Curbing for our Yard

Just can't... {Curb my Enthusiasm!}

Yup... We're getting curbing today!
Totally excited.
Mostly because our poor yard is basically DEAD 
(due to some sprinkler problems...and the sudden heat)
And now that the hubs has the situation mostly figured out, and the curbing man finally is here... I can envision a beautiful yard... Soon!!! :)
Just a large cement patio left to pour... and LOTS of touch up work... and our yard will ROCK!
baby steps... right? lol

This back corner of our yard is being curbed for a trampoline.
That we don't have. LOL.
(is that like buying a pair of pants that don't fit you yet... but hopefully will ...ONE day?) lol.

Okay... I'm off to clean the two bathrooms upstairs.

I've already reorganized the girls's rooms and closets... and just have to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen...  And then I'm DONE!
(who am I kidding...these things will prob. take me the rest of the day. lol)
But I'm trying to get the whole house "clean" so that tomorrow, when Cas has his day off... we'll be able to work on "house" stuff! :)
I have something fun to post, but just can't seem to FINISH it!
Tomorrow is THE day!


  1. I can read the excitement in your voice!!!! Yeh for you!

  2. I know you're in utah, not sure how far from Layton... In Layton there is J & J Nursery and they have a ton of really great plant and trees and shrubs for really good prices!

  3. I always try to have the house clean so we can do "house stuff" too! Can't wait to see the progress in your yard...you are too cute!

  4. Sweet!! In that case - I have a closet FULL of trampolines. Geesh. (You will love having one, we bought one last summer and set it up in the middle of the night - like Christmas in June! The boys freaked OUT!) Get a net though for sure.

    Every year we say we'll get curbing. 6 years and counting - no curbing.

  5. What is the benefit for having curbing for a trampoline? We don't have one so I'm not familiar... very curious!


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