Shopping & "What's the DI?"

Part 2

Another Shoppin' date???
...Yes please :)
This time Cason and I headed to some of my faves!

It started out pretty gloomy...
But after Cason decided where we were headed...
then moment we arrived... the clouds opened up and a ray of sunshine was cast down from the heavens!!!
can you hear the hallelujah chorus singing in this picture!? lol

I'm always up for a little Restoration Hardware action :)




Okay... now that we have THAT ridiculously expensive, but lovely place out of our systems...
What I love about shopping here in SLC is that you can walk out of Restoration Hardware,
and literally skip about 20 steps into Pottery Barn!!!!!
and yes... I DO skip, when it comes to Pottery Barn... you can ask Cason.
He usually just walks VERY slowly behind me, to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. lol.

I'm LOVING the fall stuff they have out this year.
It's not too dark.  There are still lots of yellows and vibrant oranges.
And the greens and slate blues are SO pretty!

hmmm... do you think they would mind if I slept over in this section...
just pull out a few towels and make a bed for myself???
This is heaven, under lights... for me. :)

I LOVE these adorable pillowcases with ruffles.
My pocketbook doesn't though, (at about $50 bucks a pop)

While I was wandering around in Pottery Barn bliss, I lost Cason...
Don't worry, I found him.
And in no better place, then the clearance section!

...Texting on top of all these AMAZING clearance pillow slip covers.
What?  Who has the time to text at Pottery Barn? ugh.... hee hee

Most of them were originally about $40 each... but
I found two AWESOME yellow pillow covers for only about $10 each :)
My spoils :)
I have one here, in my entryway now... 
I love the linen fabric and the slight pop of yellow it adds to the space.

Okay... so after some drooling at Restoration and PB, we headed back to our
"REAL" stompin' grounds.... 
THE DI! (aka: Deseret Industries)
"What IS the DI???"
One of my top 5 asked questions on this blog. lol
Well... for those of you who are still wondering,
it's a thrift/donation center run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Our family donates there... almost monthly..... and we buy from there... weekly! :)
you can see if you have a Deseret Industries donation/thrift store near your home by going HERE

The DI is pretty much a goldmine :) ... if you're willing to do a little work, and think out of the box :)
Almost everything there is in need of a little "love" or imagination. lol.
But nothing too major.
For example...

Can't you picture these both painted white, a little bit of new hardware...
 and used in ANY room in your home!?

Just a little small amount of adorable fabric needed here...
to recover these great lamps and bring them back to life :)

Headboard CITY!
Remember how I bought a head and foot board from DI?
to make this adorable bench, for Aubrielle's room?
(yes... STILL have to do the tutorial on that... sorry!)

And THIS "metal basket" section... that Cason's dabbling in...here
is where I got these beauties for my pantry... remember?

The DI has things categorized in sections...
Here is the "wood" section.
You can score some AWESOME finds here too
Like these cool corbels... I think, if I can see it right... they were a $1.50 each.

And this crate, for my pantry, was also found here in this section for like... a buck or so.
and Cason found these great...............................
ugh.  men.
never mind.

MOVING along!
This "dish" section is great for finding old plates and decorative pieces.
This is where I found ALL of the plates that I used for the girls's bathroom wall display.
Maybe spent like... $6.00 on all of them??

They also have a big "glass" section.
I picked up this glass/corked jar, like the other one I already have in our pantry, for $1.00.

After giving it a good washing...
I put some dried cranberries in it.
Another yummy snack that we love, now with easy access :)

The DI's "picture frame" section is great as well.
LOTS and LOTS of frames.
Like EVERYTHING at DI... you have to dig and search, but you can find some GREAT stuff!
This is also the section I found THIS huge frame for my 
family canvas collage, for only about $10 bucks.

Case and Point.
Exhibit #1

Exhibit #2

You can read more about my  "thrifting" tips HERE...
but just know that almost EVERY town usually has SOME KIND of thrift or donation store,
like Deseret Industries, Goodwill or Salvation Army.
Check out your local area to see what YOU can find!
It's a great way to decorate on a budget!

On my trip to DI and Salvation Army yesterday I found some AWESOME stuff!
One was this adorable little bell.

I picked it up for a whoppin' $2.00.
Ronda helped me decide where to hang it, last night... so that it wasn't in the way... but still
"in the kitchen"

I don't know if I'm in love with the piece of string hanging from it... I'm gonna have to figure something else out with that... but I DO love the rusty old look of it, and the curled detail.
So hot!  For a very COOL 2 bucks :)
side note:  I had a comment to paint the screws black...
great idea!  I took a black sharpie marker to them just now.


  1. C'mon now. You know you LOVE that "mop doll".....{insert slight gagging sound here} I gotta give more love to the DI. Especially since if I don't drop off the 50 bags of clothes I have sitting in my garage...I'm not going to have room for my car anymore.

  2. I love the bell:) I vote keep it! Let me tell you the DI in Arizona is not nearly as awesome as that one you showed pictures of:) I have to stick to Goodwill...don't get me wrong, it's still good - I just dont think it has as much stuff! Oh well:) Great blog!

  3. Looks like a fun date night. That's the DI I shop at so I may just run into you one of these days. I've made a few great finds there too. And I love how the DI is sooooo much cleaner than the Salvation Army. Love the bell. Ding, Ding, Ding.

  4. Maybe make a string of glass beads that coordinate with the room/the house OR that is a slight shock of color! Either way, gotta see what you come up with! :0)

  5. Which DI did you go to? Do you have a favorite one? Thanks!!

  6. Oh my, I do love thrifting!!! I haven't been in a while and think a trip is in order! (and you hubby going with you???? MAJOR brownie points in my book!!!!)

    I am in love with your bell, btw. You should paint the tips of your screws dark (I usually do it with spray paint before screwing it in, but I am sure any paint or nail polish would work). This way, the will blend in better with the metal on your bell.

  7. I love your ideas...just wish I'd have them when I walked through those places!

  8. Wow==I am SERIOUSLY missing DI right now. We moved to CO about 6 years ago and every time I go back to UT to visit, I have to hit a DI and replenish.

  9. OH! I have a deep love for Restoration Hardware! I could dream (and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars) in that store all day. I don't have one near me so thanks for letting me shop vicariously through your blog.

  10. I looooove DI. And I don't feel nearly as guilty filling a basket there as I do at walmart. Just sayin'.

  11. Wow, you have a good DI. Our DI here is nothing like that. LUCKY!

  12. oooh your thriftstores are so much more fun than ours !

  13. We have a Volunteers of America in our town and it has a great selection, but they are trying to open an half-way house for sex offenders and I don't feel right supporting their store. I'm sticking to Goodwill for now, which doesn't have that great of a selection, but at least I won't feel like I'm contributing to the delinquency of our town.

  14. Gotta love the DI! And I swear that we live like next door to each other those places looked very familiar ;)!


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    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  15. Darn you and your cute bell. I'm coveting right now.... I can just imagine myself ringing it for dinner time. Soooooo jealous.

  16. I get all my picture frames from DI. They're so cheap there. The furniture tends to be expensive at my local DI though. Still, a great place to shop.

  17. You're super funny! Wish my hubbie enjoyed shopping at GW for date nights (we don't have DI in Colorado). I'm lucky if I can get him in Home Goods (which I think is ridiculously expensive for most things). Anyway, I am so JEALOUS of your bell. It looks amazing and the price was right!

    -Desiree @ Just Another Day in Paradise

  18. I am loving that bell! SO cute! I'm beyond jealous haha. I live in Utah too and I LOVE the D.I. :)

  19. so, what DI are you shopping at? I'm in Utah County, and my AF DI is good, but not THAT good... I've never even seen a headboard section! I love your bell!

  20. Loooved this post! I am so envious that your hubby will go shopping and thrifting with you. Mine would rather lay on the couch and watch Fox News, The History Channel, or ESPN. Go figure. :s Fun date night!

  21. Wow what a great spot for that bell. You must have a awesome neighbor!! It looks great.

  22. You are TOO cute!!! What a great way to spend a date. Love the idea!!! Mind if I steal it? :)


  23. I love DI! Thanks for letting us know where to find those "metal baskets." I found a huge selection there and they work great in my son's room.

  24. ok-you know that you were tempted to pick up that doll! Admit it, I wont judge you, promise! I have been to the di 3 times in the last 2 days! I am a freak!!! Guess that is what happens when one has to come up with these great ideas refashioned out of junk. Wonder who is making me do that?? :) ps-jealous of the bell. Although, my little people would be ringing it, so I would be kicking their butts. better stay at your house, for the safety of my children!!

  25. ps- my husband will NOT go to the di. He says that it makes him itch. He starts to breathe heavy and look for the nearest exits when we go there. I blame his mother-she always threatened him when he was little, that if he wasn't good-they would drop him off at the di.

  26. I'm so sad, our DI is horrible in St. George and that drum lamp shade in one of your pictures is exactly what I've been looking for, for months. I refinished a lamp and ruined the ugly lampshade it came with trying to "fix" it. Here's a link to my post about the lamp on my blog if you would like to take a gander. http://saintgeorgedrowns.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-new-lamp.html

  27. That seriously looks like the best date night on the planet. I love all your great finds! By the way, I absolutely love your blog!

  28. Shelly- I freaking love you!!!! I mean, I know that probably sounds awkward since we've never met but I read your blog so much that I feel like I know you! Haha! And seriously- this was one of my most favorie posts ever! Restaration Hardware, Pottery Barn AND DI in ONE post??? BE STILL MY HEART!!! No, really- seeing those pictures gave me the shakes- like, I MUST get to those stores this weekend!! (already gave the hubs a heads up!) It's amazing too how the options always seem so much more promising when you go to a DI in another city. I think I've maxed mine out. Maybe if I didn't go there (litterally)every 2 days...anyway! Thanks for the fun post, loved it!!

  29. Looks like a fun night! Great find on the bell! Inspired me to check out some of our stores like that for plates for my cupcake pics! Thanks!

  30. Ok, I have been crafting a long time... and I made a couple of those mop dolls, I think it was called moppels, don't laugh, there will come a day when you will laugh at what you made and thought was cool! I made a Santa and Mrs Claus out of mine. My sister and I still laugh at that! It was all the rage, dye a mop and make a craft out of it... who ever thought that was a good idea????

  31. I just LOVE your blog & today's post was so fun to read & look at. I was smiling & laughing the whole time. And....I know someone that still has those mop dolls as part of their decor & she's not an old lady either! Ha! Thanks for giving me such an enjoyable read every day!

  32. I absolutely love you! Ok, we've never meant, but I feel we're friends in spirit. You crack me up and I love reading your blog. Miss me some DI, though, but Goodwill will have to do up here in WA. Thanks for always making me smile.

  33. Wow, this was my first look inside DI. I donate almost monthly at the one on 70th South and Redwood Road. I am shocked to see that it is bright and airy in there. I had always envisioned a dark, very smelly dungeon inside.

    Okay, now that you are broadening our horizons, how about a trip to NPS? I have a friend who raves about it but, again, it's the smelly dungeon fear. Have you been there?
    {{cyber hugs}} Carolyn in Bluffdale

  34. I'm a fairly new follower, but your blog is my absolute favorite! I love your style! I also have a deep love for all things DI! I live in Idaho and shop there all the time! My kids love it too! (wow, I used alot of exclamation points)
    Anywhoo, you are absolutely adorable and a great example! Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. Ohhhh... that is a cute bell. What about hanging a thicker rope from it? We only have a Goodwill in our area and it is quite expensive relative to your DI.

  36. You can NEVER go wrong at RH. I wish I could live there, or at least have one close by so I can oogle. Sigh. I wish our thrift stores we as great.

  37. Oh how I love Restoration Hardware but not their prices...I love Pottery Barn and hope it really is like heaven. I hear the angels singing too! haha! I wish our D.I was as fantastic as they are in Utah.

    LOVE the bell!

  38. wow you have such cool stores !

  39. ah yes! the DI! :) we should plan another thrifting day...except this time we'll bring your van and fit WAY more stuff! ;)

  40. I've never heard of DI! Must look it up!! Looks like you guys had LOADS OF FUN!! Now I am off to find a DI.... :) oh, the things one learns online! :D

  41. Oh my goodness! I thought my hubby & I were the only ones who go to DI for a date! Ha!

    Warmly, Michelle

  42. What a fun shopping trip! I love visiting thrift stores. And sometimes finding the awful stuff (like that doll!) is just as amusing : ) Thanks for taking us along!

  43. I have that exact same bell! My husband was not exactly pleased when I picked it up at the Goodwill. Mine was also $2.00. I replaced the string (mine was rotten leather) with a great ribbon that says, "Serve the Lord" repeatedly. The best thing about my bell is that my kids are now totally trained. All our dinner guests get a good laugh when I ring the bell and our five children come running from every corner of the house. Even the neighbor kids know that the sound of bell means food!

  44. You are sooooo very lucky that you have an awesome hubby who will take you on a date night to DI!! My hubby moans + groans at the slight mention of it, then sits in the car while I shop all alone. :(

  45. How did I miss the post? I love love love the DI! I will name my first daughter after it...Maybe?

  46. We just moved to Tennessee and I'm severely missing DI. Our local Goodwill just doesn't do it for me... :)

  47. Hi! Just found your blog today and love it. You should take that string off and hang one on that you have adorend (sp?) with neat glass beads, like clear, crystal, white and colors that match your paint. That way you have the neat bell with a modern looking "string". Just a thought.

  48. I am new to your site and WOW! You are amazing! I am probably the most un-creative person ever but you have inspired me! I am so looking forward to following you and your awesome projects!!! Thank you!!!

  49. where did u get the branches with silver balls...luv them! thanks Peg


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