Best Cake Tip

{Just Because...cake 'es goood'}
You know when you've had a tough week and you just want a whole
bite of chocolate cake.
(and I only say "bite" because I'm on a stupid freakin, dumb, annoying, totally makes me feel great though, diet) 
Well... last week was one of "those" weeks.
Not bad... just busy and crazy.
I needed to do something with my kids, because I'd been totally ignoring them working a LOT that week.
I mean... poeple GOTTA get their pantry jar labels... am I right :)
Well... let's just say that when it comes to the
 "totally awesome, summer fun activity, Mom" ....part of my life.
I completely lack motivation fall short.
Not that I can't google think of fun ideas but most of the time they take way too much energy, time, and well... I just wanted chocolate cake, okay!?
Stop Judging me
Well... that's what we did.
We made our cake and ATE IT TOO!
(proudly I DID just have 3 huge bites one bite)

So just 2 quick tips when it comes to chocolate cake, in the Smith House...

1.  Like my Sister in Law Karlie taught me.
NO box cake mix should EVER go WITHOUT a little pudding :)
Yes!!! Just a box of Instant pudding!
Chocolate pudding for chocolate cakes and vanilla pudding for ANY other kind.
All that changes in the instructions... is you ADD a SMALL pouch of pudding powder mix into the cake, when making it, and an additional tablespoon or two of water.
That's it!  And you know what?
Once you do this... YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK to regular ol' cake again.
It makes a WOOOORLD of difference.  Cross my heart!

2.  ALL cakes, MUST have candles :)
'nuff said.

Ya.  I was pretty freakin' cool this day :)
isn't it sad how fast it wears off?  because TODAY I'm
"boooooring and not ANY fun!"

Moral of the story:
EAT CAKE with pudding
In the words of

"It 'es de' beeeeest"

In other news... we're still working on our "smiles"
We're starting to transition into the kinda.... scary/mean look....???
We'll keep trying...lol


  1. I've heard of the puddin thing before but have never tried it. I do believe I need to make a chcolate pudding cake tonight so I too can be an awesome mom..... to our canine child... um yea... someone let me borrow their kids please so I can have an excuse to make cake too!!!!:)

    LOVE the "smile" exercises as well. haha! too funny!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. Yum, I love cake with pudding!!!

  3. you are SO funny!!! i love you! i keep meaning to try the pudding thing and always forget! i'll have to remember that trick and try it :)

  4. Off The subject of your Cake w/ Pudding. I love your Blog I follow your Blog and I am alway's Motivated but I have yet to leave a comment. You are so amazing I tell my friends about you like I know you so Funny. My first thing on my list when the kids go back to school is to do my Pantry I can't wait. One other item, On your Iron Board Hanging shelf How did the iron not want to open and stay closed does that make sense I want to do that and Had found a little shelf with hooks at Black Goose on Clearance and it may work but it seems that the Iron board will still open up, Does yours have a hook that keeps it closed? Also will you e-mail me pricing on the labels for the pantry. Thanks for inspiring. I would love to thrift shop with you one day too.

    Melanie liljenquistmelanie@gmail.com

  5. Thanks for tip on cake: I must try that! Your girls have the sweetest smiles. About the diet: I'm aiming to start the day kids go back to school and actually chronicalling on my blog. YIKES! It forces me to be GOOD!!!


  6. Cake is good! Personally, I'm on a variation of the "See food"-diet. If I want food, I eat it. HOWEVER, beforehand I did a 3 week detox, eating no sugar or food containing lactose. So, my cravings for sugar and fat is pretty low. But, I also treated myself today: A Milka chocolate bar. Yummm... :o)

    Charlotte :o)

  7. Wow I am definitely trying the pudding in the cake (hope it works with our sort of pudding). I made a cake yesterday for the express purpose of eating as much as I could of it...Its been a hard week here too and I don't even like cake so that tells you how hard ;-)
    Would you consider telling me your diet? I want to feel better !!! and what I'm doing at the mo is making me feel worse.
    Love ya work

  8. My neighbor told me that secret one time and I promptly forgot it!!! I really do need to try this!!!

  9. YES to the pudding tip! I have a few recipes that call for it, and it makes such a difference. :) My 4 year old does the crazy faces too, and it drives me nuts. :s

  10. Cake is the best! I think that I am going to have to bake a cake with the kiddos this week!

  11. Um, hello - major important question here....HOW do you MAKE a chocolate cake and only have three bites? That is just not right.

  12. O M G!!!! I want chocolate cake soooooo bad!!!!!!!!! I will be making one soon...with pudding of course! Thanks for sharing.

  13. so funny, but I would have had a big piece because I'm not on a diet. Do I need one, oh yes! Saturday is my start day, I just need to do it for two weeks and I will be on track without being too crabby.

  14. I have been following your blog for sometime now, I am constantly amazed at all the fabulous things you come up with. But more importantly You Freaking Crack Me up! Your blog is a little ray of sunshine, I always look forward to what you are going to say or do next. ;0)
    ♥ DavesWife

  15. It has been one of those weeks TOO here girl! Not only is it back to school week , its that "wonderful" week of the month for me...ugh..
    Thanks for the pudding tip, will def. be pickin up some tomorrow :)that cake looks DELISH!!! How in the world did you stop at 3 bites?! ;)

  16. I had one of those months last month. I made Homemade oreos last night. I, however, was not as strong. I think I have eaten half the batch already.

  17. You are TOO cute Shelley! And your kids are so adorable. I will have to try the cake with pudding -- sounds and looks super scrumptious!!!


  18. I have read your blog for months but never commented - at least I don't think I have.... I am a shy commenter cause my blog isn't really up and going yet and I don't want people to look at my not yet up blog and then never look at it again.

    Anyway - I am not a huge fan of chocolate *GASP! I know I know... but my husband adores it, and chocolate cake. Since I am not a huge fan and it is just the two of us, I usually make him his own single serving size a few times a week. Yes, single serving size! It takes maybe 5 minutes to do. Maybe I should kick off my blog that way? I think I will! Give me a day or two and the recipe will be up!

    I seriously adore your blog and feel almost like I know you because I read it everyday. All of the stores that you blog about I think MAN! it's times like these I wished I lived in SLC. I live in Southern UT and we don't have anything like what you guys have up there...

    Anyway - I love ya and hope that the blogs continue.

  19. Ha ha! Love it. I love me some cake.

  20. Looks delicious, but I don't dare bring it in my home. I have no self control!

  21. Dang you! Now all I can think about is chocolate cake. And that frosting. It is da beeeest.

  22. Cake is good ANY time! I just made one last night for the heck of it! lol Your girls are so stinkin' ADORABLE!

    PS. I gave you an award or two. ;) http://adventuresofthemichelenafamily.blogspot.com/2010/08/lucky-me-again.html

  23. just have to say that you crack me up every time i read your blog! thanks for making me smile :)
    and i'm totally making a chocolate cake this week with pudding & eating so many more bites than 3!


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