Love Note

We all have the same routine...
Wake up, get ready... go to work.
Whatever work may be.
For me, it's always so rewarding!  I love what I do.
I get to stay home with my cute girls, blog about fun projects and design and sell vinyl.
Some days are more taxing then others.
Yesterday was one of those days.
ever have those? :)
Not a bad day... just... "a day"

This morning when I got "to work" :)
I slid my mouse a bit to turn off the rotating picture screensaver, and found

I Love You!

You make me so happy.

… Thanks for working so hard for me every day.



sneaky guy.  how'd he know to find me here? :)
dang... I'm a lucky girl.


  1. Yes you are! How sweet! You are blessed!

  2. Yes, you have a great guy!! It's the little things they do that are so wonderful!

    I slept on the couch last night with the baby so my husband could get a good nights sleep. And this morning when he woke me to give me a hug and say goodbye he also brought me the blanket I forgot to grab at around 2 am and covered me up! :)

    ~Have a great day~

  3. I LOVE that April!
    That's so sweet! Sounds like you have a great catch too :)


  4. Very sweet! Little notes like that always mean so much. I love to find them on the bathroom mirror or on the bottle of creamer. =o)

  5. That is the sweetest! What a keeper!

  6. aaaahhh that is so sweet! my hubs left me a card on my keyboard yesterday too (it was my anniversary) I just love when they do small things like that - that mean the world to us :)

  7. sweet husband. I have one of those too!

  8. you are lucky. it is so nice to see youtwo are sooo in love.. you did get a good one. i am happy for u. :)

  9. Awwwww! What a thoughtful hubby you have. Mine is thoughtful also, but not that creative. Ha! Have a great weekend.

  10. ey! I just stopped over from TheLetteredCottage. I. Love. your. blog! It's so fun to read!

  11. You are a lucky girl! So, I believe that there is not one ugly thing in your house - EVERYONE has something ugly, but apparently you do not!!! I say this because as I am reading your post I see your mouse pad- point made!

  12. Probably one of the sweetest thing your husband can do to make you happy.
    I love it!


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