in my house get THAT dirty!
(yes, I'm a bit OCD about cleaning) 
Did I mention that the cleaning guy was totally a smokin' hot babe???
(how much do I love THIS kid... ?  Really.  Such a stud.  I might even go as far as saying that this is teetering on a little bit of a turn on for me.... WHAT!?!?!  I'm just saying!?!?!)

K... well, you get the picture... stuff like this isn't exciting.. it just... has to get done!

I have some other fun things in store, though.  So hang in there :)

Hope everyone's having a fantastic day!


  1. Thank you so much for the giggle - I definitely needed it this Monday! I too have moved furniture only to find a big ole mess...but my fairy godmother never sent a cleaning fella to take care of it! You must have done something good to get that kind of service!

  2. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I never win anything, I am so excited!

  3. hahahah I totally laughed out loud!! LOVE IT!

  4. LOL!! Glad you're back..I missed you :)

  5. Would love to know what you are polishing your floor with. Mine looks just like it, only mine doesn't have a beautiful shine...very dull.


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