Laci Davis Photography: My Photo Shoot

{Photography Fun}
It's really... late
and I hear my bed calling me :)...
but I just had to share some pictures of what I did tonight.
Let's just say...

for life... :)
Seriously... check out her blog for HER own family's latest photo shoot.
I give you FULL permission to be TOTALLY and completely jealous.
I am :)

A special thanks to Laci's FAB photographer in training. hee hee.
I just love me some Brooke Walker :)  Can't get enough of this sweet girl and her amazing talents.

THANK YOU Laci and Brook.
I had a blast and I LOVE the photos that were taken, that I've seen thus far :)
Talk about feelin' like a million bucks!


  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I went to Laci's website and concluded she has a darling family.

  2. I just went and looked at her site! Wow!! She is so talented. I'am soooo jealous!!!

  3. Looks like you had a fun time. I am sure those pics will turn out awesome! How creative to use your WW sign too! :)

  4. Shelley!, I Love you :) So fun yesterday! And I can't wait till the world sees your photos. Dang girl

  5. How fun! You look beautiful!! :)


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