Kimberly's Baby Shower

I'm so glad I finally got around to posting these fun pictures from Kimberly's baby shower.
We had such a great time celebrating my big sisters first baby girl, who's due in August.

Here is how the shower went down :)

First we had our guests stop in the dining room, to get bombarded by all things "baby shower" lol.
I figured that it was better to have everything in the same spot, so they could get all the baby shower, activity goodness done in one shot.

Karlie, my sister in law, provided all the beautiful flower arrangements.
And came up with some fun games!

I made this fun little flip book for all of Kimberly's guests to take a page of, and write down some of their own, "motherly advice".
I did this for her wedding shower, and it was a big hit!
Plus, it helps you really remember who was there on this special day!

Here's how I made this.
I just cut cute scrapbook paper into 4x6 pieces... layered some other fun paper, that I punched out... used some pillow and pop out stickers, ribbon, designed a cute saying in photoshop and put it all together on a clasp ring... and wa-la!

For the page inserts that the guests wrote on, I just stamped them up all differently.

I also found this great game that listed baby terms and then had a popular candy that went along with each one. You can find the answers and printables here in this post.
It was a HOOT to listen to all the answers and then see the ladies faces as the TRUE answers were revealed.
I would definitely do this again, at a baby shower.
Plus, it got people chatting and laughing.

Lastly, I bought some cute thank you cards, and placed them on the table with pens, so that the guests could write their address on them.
Makes actually sending off the thank you cards SO much easier for the Mommy :)

As far as food... My Mom was in charge.  She had quite the spread!
Home made oriental chicken salad, fresh fruit and veggies... and DELISH yellow pudding cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

I decided that I LOVED the pinwheel craze right now, so I incorporated a couple into the shower decor.
They were fun, inexpensive, and worked out great.
Here is a tutorial on how to make them

After introductions... came presents!

Kimberly raked in a lot of great, useful presents.
Especially this "reach-all" from her sister in law, Aubrey. LOL.
What a clever gift for a Mommy with only a couple months left! hee hee. 

Kimberly and her equally as pregnant friend Bethany

As everyone was leaving they grabbed one of these taffy pinwheel sticks with a thank you card on them, as party favors.
Although these took a bit of time... they were worth it, because they turned out so cute! :)

It was so great seeing my sister, and I already miss her!
I just can't WAIT till this sweet little baby actually GETS HERE!
We wish you nothing but the best Kimmy, and keep you in our prayers always!
Thanks for letting me be a part of this awesome experience.
Love ya, girl.


  1. Look at your adorable sister! First off, the paper crafts are fab. I'm totally borrowing the flip book idea for my own cards I received at a wedding shower (like 7 years ago! I still hadn't figured out what to do with them!). The pinwheels are too cute! You are rocking the scrapbook paper and stamps! Secondly, love, love, love the upside down planter in the centerpiece. Pure brilliance! Looks like a rockin' party!

  2. That is so cute! I'd love another shot of the taffy wheels-- what a cute idea for a birthday party as well!

  3. Thanks Shelley! This is such a fun post and the shower was SO fun. You girls are all so talented and made me feel so loved. Miss you and can't wait for this little peanut to get here!

  4. seriously cutest baby shower EVER!! :)

  5. SOOOOOO cute! I hope I have someone as special as you to throw me an amazing shower like that! You are amazing!

    Random question: How is she still wearing her wedding ring? All my friends that are pregnant have too big of fingers...

    Anyway! I LOVE it!

  6. beautiful pictures!!

    I just gave you an award go check it out here:


  7. Fun pics, it was fun you are so creative.

  8. what a beautiful shower, shelley. i wish so bad that i could have gone. and....what amazing photos of kimmy that you took. can we hang out sometime soon?



  9. Oh My Gosh what an adorable shower... I have a question will you provide the details on the candy game as well as maybe a tutorial for the Taffy Pinwill? I just stumbled across your blog the other day and oh my how I wish I could tap into creativeness… I love the way you have decorated your home, I have even talked the hubby into doing the bead board ceiling in our spare bath, Thank you for sharing all of the creative ideas LOVE THEM!


  10. YOU are a fantastic sister! This shower looks like so much fun and all the decorations and flowers and food look awesome. Well done Shell.

  11. That gave me so many cute ideas for my sister's shower! THANKS! Everything looked perfect! :)

  12. such a cute shower and so creative too!

  13. So fun! I love all of the things you did. So cute! What a perfect day!


  14. Super cute! I wouldn't expect anything less :) You guys did an awesome job!

  15. What a fun baby shower! I'm sure your sister loved it. I especially like the advice book and the thank-you favors. I want to know the answers for the candy quiz! I tried to come up with answers and had no clue! Best wishes to Kimberly.

  16. Everything looks beautiful! Did you make the pinwheels yourself???? I've been wanting to do my own for my daughters birthday party but wanted to find a good tutorial.

  17. Gorgeous!! I love the advice book! So precious!

  18. I LOVE that last shot of your sister- how beautiful! Did you take that picture? If so, you should be proud!

  19. I love your ideas...totally borrowing this for a shower for my daughter in law.{why reinvent the wheel =) Sweet ideas....wonderful blog.
    Do you know where I might find direction for the pinwheels?
    Have a wonderful day.

  20. Love this BEAUTIFUL!!

    how do you make the pin wheel?

  21. Can you post the answers to your game (or a link)..couldn't find the answers on the web! Your document is gorgeous! What a gift!

  22. Love it all! Do you have instructions for the pinwheel favor?

  23. Just ran across this post through Pintrest. I'm looking for baby shower games and thought the candy one sounds fun. Would you be willing to share your list and answers with me? My e-mail is haroundtheworld (at) juno (dot) com. Thanks so much!

  24. Loved your sweet baby game! Could you possibly email me the answers? I would love to do it for my sister's upcoming shower. Thanks!

    Shannon Shannonpcox@gmail.com

  25. For the pinwheel taffy did you just skewer the taffy?! I would like to try this for my own sister-in-law's baby shower that I am throwing. Great ideas!

  26. I also love your ideas, and enjoyed your pictures! I am also hoping that you are willing to share the answers to the Candy game....we are preparing for a baby shower and have been trying to guess them!! Thank you! nnfrc@msn.com

  27. Love love this Idea I have a baby shower I am going to give a very sweet friend keeps insisting on no shower. Silly girl! I would it if you could post where you got the candy game and how you made the taffy sticks totally love that Idea
    I have to say thank you for all your wonderful post I have used it a lot in re-decorating my house

  28. Thank you so much for your post you rock!!! Anyway i have a girlfriend that I am going to throw a shower for and she keeps on telling me No. she is super silly. anyway I would love the name of the website that you found the candy game at and If you could tell how you made the taffy sticks. Your website is like my bestfriend I love it and have changed tons around in my home to help make it the best for my family. Thank you

  29. I love this shower idea. I would love to have the answers to the candy game. I would love to do this for my daughters shower. You can email me at 4dacres@centurylink.net Thank You

  30. What a great baby shower. I also am interested in your candy game. I am giving a baby shower next month. Would love the answers to the candy game. Very cute idea. Can you also email the answers to me at dholland@bhgreen.net.

  31. Hi, I love your baby shower ideas. So great! My daughter-in-law's baby shower is next weekend, and I'd love to do the candy game. I'm wondering if you would be willing to send the answers? My email is marsar817@gmail.com. Thank you!

  32. Thanks for all the great ideas! Very pretty pictures! Best wishes to all of you!


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