A Beautiful Closet & Missing Things

{MIA Charger & Beautiful Closet}

And where the crap is my exacto knife!?
If I don't find these two things (mostly the charger)
I'm going to have to resort to actually CLEANING the rest of my house, that I've been neglecting for over a week, to finish my pantry project...
(doing laundry, making beds, going through drawers, picking up toys)
...just to FIND IT!
grrrrrrr.  That was NOT my plan today!

On another note...

I went to IKEA yesterday to get me some organizing goods for the pantry... and they were basically OUT of EVERYTHING I wanted!
On one hand I was annoyed, because it was a 25 minute dive with three crazy kids... on the other hand, I was pretty impressed to find that apparently lots of Utahans have similar good taste, and MUST be organizing THEIR pantry's too!
hee hee... jk :)
I DID find about 6 things in IKEA's "as is" section that I could use, though... so that made me happy
Now I just need to find a couple hundred dollars for my "dream" pantry door.
It's probably with my camera charger.


In other news...
(because how boring would this post be WITHOUT a picture to look at)
I took some photos (when I HAD a charged camera) of my neighbor/friend, Ronda's finished master bedroom closet remodel!
We live about 4 houses down from each other and between Ronda's closet and my pantry... well, our poor hubby's think we're crazy for spending so much time on spaces that sometimes don't even get seen.
So do you think we stop?  Nope... we just encourage each other each day, checking in on one another to make sure that we're staying on track. LOL.
That's a REAL neighbor friend. :)
Here are a couple shots!


  1. hahah you are toooo funny..
    I love the closet though...your neighbour is very lucky

  2. Wait until you have teens then every thing will get lost all the time! That closet is swell. ♦olive

  3. My camera charger took a leave of absence a couple weeks ago. And I watched the battery get lower and lower...EEEKKKK! It was in a bag that we'd taken on an overnighter! Crisis overted!

    And I am sorry....but that jewelry drawer just made me break the "Thou shall not covet" commandment. In a BAD way!! I want a grown up closet! (this is me having a little temper tantrum!)

    My exacto knife is so completely dull. Let's just go buy new ones!!

  4. Have you showed us your bedroom? I am really struggling to make my room a good mix of boy and girl. Any ideas?

  5. I hate when you make a special trip to Ikea and they don't have what you want. I can't wait to see your pantry. Also I wanted to let you know that I did some shelving in our garage like the ones in your dad's. I love them and I posted them. I also used the picture of your dad's. If this is a problem I will most definitely take it off. I gave you full credit and I love your blog!

  6. You are a scream Girl! I hope you find the camera charger for purely selfish reasons (I wannna see pics).

  7. Hahaha...oooooh I'm glad I'm not the only one who eventually has to stop everything to CLEAN so that I can find out what the heck happened to my car keys/cell phone/daughter's glasses/jewelry pliers, etc.

    I can't wait to see your pantry and I wish I had an IKEA where I live!!!

  8. I think I spend about 2 hours a day wasting time looking for things. I feel your pain. Closet looks amazing - off to check it out!

  9. A couple of years back I lost my camera from Easter until Thanksgiving. It was gone the whole summer. I found it inside my large roaster - I had used it for the Easter Ham and for then I need it for Thanksgiving turkey to I found the camera. I had looked everywhere... except there.

    I love your neighbors closet. So jealous!!

  10. Hope you find your charger!

    And wallpaper in the closet is just genius! Those places aren't too be seen everyday by everyone! Just the special ones! THE OWNERS! =) I love making my spaces beautiful!

  11. Save yourself a wasted trip to Ikea next time, check their website for the product you are interested in and it tells you online whether it is in stock at your particular store..
    Love your site!


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