Abigail Joyce: A new Niece

My new little niece was born this morning!!!!!!!!!
At around 1am... weighing a whopping 9lbs 8oz!!!!  WOAH!
That's MY Niece for SURE! :)

Oh my gosh...  I don't know if I'm just tired today or what, but I just get so emotional looking at this picture of Miss Abigail's first moments in this world!

On days like today, where all I can think about are deadlines, work that needs to be finished, a house that desperately needs to be cleaned and projects that have to get done....
It makes me stop to really think about the things that are truly important :)
I'm SO happy for my big sister!  She's FINALLY a MOMMY!
I once had a friend who said to me...
"I don't really get it.  Why people WANT kids.  They are so much trouble, and me and my hubby have a great life!"

Well... the truth is, as Mom's there is a LOT of complaining and crying and patience loosing. LOL
But there is absolutely NO WAY that you can explain the feeling that you and your husband share when you see your child for the very FIRST time, until you experience it for yourself.
It's just breathtaking and quite plainly... a miracle.

Wouldn't trade it for all the money, vacations, "time alone", or home decor
although on days when your kid draws on your beautiful new bedding AND them... with permanent marker...
it DOES present itself to be a bit tempting......lol. jk

Congratulations Packard Family!
You have so many amazing memories ahead of you!
The Smith's LOVE you so much!


  1. Congrats to your family. A new baby is always so exciting and special. The closest word I can think to describe that feeling of looking at your baby with the hubs for the first time is "HEAVEN".

  2. Congratulations to your sissy and her husband! Miss Abigail is adorable! It certainly is breathtaking. My son is 9 years old and my daughter almost 2. I still just stare at them in awe. Life is amazing.

  3. How sweet. What an absolutley beautiful family. Side note: my son used red lipstick on everything including the carpet and was so very proud of himself for his 'artwork'.

  4. yeah for sister!!! youre right, somedays i am tempted to ..."sell my children to an indian for a wooden nickel.." (as my father would say while we were growing up)...but there are those moments when you get a lil glimpse into the heavens above. Children are so fresh and sweet and heavenly. i hold on to those moments to get through the other ones! LOL


  5. What a wonderful post to read. I'm so happy for your sister and her family. What a beautiful little baby!

    Woah thats a big girl!
    Welcome to the world!

  7. I needed this post today! Thanks for reminding us gals why it's so great to be a mommy. My four little boys are growing up waaaay too fast so it's even more important to enjoy every moment!!

  8. Congratulations! There is nothing better than bringing a little one into this world...and now I find myself telling my crazy kids...it's a good thing you are cute! :)

  9. Awww... she is beautiful! and BIG!! WOW!! You are absolutely 100% right, there is nothing better than being a mama, can't imagine my life w/out them!
    Congrats Bud & Kim!

  10. Congrats to your fam on the birth of baby Abigail (gorgeous name).

  11. Thanks everyone! We just love her and I love you

  12. COngrats to you sister and hubby! Your right, my kids drive me bonkers most days of the year, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Although I've threatned them that I would... :-b

  13. Small world! I fell in love with your blog a while back and then I just read this post and your sisters hubs is one of our best friends siblings! Crazy!


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