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I thought I'd try to answer a few of your question/comments that have been made on the last post!
I'm SO doing this, the lazy way. LOL.
If you want to see the original comment... feel free to go HERE and scroll down! :)

FIRST of all... you guys make me laugh!
I loved Ellie's comment that started out with...

"Oh come on!  You know you love that mop doll...(insert slight gagging sound here)"

and Laura, who informed me that she had actually MADE some "mopple" dolls before...
and then continued to say...
"Don't laugh!  It was all the rage... who EVER thought THAT was a good idea???!"

Ohh... so funny!  I swear my Mom had one too... or like a snowman made out of a sock or something..
either way... I'm not sure if those "mopples" have come full circle yet.
If they ever do though... I'll let you know. LOL.

I about died when Tausha said that her hubby get's "itchy" and starts looking for the nearest exit... when THEY go into the DI.... Because when he was little, his Mom used to say if he wasn't good, she was going to drop him off there. LOL LOL LOL.
Donate your kids!??  I love it. hahah.
that is so wrong on SO many levels...........lol 
but don't try to act like you haven't said something like that to your kids before. LOL

Okay... so
here we go.

Bette - Yes!  I totally am looking for a thicker rope/piece of jute to hang from the new bell!  I think it would help it look a little more "meaty"

Carolyn - Would you just cut it out with your "smelly dungeon" fear thing! LOL.  It's REALLY not that bad.
Maybe I've just gotten used to the "moth ball and old furniture" stench, but YOU CAN DO IT! :)  And yes... NPS rocks.  but JUST like DI and other thrift stores, you have to shop often, and not get disappointed if you leave empty handed :)
Remember I got this stuff there!?  I posted more info about NPS in this POST.
Lindy - you're a girl after my own heart.
She left a comment saying she got the "shakes" just reading my last post... because she got so excited about all the stores, and stuff that was in them!  That may or may not have happened to me when I read on another Utah blog, mentioning that there was an Architectural Salvage yard, only about 10 minutes from my house!!! ha!

Ronda - yes... you are an ideal neighbor and I love you :)... 'nuff said. 
now give me your awesome plaque you found... that looks just like the one from Ballard Design! :) LOL

Mindy - I shop at the West Valley DI.  It's really hit or miss.  But i feel like that's how they all are... right!?  Depends on what people are donating that day! :)

EVERYONE - Thanks for all the sweet comments!  It's so fun to hear from you guys, and I feel bad when I can't respond to each and every one!  
This is ME... trying to say thank you to all of of you!... especially those ladies who have no contact information or a blog that I can reference to!



  1. haha ;) When I was young and I was being bad my mom would say I that she was going to send me the orphanage ;) <3

  2. I love your bell !!! I must have missed that post. It is caaaUte :)

  3. Your blog post was inspiration for a quicky project for me yesterday. I gave you a shout out on my blog. Sorry, I haven't progressed so far as to have a special button and all that, but my tens of readers now know you've inspired me.

    You can check out the post at http://froufrugal.blogspot.com/2010/08/burlap-candle.html

  4. you are sooo sweet to try to respond to comments! Really, it's fun to hear from you - when you have such a cool blog. It's like when you're in Junior High and the popular girl is talking to you. Also, please don't respond to this...I know you're busy! Just wanted to say I like that about you!

  5. I always tell my kids that I'm going to sell them on ebay, free shipping. After about 1000 times they still don't think thats funny.

  6. I am going to have to try to dig out some pics of my moppel Mr. & Mrs Santa, maybe I'll blog about them! ha, snort!!!

  7. Unfortunately, I don't go to DI as often as I should...but, I have scored some awesome finds in the past!
    I had to laugh at the "itchy" comment because I get that feeling too when I am in there!! I always figured it was all in my head LOL!!
    Sadly, when we do go I do not let me kids touch anything!!!! It totally grosses me out...we sanitize our hands as soon as we get to the car! :) I know I'm a freak! You just don't know what is lurking on that couch !!! YUCK!


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