Helpful Color Swatch Idea for Decorating

Happy, Happy (almost) 4th of July!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I'm spending the day at my parents house, playing with family, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! :)

 Since I'm just hangin' out, I thought I'd share a little tip with everyone!
Something most of you probably already do!  But for those of you who don't... just a little FIY  :)
About a week or so ago I stopped by Tuesday Morning with Cason, just to look around.
I stumbled across a bunch of decorative plates and immediately fell in love with THIS one!
I knew it would look AWESOME in my laundry room, up on my shelf next to the rest of my turquoise decor.
And for $3.00... I couldn't pass it up.

Anywhoo, the point of this post, and the reason I knew it would look great, and would match my other decor... is because I had my houses' accent colors in my purse!

I know... sounds weird, but it's true.
Do you ever see something you like... buy it and then bring it home, just to find out that it's not QUITE the color you were looking for?  A little too warm, or just a shade off?
That happened to me ALL the time!
The best way I've now learned to make sure that whatever I'm purchasing, will go with my existing color pallet... is to carry around swatches!
I carry around a piece of turquoise paper, that I used in my laundry room... a little snip of fabric from a bolt that matches well with the yellows and oranges I want to use in my house... and even just the small swatches of paint colors... that you get at your local hardware store!
When I did a Studio 5 segment a while back about my laundry room, I had to paint a swatch board to use as a display tool.
Ever since that day, I've always just kept it in my car. lol.
So ya... while I MAY look like a crazy lady running around fabric and home decor stores with my painted swatch board... holding it up to everything as I dash through merchandise...........I can always guarantee, that once I get my purchase home, it will work PERFECTLY with my color scheme!

Because let's be honest... who has the TIME to return stuff ???

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
See ya on Monday :)


  1. hahah you're so cute. It seriously is such a good idea. I did that wehn I was planning my wedding. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it definitely did save me a LOT of time and frustration! You're a genius! Love it!

  2. I do this too. I have a ring of my paint swatches, wood finishes, and fabrics. I think it makes everything so much easier. And you are so right....it is easier than returning. I HATE returning.

    You are brilliant.


  3. oh my gosh i wanted a metal watering can to display tree branches too!! I haven't found a great one like you yet only metal pitchers but i am so so so jealous you beat me to it lol I was planning on hanging some small clock faces from the branches with my daughters birth time on them!

  4. Cute! I would have never thought to put a plate in the laundry room :) I'm totally hooked on turquoise now..any suggestions of how to incorporate it into my black, brown, & burgundy house?? lol..
    Have a great 4th! :)

  5. That's a great idea - I keep the paint chips in my purse. I love the snips of fabric, too!

  6. Just put a note at the top of your little book that says, " crazy does not begin to cover it." I have that saying on a little card in my kitchen at the old house. You my dear are organized! ~olive

  7. i think that's such a great idea! but then you always have some great ideas! happy shopping gf!

  8. Hey I think that is great ideas. Who wants to carry around a big blanket or wall decro in there cars just to have to remeber to bring it back in the house...not me1 great idea!

  9. Can we be friends? Cuz seriously, you're cool! Great idea!

  10. Super idea! I have all the swatches, but I love the idea of them all painted on one board! Cool!!

  11. SUCH a great idea- I am going to do it ASAP! Just another handy tip from my fav blogger:) You rock. PS I still need to order some "wonderful words" from you!!!! I can't narrow down what I want! ha ha story of my life!

  12. thats soo smart!!

  13. Looking at your board I am trying to figure out which one is Autumn haze....I am repainting my living room and am thinking it is the 2nd one- am I right?


  14. Can you tell me what the last color is on your paint board? I don't know that it is on your sidebar, but I really like it! My email is kellyemojellye@gmail.com

    I just came across your blog, and I really like your style.

  15. HILARIOUS! I do that too!!! It is a more recent thing for me, but it is so beyond helpful!


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