Our Full Weekend

Oh MAN!  I had no idea what this weekend was gonna bring till about Thursday night!
I was planning on hanging out at home, and finishing some things up... but then at the last minute, dropped everything and went to play, on about the HOTTEST weekend in Utah yet!
And you know what?  It was worth EVERY minute!
Here's what we were up to, in a (too short) 72 hour period :)

First... REAL camping at Grandma and Papa Smith's house.

And when I say "REAL" I mean... real CLOSE... like... in the back yard. LOL.
It was literally like 90 degrees all night and Cason's awesome parents took on the heat with the twins and slept out in that sticky, muggy weather!
After Cason's Mom came in the house to change her long PJ's into something less........well... just LESS, because it was so hot... Cason went out and told his dad... (because WE were sleeping in the nice cool house)
"Dad, just camp out with the girls in the living room!  They won't care!"
Papa's response... "Nope.  These are our Grandparent-ing duties.  Sweat and all."
I love it.

 The girls had a BLAST putting up the tent and were SO excited.
When it came down to "sleeping" though... Aubrie ended up sleeping in our room on the floor because
"Ow-side is too way HOT, Mom!"
(her words exactly) ha!

can you tell how hot and sweaty our little Smith chicks are? LOL.

The next morning was the Draper Parade.
We walked down to see all the "princesses" and "cheerleaders".
The girls had a ball and even scored some REAL cheerleader pom poms!
It was worth braving the heat, to see how excited they were when the cheerleaders talked to them and gave them these blue poms.

After the Parade festivities... we were in the 15 passenger van and on our way to Logan!
Snacks and hot pink cheeks in tow :)

I lived in Logan for about 3 years.
Loved every second of it.
It's such a beautiful drive from Salt Lake and I never get sick of it.
(unless there is traffic... which there was, and that was NO fun) lol

What took us to beautiful Logan?
Adorable Paige! :)
She was turning the big 1!
Ooo, what a doll!

After a little photo shoot we all headed to the park to eat pizza and celebrate Paige's day!

um... Cason did this.

Paige was diggin' the whole "blow out the candle and dig into the cake" scene.
and so were we.
"Uh... Did anyone get that cute shot of Paige and her first cupcake???"
"Oh... good... just makin' sure"
It's sick, I know.  But we just sort of dig photography and capturing all the memories we can, in the Smith Fam. :)

Grandma Kim's Birthday!
My Mom is well... pretty much ageless.
She get's spunkier as she get's older, I swear. lol.
The grandkids all have a blast with her and LOVE visiting Grandma and Grandpa Badger, because they always have something up their sleeve.
This time... it was Water Balloons :)
I'm not sure who had more fun.  My Mom, or all the grandkids. lol.

And it wouldn't be a trip to my parents house without asking my handy dad to help me with my latest project.
Thanks Dad.
(more on that later)

A birthday dinner of fresh shish kabobs with veggies from Papa Badger's Garden...

And Yummy chocolate cake to top it off :)

Okay... I think that's it!
A peek into what we were up to this weekend.
How was yours!?
Needless to say most of my "projects" got pushed to the back burner for a couple of days...
 ...now I have to get to bed... 4:45 comes early.
(stupid gym.......stupid chocolate cake)


  1. Logan rocks! Glad you came back to enjoy the valley!

  2. Your weekend looks fabulous! What a great time you guys had. Great pics too.
    PS Your Mum certainly looks "ageless"... she looks fantastic :-)

  3. sounds like a great weekend! I love love all the pictures!

  4. What gorgeous views! Sure looks like everyone had a great time....

  5. Ummmmm.....guess who grew up in Logan? Actually Providence, but no one knows where that is. Gotta love the Valley of Cache. And that drive IS delightful! Except that sometimes Sardine in the winter time is taking your life into your own hands! Looks like a GREAT weekend!

  6. What a great time you had! Family time is precious. . . ENJOY! Projects will wait but making memories don't. Love to read your blog. Karie @karieschiccreations

  7. How fun! I totally understand the "hot" and "sticky". It was SO humid this weekend. I miss my girls give them hugs for me.

  8. Whew is right…….looks like a busy but fun filled weekend! Little Page’s out is too cute! The pic of your family with their cameras cracked me up. I wish I was not the only on in my family that’s ga-ga over photography but I am so that means I’m the photographer of all family functions!

    Happy Monday to ya!
    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  9. What a great weekend!! fun times and lots of memories is the only way to make pushing projects to the back burner worth while... :O) Do you live in Draper? I live in Payson.. We should meet sometime!! Have a great week!! :O)

  10. Having an ageless mom is good news for you right? That means you will be as well! At least that's my own story and I'm sticking to it! LOL!!

    Many Blessings,

  11. Looks like a GREAT weekend! We partied here too...and I enjoyed the ooohs and ahhhs over our new HUTCH!! WOOT WOOT!

    p.s. - your dad's garden must be da BOMB!! That grill shot made me drool!!

  12. I ADORE Logan. And the drive. I just drove back to Salt Lake from Logan today. Luckily, I missed rush hour, so my drive was marvelous.

    Love your pictures. Actually, I love your entire blog.

  13. I'm from Mexico City I love your ideas and your house. Thanks for share them with us.


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