Changing my Paint Mind

{Bloggin' My Crazy... It's a risk I'm willin' to take}

Me: (to Cason) "Babe... I think I want to re-paint the kitchen nook"

Cason:  "WHAT!?!?  What is wrong with the color that we already have???"

Me:  "Nothing... I mean... It's great, but I've had it for like... a WHOLE year!"

Cason: (raising his eyebrows and cocking his head to the side)... basically giving me this look that screams,

ME:  "Come on!  The paint is 40% off!  And YOU don' t have to paint ANYTHING.... promise!!!"

Cason:................(((silence)))..................under his breath... "ya, right".
"What color DO you want, now?"

ME: (cringe)... "Blue"

Cason: "OH!  Weird... I thought we had a blue wall all along!?"


ME:   "No... Just... a lighter, gray-blue.... to brighten up the space even MORE!"

Cason: "Ugh... whatever.  I'm not in on this.  You can tell all of our bloggy friends that YOU'RE the one who's certifiable... not me." 


Yes... I'm here to say... I'm "certifiably crazy" because I'm RE-painting our kitchen wall,
just a different "SHADE" of blue. hee hee.

It's gonna be GREAT!
Just you WAIT! :)


  1. Too funny!!! Hey we women are allowed to change our minds it's how we roll!!

    I am in the process at the moment of painting my bathroom with Sherwin Williams -Comfort Gray- color. I love it!


  2. Love your blog, just came across one of your images in a google search and here I am - what a great find! lol My LR is in blue right now and I'm prepping it for some new paint - was also thinking of going with a light blue/gray, thanks for showing me how great it will look! :) Off to peruse more of your lovely site now!

  3. I think it'll look great no matter what you do (everything else seems to turn out phenominally so why not this little kitchen nook?).

    I will admit...
    I like the original blue.
    But I TRUST your judgment.

    (not to mention it'll drive you nuts if you DON'T do it. Like hair, once you have the idea in your head to change it...you must!)

  4. Well, if that is the definition of crazy...I am right there with you :) That conversation has happened here, too...and I am sure it will happen again! Can't wait to see your "new" blue!!

  5. Wait. Where is paint 40% off?!

  6. ahhh! Don't do it! That blue in your kitchen is gorgeous!

  7. I soooo wish you didn't live so far away b/c we have lots of painting projects to do....in 2 wks! BLAH!!!

  8. Men...they just don't understand sometimes!

  9. I'm excited to see it when it's finished! I know it will be beautiful! Your house is gorgeous!!

    ...visiting from Sassy Sites! I'm a follower! :)

  10. I had the same conversation with my husband when I wanted to paint the living room an off white.

    "You hate white walls"
    "It's not just white, it's Natural Choice"
    "So, white"

    ;) Men.

  11. He thinks of us as "bloggy ladies"? Is that what he thinks of all your devoted fans? lol

  12. I trust you wholeheartedly!!! :) Maybe we both need straight jackets.

  13. I'm voting with Cason on this one--you're crazy. Even though I've never seen the blue in real life--I love it from the pictures I've seen on your blog. But you do have really good taste so I bet the new color is going to look even better. :)

  14. That sounds like a comment my husband would say about you tell the bloggers. lol

  15. Where is the 40 off???? Go ahead whatever makes you happy LOL

  16. Remind your hubby that there are worse things you could decide to do, like move a wall or need to re-plumb a bathroom :)

  17. so this is what the sherman was for! LOVE IT :) you crack me up. As long as your hubby has pronounced you certifiable feel free to join me - the crazy glue gun, spray painting housewife - in the looney bin. We have arts and crafts every mon, wed, and fri. I bring the spray paint... and the glue sticks... hahaha!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  18. Yah! Sounds fun! Don't forget to include the name of the color sometime. We finally might actually be getting a house (fingers crossed that everything works out this time)so I might be pait happy myself pretty soon.

  19. How is it coming along??? I keep hoping you'll post pics, I'm curious how it's going to look. Is it the Upward that's in there when the pic was taken?


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