Pantry Working Thoughts

{Happy Working Song?... Pshhh}
Okay, so I have 2 totally different projects going on... and I can't decide which one I'm more excited about.
I think it's because It's been a while since I've "created" something for my house.

Here's some sneak peeks!

This small piece of paper covered beadboard, is just a little part of my first project.
Ronda gave me the idea, and Michaels provided me with the paper for .50 cents...  yessss. :)
I just have to add the finishing touches to this project and then I can show you where this neat piece goes!

Next... yes, it's the pantry re-do.
You all guessed it!
I didn't think I would be starting on this for a while... but I got a wild hair.
Cason just LOVES those :)
Food sprawled everywhere... paint flying all over our clothes...
I have to be totally honest...
This tiny little space has been


in House of Smiths history.
...and I can say that now, because we're nearly finished.
Just keepin' it real, people.

I think it has something to do with the fact that this little, confining, dark space just makes us cranky!
You can't work on it together, bc it's too small... and I SWEAR there is no insulation in that dang pantry.  It's SO freakin' hot!

And I don't even want to TALK about how many coats of paint we had to use on that dark, flat, tan color, that was there to begin with.
I see allover blog world, people painting these huge homemade entertainment centers with shelves gallor, and always think..
"Oh that looks great!... they are doing an awesome job"

But NOBODY tells you how AWFUL shelves REALLY are to paint!
SO incredibly TIME consuming... and frustrating, because you can't just take them out and paint them... and then put them back in.
The tops, the bottoms, the sides...
(rolling my eyes)
I will NOT be painting ANYTHING else with more than ONE shelf, for a WHILE!
Especially in a space where you have to literally shimmy yourself in between shelves... and your (not so big, anyway) "bo-bee's" (as Aubrie likes to call them) 
into, JUST to get to the back corners.
Needless to say... it was not a pretty picture.
No... literally.
Cason took a picture of me sprawled out on the floor trying to duck my head under a shelf to paint the baseboards... and IMMEDIATELY after I heard the camera click to take the picture...
I turned around and gave him the death stare.
His response...
"WOAH!  What was THAT look for?  I'm just trying to get a picture of you in action, for the blog!"

Note to ALL men out there.
Take a picture of your body conscious wife, flubber-ing all over the floor, while trying to paint awkward spaces during ANY home improvement project.
E - V - E - R.
(thank goodness I post the photos on this blog around here... whew...crisis averted)
Okay... I'm off to put my kiddies to bed... and then...
The Bachelorette it is for me :)
Oh shush... 
who are you to judge...???
hee hee
jk.  Judge all you want... I dig the "fake drama" lol.


  1. OOOHHHHhhhh I LOVE the bachelorette!!! Who is your favorite? I really like Roberto! Chris is really sweet too!!! Do you know about the drama with Frank next week?! I do, I just don't wanna ruin it for you if you don't know!

  2. Oh I bet that project is just aweful! I hate painting shelves as well!

    And I am a Bachelorette watcher as well! Not sure why but I get sucked into this show EVERY season!

  3. Can't wait to see it!! You have my curiosity peeked!!!

  4. Girl, I hear ya. I painted some cabinets in my laundry room. It took me two months. Because I would get fed up, give up, and then work on it for an hour and scream and wait until next weekend. I am sure what ever you did is gorgeous and now you will never have to do it again.

  5. I can hardly wait!! I KNOW it is going to be so wonderful!!!


  6. Haha no judging here I'm the same way. :) Every season I swear off the bachelor/bachelorette and end up watching anyway....aw o'well. It's entertaining right?

  7. stop being so awesome! Gosh!!
    K-got totell you a little story about the lady who refills the magazines at Home Depot. We are now buds and I am now the happy owner of way too many decor magazines to count. FOR FREE!
    Don't worry-I will pass along the goodness! I'm off to dream of my newly done kitchen. So close I can almost taste it!!!

  8. This was ALL completely hilarious. And the warning about photos is completely warranted. Why will my husband NEVER pull out the camera...unless it's to take an ugly one of me? I don't get it! (also, as a fellow gal with the Bo-bees....shelves and small spaces are THE DEVIL!)

    And I must say that my curiosity is certainly peaked by your photos. I adore gray lately. Kind of in an obsessive way.

    I'm not a regular bachelorette watcher. But there was NOTHING on while I folded the last of the laundry. Hmmmm...interesting. I may have to catch it next week now.

  9. I can't wait to see how it turned out! i'm sure like everything in your house it will be beautiful!

  10. Ok - I am laughing SO hard right now. What's with the guys and the camera? Every time I go downstairs so see how the work is going on the basement, a picture of my cleavage ends up on the camera. Really? We need those? He says it's his version of documenting - I call him a big perv. I totally relate. And now I am worried to paint the 100 shelves on the entertainment center we are building downstairs. Shoot.

  11. ahh! I'm so excited to see the finished projects!
    hehe do you make house calls? ;) I sure need one! I love your house & your blog. Keep up the good work :D

  12. LOL!!! Love the commentary. Makes me laugh. Can't wait to see!!! Of all the projects I honestly thought there was no way for this one to work. Way to go!

  13. Thanks for a good chuckle... you are too funny. Can't wait to see the pantry!

  14. HAHAHAHA!!! Your post made me laugh first thing this morn!!! Thanks for the visual on painting the shelves...I have done that in the past and yes...it is almost as bad as having a mammogram...with the smashed boo-bees!! Excited to see your reveals...I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU!
    Many Blessings

  15. I know all about it. I just finished painting a huge closet with all shelves. I put it off so long, as long as possible. It was awful, but, now that it is done, it is so nice. Hope you get to that point soon. Good luck.

  16. Oooo I cannot wait to see the controversial space! And I definitely don't judge watching the Bachelorette...although I am not watching this time around, I've seen more than I care to share!!

    Btw...my damask plate you commented on, I found it at an overstock store here in AZ. Sorry!! I wish I could've told you Walmart ;)

  17. So excited to see it, and no worries. I dig the fake drama too.

  18. Can't wait to see the color. I just bought towels that gave me inspiration for our bathroom and they are that gray color and baby blue so I am anxious to see the color. Also love to watch the Bachelorette. I really liked Kirk but knew he wasn't her type. She has some good boys. I think Frank fits with her the best but he isn't my fav and I know a lot of drama goes down with him next week. So ya I am pathetic sitting here talking about the show. I better get doing something productive.

  19. Can't wait to see it! I dig the fake drama that is The Bachelorette too - I love that show!

  20. Well, are ya gotta show the picture that your hubby took of you???? :)

    Anyhow, can't wait to see the end result of your kitchen!!

  21. Let's just say, I completely feel your painting pain right now. I'm doing a hutch. It sucks. Nine million coats of paint later, and I'm still 3 drawers, 6 shelves, and 6 doors away from completion. *sigh* I digress. I can't WAIT to see your pantry!!! And that beadboard project.....hurry up, woman!! ;)

  22. I love that you post saying that you and your husband disagree on projects. One of the only nights my hubby and I went to bed without saying a word to eachother was after an argument about the molding around our window seals. Seriously? He usually doesn't care about that stuff. They are molding free to this day (one year later) because we still can't agree. We had to stop talking about it at Home Depot too :).

  23. Okay my curiosity is peeked. I can't wait until the reveal!

  24. I love your blog! It makes me happy and my husband crazy! P.S., your husband was one of my students my first year teaching. I wasn't sure I was going to share that because, let's be honest, I feel really sorry for all my students from my first year. However, he was wonderful. You're a lucky lady. I love getting inspired reading what you're doing. It makes me want to do so much in my house! Thanks!

  25. K- so you know I am totally in love with your blog, so I am passing on the blog with substance award to you! You always make me laugh - you are helping to keep me young! :)

  26. Oh that is too funny! And I'm a fan of the Bachelorette too! Can't wait to see what you've been up to:)

  27. aHaha, You crack me up! :) Thanks for the laughs. ) I have visited your blog before, all the way from Australia. :) Not sure if you remember me, Hehe I suggested you look at JC Penney for a Rug for your laundry room. :) It looks fantastic by the way! Love it. :)
    Good Luck with the Pantry! I LOVE organised pantrys, so cant wait to see it! Now following your blog. :)

  28. It's going to be awesome! Your projects always are. My last project tanked! You will have to pop over and see on my blog.


  29. WHAT???? You let him escape with only a death stare?! Girl...you need to print a retraction before the other husbands find out that they'll live after taking such a picture. You're causing ANARCHY!!!!

    Love the redo...now I'm thinking about vinyl for the walls! My pantry's being redone also. We're taking a bump out that's odd sized and making it a walk-in...well...you can walk-in and spin but no dips or you'll give yourself a concussion. But I've had my grey paint for oh...lets see...9 months now...think it needs to be shook up again?

    Do you sell patterns? I've a cricut and I do like that design....but I'm too poor and if I can even think of doing it...it's going to have to be painted on. Hummmmm maybe not...I can only feed the kids around the coffee table for a few more nights as its really losing its appeal.


  30. I noticed your awsome pantry in the Cottages & Bungalows magazine...TOTALLY COOL!!!


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