Paint Colors

I posted this on the sidebar of my blog, but I still get asked what my paint colors are, so I thought this would help if I actually posted it  :)
Hope so.
These are as close as I could get to the actual colors... and I know everyones computer monitors are different, but ... you get the idea, right? :)


  1. Such pretty colors. Very fun and cheery! :)

  2. Hi there,

    I must be confused. Is the color on the bottom of your "swatch" the paint you used in your entryway? It seems to be browner than the Autumn Haze you have listed to the left. I'd love to go in the same direction you did in your entryway and can't seem to find the PERFECT color. Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! These are very similar to the colors that I am going for in my own house. We are also adding touches of an orange/red poppy color (inspired by the Laura Gunn "Poppy" fabrics) here and there. I'll be following your blog for more inspiration!


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