Aja Lee's Sweet Life

This weekend I'll be SUPER busy with work... but I just couldn't help but post some eye candy for you, to swoon over, while I'm gone :)

I feel like I don't even need to say anything about Aja's blog... The pictures can just TELL you why I fell in love with it, the second I stopped by  :)
This chick has some serious talent!

I gasped when I saw this dresser.  I COVET this, for my twins' room.
You HAVE to check out what she started with. AMAZING!

Look at her amazing side by side photo!
Saved a couple THOUSAND dollars... and it looks IDENTICAL!
I feel like a proud Mom or something. LOL... I just want to give Aja Lee a hug for showing me that it CAN be done!
And I LOVE how she staged the dresser!

Her bedroom is spectacular too!

But this... this is at the TOP of my new inspiration list.
How beautifully simple.
Don't be surprised if I steal this EXACT same idea.  The PB wreath... the blue glass and pink flowers.
do you think I could set this as my screensaver? :)

Thank you Aja Lee, for giving me the inspiration I needed today!
Can't wait to see what other fabulous things you do in your beautiful home :)

Stop by and see her cute home and ideas
that she's come up with so far!  Lovely!... Just another talented lady, that I'm thrilled to have found :)


  1. Speaking of blue jars, I found a LARGE blue antique mason jar at Goodwill today for $7!!! I love it and can't wait to show it off.

  2. Love Aja's blog. She has such wonderful ideas. A super place for inspiration.

  3. I checked out her blog and I love it so I'm now a follower. I've missed your blog because of everything going on! I'm definitely not better but I sure am not dead! Hope to start reading you again!

  4. She does inspire doesnt she!

    i picked up a couple of projects at the DI last night and i have a good start on them already...i cant wait to do the before and after posts!




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